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garnetrising 10-19-2014 12:22 AM

Congratulations Laurie!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad to finally have you hear.

I'm so sorry for not being able to get on as much lately. This last week feels like it has drained me completely. I would t have another full day off until next Friday.... So it'll have been almost 2 weeks. But the good news is that Thursday the 23rd is my last day at Home Depot. After much debate, it just feels best. Verizon can be a huge opportunity for me! And I plan to make the most of it... Got my first check from them today and it feels great. :)

The other night, I weighed between opening at Verizon and closing at Home Depot and was pleased to see 196. Feeling so good about that.

J and I have hung out since and it was nic. He's so busy and it seems like he's not, I am. Oh well. I did feel like I'd made a fool of myself AGAIN earlier this week for several reasons. We didn't talk for a few days and I'll be honest, I started to panic a little. It felt like every time I open up to a guy they pull away which, really, just made me realize that I am definitely falling. XD

Ended up caving today and shooting him a text. It was just a single message asking if they had done the visit at HD, but I will admit there was some relief when he replied. Sure it was just a message saying no and that it had been rescheduled but still. I also realizednthat we've talked nearly every day since September 23rd ... Explains why I was feeling a little lost. Lol. It's been so great being able to hold actual intelligent conversations again.

LaurieDawn 10-19-2014 11:50 AM

Jessica - WTG! You are working two jobs, trying to find time for the potential love of your life (Did I just too much pressure on that? Let me try again), trying to find time to enjoy spending some time with someone you enjoy, and continuing to make the weight control thing work. And you have done it. Although, opening at Verizon after closing at Home Depot certainly does illustrate why juggling two jobs is insane.

Mandy! - An on-plan day! Even though it sounds like you didn't quite hit your walking goal, you rocked it. You beat down that challenging smorgasbord of calories and regained your focus. Can't wait to hear about another successful day today!

I also have obstacles that are really tough for me. I remember deciding to give up sugar for two weeks because my addiction had gotten completely out of control. (Read: I would go to the store to buy candy, and literally shake when I was in line, then could not get through the parking lot to my car fast enough to open it and shove it in, so I opened and started eating it almost as soon as I hit the door.) I remember mourning sugar. I don't remember for sure, but I think I managed to quit it at least long enough to get past the shakes and the jonesing. It's the closest thing to drug/alcohol addiction I have ever experienced, and it was the worst. Giving up fall baking sounds like the same for you. Maybe you don't really have to give it up, though? I probably would have to, but you do much better than me with sweets in the house. It sounds like you enjoy sharing with people, and that sounds like you might need to eat with people to scratch that itch. But eating with people doesn't mean consuming a ton of calories. You can get too caught up in conversation to eat more than a small portion, and you can enjoy the compliments and the experience of seeing someone else enjoy what you've created. Just a thought.

MissLoud - BBQ and chips. Actually sounds kind of delicious. Hope your mom's not involved. =) But the fishing and tramping sounds wonderful. I love being in nature, and all that activity should offset a few additional calories, at least.

Toasted - I love reading your updates about the 5:2 IF. Can't wait to see if it has had good results for you. And as we all know, even if the exercise hasn't quite come yet, the scale is much more likely to respond positively to nutrition changes anyway. But you sound like you're much closer to getting the exercise on track! And that feels awesome!

Diane - I am dealing with the clothes frustration too. I put on my well-fitting "go-to" outfit because I wanted to look good today, but it's baggy and ill-fitting now. That's great news, but also a little depressing. I just don't want to spend money on clothes right now, even thrift shop clothes. But this is a good problem to have. And you will feel SO AWESOME when you finally get the husband-purchased outfit on!

Jenni - So excited that you heard back from your interview! Does 1 of 45 mean your current ranking? It can't, because you say later that you hope you're in the final 15, and it doesn't make sense for them to share those rankings this early in the process, right? But what does it mean? I'm dying to know!

Friday was 198.6. Yesterday was 199.0. This morning was 198.4. I am so grateful that, even with the bounciness, that first number is staying a "1." I know there's a good chance I will see a "2" again before I get well and truly away from that cusp, but I would love not having to see it.

