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toastedsmoke 10-15-2014 09:30 AM

Hey everyone, I typed individual replies and all and then was multitasking to check my email and accidentally closed the window I was working on! Wah Wah Wah... Anyway, this is not going to be as in depth as before because really... ain't nobody gats time et al but still,

uber: Yay on hanging in there and sticking it out and winning! Look at you now! You stuck it our through the temptation and now you're cruising through on-plan days! #Inspiration

MissLoud: I can be a binge eater when I'm alone as well but good job picking something handsy like doing your nails that doesn't lend itself to eating whilst doing it. I'm stealing that idea!

Laurie: I'm glad you're feeling a bit more "normal" with food etc. Perfection is over rated anyway. Who'd want to go through life with never a chip or a cake again? I suppose what we need to learn is having just a serving or just a piece of those sorts of treats as opposed to swimming in oceans of it. And you did it! Yay on being on the cusp of onderlandness! I'm hoping the oneder party is before the end of this week for you, I want to have some virtual 3FC celebratory champagne again! garnetrising is now an certified, card-carrying onederlander so I need your oneder party now! ;)

garnet: Please keep us updated about J and how that goes. #TeamJ for the win! And yay on moving further down the 190s. Excellent.

JenJen: Yay on the hubs being home AND on feeling better! I'm so glad!

martini: Life's opportunities for learning and growth are gifts that should never be ignored. Please keep checking in and letting us know how you're doing and what's up with you!

Lotus: So happy you're feeling better! Overworked and ill is a vicious cycle that I'm glad you're out of. I haven't been to the gym either in what feels like YEARS but is probably more weeks. Yay on maintaining through a difficult time. That's a win!

So work has been busy and hectic and stressful and overwhelming, but I'm still here. On plan with food if nothing else. During my regaining months, I was on plan with exercise and not food and now it's the opposite. I have highly improbably visions of getting back to goal and being a saggy, bag of bones because I'm not working out... I AM getting up early now... it's just the getting out of bed that is the issue. But one step at a time. A month ago, I was struggling to wake up. Now at least I'm up, now the struggle is to get out of bed. I got a shipment from Amazon yesterday. I love shipments from America because I don't do them very often so it's like Christmas. I re-ordered 30 Day Shred, which a friend of mine "borrowed" (stole) and some other random DVD amongst other things. I'm excited about 30DS because I've done many cycles of it in the past and know it's a kick butt workout especially if you follow the girl doing the harder version AND it's only like 20-something minutes, if I recall correctly... which means I don't have to find an hour in the morning before getting ready which is SCHWEEET for a lazy bones like me. One thing I do miss though, is running. I used to run at the gym but I've not been in a while. I whined about it to my brother and he suggested running outside but I'm spoiled... run in a climate controlled gym OR pound the uneven cobblestone stone streets of my neighbourhood in 80F heat (before sunrise) with humidity that never falls below 90%? Y'kno? Again with the excuses... I should alternate home workouts with going running in the morning. By the time I get back to the gym in November/December when work settles a bit, I'll be an absolute beast on the treadmill!

I'm beginning to ramble so I'm going to stop now. I had quite a heavy breakfast to the tune of 725-whole calories so no lunch for me today even though I packed one for myself. I'm going to have a black-eyed pea pottage and some grilled chicken breast for dinner and I'm thinking I can still be around 1200-calorie range for the day. I hope you all have an amazing day! Catch up later.

jenjenangel027 10-15-2014 11:14 AM

Martini...I hope life gets less stressful for you!! You deserve that!

Lotusmama...good to hear from you!!!

Toasted...good for being on plan! And good for wanting to keep on exercising...you can do this!!!

Uber...I am glad you had a couple on plan days! You can do this...sometimes we have to adjust through what our minds are giving us...if that made sense at all! I am proud of your perseverance!!!

Laurie...Onderland so close...you go this in your time. I am so proud of you sticking with it and coming to grips with it....I know you said you got to this place before and gave up so props to you for sticking with it! That is a HUGE success!

Jessica...hope work is okay and glad you are coming to terms with emotions with J!!!! Great job on losses!

Me saw 222.4 today.....the teens is in sight for sure just wrapping my head around this process!!!!

LaurieDawn 10-15-2014 12:26 PM

UBER! I think some virtual champagne is appropriate for this occasion, Toasted. And I have to admit, I look into your head and I see me. I can deal with a lot during the day. But evenings, especially post-dinner, kill me. And to put me in a drugstore AND make me go down the candy aisle when I'm just baby-stepping back to plan. Oh man! THAT is a recipe for disaster. I am so proud of you to have made it through that. And yes, I love the phrase "pyrrhic victory." It's so nerdy of me, but one of the things I love about this thread is that I can use phrases like that without feeling like I'm trying to impress people or make them feel stupid or whatever.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, UBER IS BACK!!!! Can I admit that whenever any of us struggle like that (including me?), I am genuinely concerned that I will lose a friend? It's so easy to just stop posting and then go into a genuine backslide. I am so relieved that you pushed through it. This is hard. But we are very much doing it!

