Getting Out of The 280s & 270s

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  • 274.7 this morning Nice to be on the down side of the 270s
  • So that crazy 11 lbs that I gained last week? Melting off. It must have been water weight or something. The Paleo thing is going good so far. Hubster is having major sugar withdrawals though, but it's been pretty easy for me. I do feel like I am over consuming meat and fat though. Down to 278.

    Congrats everyone on their losses! Kitten, you're killing it with the workout! I can't bring myself to even walk outside let alone ride my bike to the gym.
  • Sadly I'm back up to 287 but I'll get back down again, I hate how weight goes up and down
  • Well.. I'm not exactly running through the 280's at breakneck speed, but I am getting through them. I am going to be happy about it, because I have had 0 setbacks. I've been down every week. Down to 282 this week AND finally got that first inch off my waist and hips!
  • down to 271 which means i lost 1.4 even with my period
  • 273.4 hopefully I'll be leaving ya'll in June
  • Holding at 277.6. I think maybe I have some water weight. I weighed myself later in the day than normal and I worked the graveyard shift last night which I don't usually do. But for now I'll take it!
  • holding at 282 at the midpoint of the week. Battling some carb cravings today. Having three days off work is HARD for me. I do a lot better when I'm at work all day. I can't believe I'm almost relieved that I go to work tomorrow!
  • Well, an issue with my scale at home means I haven't weighed in several days. Based on how my pants feel, I'm sure I've had a slight gain. The problem is that I have not been planning meals and we have been eating out way too much. We had an issue with our air conditioning at home so adding more heat by cooking was out of the question. We have a temporary fix until they AC guy can come so I'm going to do better. Also, now that the kids are out of school that takes away some of the stress of life.

    Going to rethink my goals and keep trying!
  • Hey everyone. I was on my weight loss journey in 2014 but I stopped when I got pregnant. So here I am again back at 273 Just wanted to say Hi
  • The scale is stuck at 273.5 I'm so ready for a new decade!
  • I'm 283 as of yesterday
  • 281 this morning... "Another one bites the dust" as they new Weight Watcher's commercial has stuck in my head. Taking longer to get through the 80's than I had hoped, but I'm focusing on the positive... the fact that I have been down every single week since starting WW. I am going to focus on being active this week.
  • After a stall the scale moved again. 271.8 this morning
  • 280 as of Friday