I know this is ridiculous to say when I just finally broke through the 200 barrier that has eluded me for almost 2 years, but I really want to get to 190. For some reason, this is the number that makes me feel "normal." I'm still 10 pounds into the obese category at 190 on the BMI chart, but for what it's worth, my scale tells me I have less than 30% body fat now. A body fat chart I just pulled up on the all-knowing internets tells me that an "obese" body fat percentage for women is 32%+, with average at 25-31%, and fitness level at 21-24%. Athletes are 14-20%. With another 10 pounds off, even if a pound or so is muscle, that should push me down fairly low in the "average" category. Of course, my scale is probably not all that accurate. Still, I'm going to celebrate its declaration that my body fat percentage is "average."

FeraFilia 10-19-2014 12:44 PM

Good afternoon, all!

Hi Jessica!
Been missing your regular posts! I'm glad to hear things seem to be going fairly well for you and that the new job is working out. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you stay sane until the 23rd when you can actually start getting decent rest and some room to breathe. :)

Laurie - I will be getting my fix in a little bit here... There's trunk-or-treat coming up, so along with the candy, I'll probably make apple peanut butter cookies (http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/a...butter-cookies) for the adults that are standing around to snack on, or for those that aren't so much chocolate lovers... plus, there's a turkey dinner, and I've signed up to make a dessert for that (milky way poke cake) and a couple weeks after that there's a dessert silent auction where people will bid on your dessert and all proceeds go to one of the many MANY organizations the church supports, so I'll make a festive grasshopper cake for that because it's pretty. My family is coming to visit next weekend, too, so I'll probably make an apple cobbler for dessert to share with them. And IF I start getting the shakes and need to do something holiday baking related, I'm sure all I have to do is bake it and send it over to the church, and they'll separate it and take it on visits to shut ins. I'm not without outlets, I just had to find them!


I did a little dance this morning after church. I was down TWO POUNDS this morning, from yesterday. So, at 280.4, I'm just 0.6 up from my previous low. I wasn't expecting that, at least not until post-TOM, but we'll see how it plays out.

I've been told that a member of the congregation is bringing dinner over for us tonight or tomorrow night, and I have no clue what's involved with that, so I might just stick to chicken and let my hubby eat it, heh.

And now, I'm off to watch a movie with a bunch of middle and high schoolers and avoid all the junk that will be out and about for them to snack on.

ubergirl 10-19-2014 01:09 PM


Back soon for a more substantial post, but just checking in to confess that I'm once again coming off two bad days.

I'm so frustrated with myself, but I stepped on the scale this morning-- 252-- which is no doubt mostly water from the movie popcorn I ate last night.

I am going to have to radically change what I'm doing because what I'm doing is not working-- but I am focusing on maintaining and not giving up until I get it figured out.

More soon.

jenjenangel027 10-19-2014 01:39 PM

Laurie....no it doesn't mean current ranking. They are cutting the 45 down to 15 for interviews by next Friday! I am hoping to get an interview...although I get tongue tied in interviews...but this job really goes with all of my experience!

MissLoud 10-19-2014 03:59 PM

Ooh we're at 500 - I guess we'll move soon huh!

Wow another 2.8 pound this week! I know my happiness shouldn't be based on the numbers on the scales, but today with TOM lurking in the near future it is!! Omg I'm just so pleased I'm nearly at my first goal :carrot:

I am a little nervous though, I'm heading into scary territory. I got my first positive comment yesterday and I have lost and gained this same 20 pound for the last 2 years. I think my headspace is different this time though, so excuse me if I post here a bit!

Laurie - bbq and chips in a stunning surrounding is my type of heaven! Lol I will not feel guilty about it either (helped by my mother not being there) will do some tramping up hills to offset hopefully. My aim is to not put on anything.

Toasted - interested to know how IF goes for you, its what I do and I find it awesome. I count calories on the days I don't fast (most of the time)

FeraFilia 10-19-2014 05:28 PM

Yep! 500 is the "limit" so to speak, so I went ahead and started the new one:


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