Toasted - I love your posts. "Ain't nobody gats time et al.!" Indeed. =) You fit in so nicely with our nerdy culture here. I really do want to see that magic "1" on the front of my weight. And then keep seeing it for as long as you have seen it. You and I started at about the same weight. It is flabbergasting that you have maintained a 93-pound weight loss for so many years. But I'm totally with you. I would not run outside in that weather. Can't wait to hear about your 30DS adventures!

LotusMama - So glad to hear from you! I love your check-ins, however brief they may be. Life gets pretty overwhelming at times, particularly when you're trying to recover from an illness, catch up from being ill, and keep up with everything so you don't get behind again. To do all that and maintain is awesome. One of the weapons in the arsenal that will serve us as we try to maintain for life.

Jenni! - More good news! I am so relieved that your flare-up has subsided. AND that your hubby got a 4-day weekend. You deserve to see him, and you deserve to have some help with that crew of yours. And I remember when you were struggling to get out of the 230s, and now the 2-teens are in your sites. You are rocking this! And thanks for the encouragement. I don't know why this is such a difficult spot for me. It's like I just don't want to bust through it, judging by some of my choices the past few weeks. But maybe the extra time to wrap my mind around it might be useful in the long run. Who knows?

Jessica, Martini, Diane, MissLoud - Thinking of you. Sending good vibes your way.

I am 201.2 today. Even 200.x is eluding me! But I had a scheduled lunch Monday, and then I had a last-minute issue that I needed to discuss with my husband, so we had lunch yesterday. My plan really depends on my minimizing my calories during the day, so while I still did okay, I got thrown off. Yesterday, I had actually planned on boxing up my lunch order and eating it for dinner instead, and had eaten my spinach/raspberry combo right before I went to lunch to facilitate that plan. But the fruit and veggies really serve only to take the edge off the hunger, not to defeat it, which works out great for me when I'm at work (or court or wherever), but not when I'm sitting there with food in front of me and watching someone else eat. So, I ate the lunch there, then stopped to get gas, and bought and ate a donut too. I had a light dinner, so the day wasn't a calorie bust, but I need to get back to routine. So, today, I canceled my scheduled lunch appointment. I need to meet with this person, but for today, I really need to eat the way I prefer, and I can't do my afternoon exercise routine if I take time off to go to lunch too. So, for today, I am exercising my right to rearrange my life to make this weight loss thing work. I can't rearrange everything all the time for it to happen, but it is okay to prioritize it sometimes to get over humps like the one I'm facing right now. Oh, Onederland, will I ever reach you?

Pink Hurricane 10-15-2014 12:28 PM

Hey ladies how is everyone?

I am back to posting in here as things had been a little hectic recently but I am down to less than two weeks until I leave my current job and start a new one from home. I am very excited for that because I will be able to expand my portfolio and stay home with our little baby! I cannot wait to take him to the park (walk/jog with him then play), and go to play groups and such like I did with all of the children I have nannied in the past and present!

I have been on plan even though my posting has been lax, and I am finally out of 290s for good!! :dance:

LaurieDawn 10-16-2014 09:31 AM

Good morning, everyone!

Pink Hurricane - Yay for leaving behind the 290s! I love to progress decades. And yay for new jobs, especially ones that can be done from home. I worked from home for years. It was really great and really challenging. Excited for your new adventures!

200.2. I am FINALLY on the cusp. I canceled my lunch yesterday to save my calories for dinner, as is my custom. My husband made chicken soup over brown rice. He told me it was something he makes a lot, but the kids contradicted that statement. It was absolutely what I prefer to eat most of the time. Lean protein. Veggies. And it was delicious. Odd that he didn't seem to want to admit that he was being incredibly supportive, but touching nonetheless that he went out of his way to do it for me, though he really doesn't know how to cook brown rice. =)

Board has been quiet for the last day. I trust it is because, like Pink Hurricane and Martini, everyone is too busy doing incredibly productive and wonderful things. Hope everyone has a great day!

FeraFilia 10-16-2014 12:03 PM

Hey all...

I am back. After a MAJOR detour from plan... I swear I gained 10 pounds, and 5 of it water. I didn't weigh, because I didn't want to know. I just know my rings are tight and don't spin like they normally do.

