Where does one begin????

  • Being new to 3FC I have been reading some of the posts in here and have to say I like the feeling I get that you are all on the same page. I have had a fight with my weight all my life but don't think I realized how out of control it has become until I received the pictures from my sister's wedding. She got married Saturday before last and it was beautiful...but I was not. I knew that I had gained alot of weight this past year but don't think I really SAW it...know what I mean??? Now I have seen it, really seen it and am a bit freaked out by it. I had a really, really rough past year and a half(bad, bad relationship with a man who weighed a buck forty wet!) and think I ate my way(weigh) through it. Last time I had a check up, about 4 months ago, I was at 305 but that didn't even hit me like seeing the pictures did! In 1 1/2 years I have gained over 100 pounds!!! What the heck!?!?!?! I know what I need to do and what it will take for me to acheive my goal weight of 150 but sometimes feel so alone with my battle I just give up and shove that next sugar, sweet, carb, or whatever into my mouth...knowing it is just harming me. I hope to find the support here from others who are or have been in my shoes...my friends can sympathize but they have never been here...so they don't really know. My self-esteem is in the toilet and I am tired of well-meaning friends who tell me they have a guy for me who likes bigger women...I just want someone to loves me for me...but that is a whole other story!!! I used to have such wonderful eating and exercie habits but that just disappeared and I am having a hard time getting them back...any 'pearls of wisdom' or just to say whatever is welcome. I just wanted to say hi and give a bit of an intro...hope that is OK.
  • Hello blondie!

    Welcome!! We are glad you are here with us. This is a great bunch of people ~ they are supportive, encouraging, caring and inspiring.

    We'll be here with you on your joruney to better health. You can do this.

    Take care ~ Gayle
  • From one Blonde Girl to another....
    Welcome....this is a great board. All I can say is that you are not alone....we are all in the same boat. But....your feelings are totally normal....because I feel them frequently.

    I guess the only words of wisdom I can give is that you made the first and most important step...you recognized that there is a problem and you want to do something about it. Again...congrats on making that step and joining us!!!!
  • howdy. welcome aboard. i know exactly how you feel about the photo's i knew i'd put on alot of weight after i had to stop playing rugby. but it wasn't till i saw some pics that i decided i need some drastic changes. you've admited you need to do something and have come to seek help. it takes guts to tell strangers you need help even if they are in the same situation if you can do that then you can do anything.

    best of luck sy
  • Oh those unexpected photos of oneself!! I always volunteer to be the photographer, but I have grandkids who sneak up on me and take my pic. I'm always amazed at how huge I am, because I have a habit of not looking at myself in mirrors. I can stand in front of a mirror and brush my hair, teeth etc. and see nothing but my hair, teeth, etc. Welcome to the board. Congrats on beginning.
  • I know exactly how you feel blondegirl. Iím also in my thirties and Iíve had problems with my weight all my life.

    I began to binge eat when I was only 11 years old. When I started high school I weighed 165 pounds. When I graduated, my weight ballooned up to 210 pounds (a lot considering Iím only 5 foot tall). I remember the horrified look I had when I got my prom pictures back. I couldnít believe how big I looked.

    After high school I began to lose weight using a combination of smoking and caffeine. Not very healthy, plus I only got as low as 180 pounds. I believe that was how much I weighed when I met my husband back in 1995. In the 8 years weíve been together, Iíve managed to add over 90 pounds to my small frame. The weight is a serious burden on my body and has given me a low self-esteem. However, my husband has assured me so many times that my weight doesnít matter to him. Heís also had a problem with his weight all of his life, but it helps to know that my husband loves me for whom I am. His only concern with my weight is the effect it has on my health. I feel the same way about him. As a result, weíve both decided to start a diet together.

    But my most recent wakeup call occurred during our vacation a few months ago. I went to visit a friend of mine on the east coast that I havenít seen in 3 years. Since my husband and I last saw her, we both managed to gain at least 30 to 40 each. She didnít seem shocked at our weight gain, however, I still felt embarrassed and hated to have my picture taken during the trip.

    Another motivation of losing the weight is that we both want to have a baby in the next few years. There is no way I could have a healthy baby at this weight.
  • Hi, Blondegirl32 and welcome
    I agree that you have already begun by realizing that you need and want to. Have you decided on a plan yet? I am doing low fat as I have had the most results from that in the past. I am also walking on the treadmill, riding my bike a little (stationary) and have just started doing basic pilates with Winsor.
  • My pearls of wisdom are:

    Start slow. This is a lifelong process. Baby steps will help you ease into things so it won't feel like a big lea from what you've already been doing.

  • Thanks so much for welcoming me. I have thought of a 'Plan of Attack' so to speak and have been looking into joining Curves. The cost is a bit high but I think the end results would be worth it. Changing my eating habits is going to be my hardest. I love food and love to eat. We eat constintly at work...every Thrusday the company buys us girls in the office lunch and there always seems to be cakes, candy, etc. around the job...plus I sit all day at a desk. If anyone knows about Curves...tried it or what ever I would love to hear what you thought. Hope everyone is having a great day...I am now on a three-day mini vacation and looking forward to having a Friday all to myself!!!
  • Welcome!! It's great to have you here. You'll find lots of inspiration and support here so post often!!

    I know exactly what you mean. Most of my family is in California and my poor grandma begs for pictures of me, but I haven't sent her any in almost 10 years because I won't let anybody take them. When somebody does manage to take one, I'm just horrified!
  • Welcome! I agree with the other girls that the first and hardest step is over because you admit you have a problem. Its a long hard jouney but you are not alone on it.
  • Blondegirl, WELCOME, I'm new too, and when I started reading your post, I felt like I was reading about myself, only, you are strong enough to reach out for help and write the words down. I'm proud of you! You have inspired me! I'll never forget the first time I saw my self on video tape, talk about a reality check, I couldn't believe I was that big. I don't look in a mirror much either, and my mind plays games with me I guess, cause I never new I was as big as that lady on that video, (or as OLD.) Some times I play it over and over trying to motivate myself. Everyone here sounds so supportive, I think they can help support and encourage us alot.
  • Isn't it great to see that you are not the ONLY one out there with these feelings and things going on? It has been so refreshing to me and good to know that I am NOT alone. My Mom is skinny as a rail and has never had to work at it...it has been a fight between she and I all my life. Since she doesn't know what it's like to be heavy she says it's all my fault and I am lazy. She says the only things I need to do are diet and exercise..I agree to a point but I have done that before and have lost a lot of weight but it never stays off. I am realizing that it is more than just a life change it is also dealing with my emotions, talking to people with similar issues, me getting them in check and finding new outlets that are NOT in the kitchen.