Question about the scale

  • So I was a little confused this morning when I stepped on the scale. I recently started working out last week (zumba) and became much more consistent in tracking my calories (typically between 1400-1600, sometimes as high as 1800 a day). A few weeks ago I was 233, then early this week 231. Two days ago I weighed 228, and then yesterday 227. I know you tend to lose weight faster in the beginning and then it tends to slow down, so my weight loss seemed reasonable.

    However, I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 219! Which I know is impossible. And I stepped on the scale a few more times to check and my weight was 224, 219, 221. What??? I ate around 1800 calories yesterday, drank lots of water, and did my zumba class. But there is no way I lost that much weight in a day. What is going on?? Is my scale broken? I actually looked for another scale today at walmart, but I didn't see one and didn't want to take the time to ask. Does anyone know what could be happening? Or should I just buy another scale?
  • Well I have come to the decision that it is definitely the scale. It was random different weights every time i stepped on it that made no sense. I ordered another one online that got good reviews. I'm considering buying a second scale, so i can compare my weight on both to make sure it's accurate. But I guess I'll just wait and see how accurate this one is first.
  • I hope the new one works out alright. Fluctuations in weight are normal, and weight does tend to drop faster at first, but 8lbs in a single night is kinda up there... so is the scale varying so much if you're weighing yourself right after the other... so good call ordering a new one!