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Default Fun and Games - 3 Truths and One Lie

Tell three truths and one lie about yourself, and everyone else tries to guess what the lie is
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My 3 Truths and One Lie

- I've been in 3 car accidents that resulted in the cars being totalled.
- I ran over 32 squirrels in the course of 2 days
- I can eat apples and drink cider but I'm allergic to apple juice
- My Father is an out of work Airplane Designer
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No one can hit that many squirrels in one day babe. That would be the lie.

3 truths and 1 lie
-I met my boyfriend over the internet and moved with him to California after only 6 months.
-I can't stop adopting poor homeless animals and we're up to 6 of them now.
-My father married a woman my age.
-My fall-back career if I decide to stay in film would be porn director.
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Here's my 3 truths & one lie.
I was a grandmother at age 44.
Paul McCartney once looked right in my eyes and winked at me.
I have gone thru the Grand Canyon on a raft trip.
I went to 22 different schools between kindergarten & high school.

Beth Ann - I find it hard to believe the squirrel story. (And thanks, this is going to be fun!)
Jessica - porn director
synger - missionary work?
Sheila - 3 men named Jim
Matt - Norweigan
SAPF - the Chevy Caprice??

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I'll let more people guess before I disclose if you are correct or not...
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Goddess - I'm guessing the one about your father is a lie...

Soiley - I'm guessing the Grand Canyon one is a lie.

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Oh, this is FUN!! Here are mine:
  • I have done missionary work in Haiti.
  • I performed in the Soviet Union with a dance troupe before I was 15.
  • I graduated from Julliard with a Bachelor of Music degree.
  • I have sat on the Floor of the House of Representatives (NOT the visitor's gallery).

My guesses:

Beth Anne: unanimous on the squirrels. If it's true, we've GOT to hear the story.

Jessica: I don't believe the animals one. Just because I like to think of the other ones being true. /grin

Soiley: I disbelieve the school one. That's almost two schools a year! Even military families don't usually move that often.
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Beth Anne -- squirrels
Jessica -- animals
Jerie -- Grand Canyon
Synger -- hhmm, maybe Julliard

Mine are:

I've been married to three men named Jim.

I adopted a 31 year old last year.

I moved 6 times in one year.

I have a master's degree in technical communication.
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Here are mine:

-- My mother is a Nez Perce Indian who grew up on an Indian Reservation.
-- I'm fluent in Norweigan
-- I've lived overseas
-- I once shared an office with a winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.
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Synger - I'd guess Julliard

Sheila - I'd guess the moving 6 times in one year

Matt - Norweigan
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I bumped into Jay Leno @ Disneyland.
I've seen No Doubt in concert 16 times in the last 10 years.
I drive a Chevy Caprice.
I didn't eat breakfast today.

BA: squirrels.

Jess: You'd rather be star than director? I'm going w/that one.

soiley: Rafting.

synger: missionary

Sheila: 6 times in one year?

Matt: Nobel prize
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this game is the best. no time to guess everyone's now, but i'll throw mine in the mix:

- i've never been to the east coast
- i have 7 piercings
- i'm tone deaf
- i was 20 the first time i got on an airplane
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Fun! Good idea Beth Anne.

Here are mine:

1 - I have a blue belt in karate

2 - My DB & I pay more in student loans than we do for our mortgage.

3 - I own a tiara (rhinestone of course).

4 - I am fluent in French.

Here are my guesses:

Holly - 7 piercings
SAPF - breakfast
Matt - Nobel Prize
Sheila - 3 men named Jim
Synger - Soviet Union dance troupe
soiley - Paul McCartney...fantastic if it is true, though!
Goddess - porn director
Beth Ann - squirrels!

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Here are mine
1. Coffee - I'm addicted!!
2. I have dated 5 Steves and have been engaged to 2 Steves
3. I love ketchup, hate tomatoes
4. I am my husbands only girlfriend, ever.

My guesses...
BA...squirrels is too cider
Sheila53...move 6 times
Matt...Nobel Prize
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This is fun!

My dad is a pretty interesting guy, so let's see if you can guess which one of these isn't true.

My father believes playing cards is a sin.
My father is an award-winning amateur magician and wrote a book about magic.
My father was Texas television evangelist for 5 years.
At one "Gospel meeting," my father preached and Pat Boone led the singing.

Here are my guesses

Kris - karate
Holly - piercings
SAPF - you're good at this - that's hard! um. . .Chevy Caprice
Matt - Norweigan
Sheila - 31-yr-old adoptee
Synger - Haiti
Soiley - 22 schools
Jessica - Porn
BA - Squirrels
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