My birthday was Thursday, then my in-laws showed up Friday, my husband's official installation was Sunday, the in-laws left Monday, and we were treated to Mexican dinner out on Tuesday. It's also pastor appreciation month. All of that combined to send me into a tail spin of snacking instead of eating meals (partly due to stress, my in-laws are wonderful and super generous but they are not very easy to host - they are pretty picky) and I kinda feel like crap. Physically speaking. Really sluggish and just can't get going. I haven't really ran into feeling guilty for it. Mad at myself maybe, because I worked so hard to hit and pass 280 on the way down, so I'm pretty irritated that I allowed myself to go off the rails like that BUT...

What's done is done. Can't be helped.

Back on track today, meaning mostly a fast day because we're going to a cook out tonight... Yes, someone else is feeding us, again, because it's Pastor Appreciation Month and they just love my husband. OY.

Now I just need to stay out of my freezer and pantry. Because in there is a delicious white sheet cake, an even more delicious carrot cake, pumpkin bread, ice cream, what seems like buckets of chili, a chipped beef cheese ball, leftover hamburgers, bags of chips, bottles of soda, white chocolate everything, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Wish me luck. *sips water*

ubergirl 10-16-2014 12:17 PM

Laurie Hooray and being well and truly on the cusp! And I want to virtually hug your husband for being so supportive. You are doing SO well and I love how you managed to prioritize and figure out how to make your day work! We are about to have our second member jump into onederland! So exciting! And you have absolutely EARNED it!

Pink Hurricane Congratulations on the loss. So excited for you to be working from home! I work from home and it makes me so much happier-- I always found juggling work schedule and kids' schedule to be agony and I love being there. I have four kids-- the oldest is 23 and the youngest is 9 and I cherish the time with my nine-year-old.

Toasted Thanks for the champagne! As for the exercise, what a great idea to get an exercise video that you can fit in before work without having to get up at an unsustainable hour-- that's thinking creatively. I don't think you will be a saggy-baggy bag of bones (LOL) if you get to goal without exercising enough, although obviously exercising is good for the body and the should. But you have to focus on what you can focus on and for weight loss focusing on food seems the more important of the two.

Jenni You are going to hit the two-teens!!!!! So happy for you! You are doing great-- and feeling better is only going to help the process more.

Martini, Diane, MissLoud, and Jessica Hope all of you are doing well.

Agree with Laurie that it has been a bit quiet in here-- I think it's getting to be a busy time of year.

My weight is still sitting at 249, which is about a half a pound above where I was before I started teetering, and still not going down....I'm at a total of 36 pounds lost since the end of May. I would LOVE to see that scale move down, but for the last couple of days, I've let my calories hover in the 1350-1400 range and I'm eating foods I really like and at least the binge monster is back underground for now...so I'm just not going to push it right now.... I did not get to 295 eating 1300-1400 calories a day, so I figure that eventually, my weight will go down, and meanwhile, I can prevent the horrible yo-yoing backslides.

This morning, I woke up with a headache so I had to take Advil. I don't usually eat breakfast, but I knew I had to eat something with the medicine, so today I will not have as many calories available for lunch or dinner, and I'm going to have to adjust accordingly.

I am incredibly relieved that I got through that rough patch though-- that's the second time since I started that I've had a really hard time but managed to get back on track-- which is a world record for me!

Mandy Editing as I realized that I ninja'd you. Oh my goodness, in-laws, meals out and a freezer full of goodies!! It's a miracle you didn't gain even more. I'm SURE you did not gain 10 pounds, even if you feel like it! But probably smart to wait a few days on the scale-- I'm sure it's bloating from salt. You really have a hard go with people constantly feeding you-- that just makes it SO MUCH harder. I have sort of the same problem in that I have to keep so much junk around my own house. I'm sure just the relief of having the in-laws gone will make your life so much easier (not that you don't love them, but in-laws are in-laws, especially if they're picky house guests!) Hang in there!

Slashnl 10-16-2014 12:39 PM

I'm back! I'm going to read through all of what I missed, but first wanted to share with you some thoughts. It is really long, so if you don't want to read it, you won't hurt my feelings!

There is always a debate about how important exercise is when you are trying to lose weight. I've heard that 75% or 80% of weight loss success is based on your diet. And, I agree. In my case, I have chosen to count calories. I feel that this is successful for me because while I do have to make better choices in what I eat and how much, I am not putting anything on the forbidden food list. If I really want something that is high in calories, then I have to make it fit. I honestly have felt that exercising/working out 6 days a week is important to me, just so I can eat a little more!!

Losing weight is important to me. Having dropped 65 pounds so far, I feel so much better, and can fit in much lower sizes. It is great! But, I found out on our recent hunting trip just how important exercise and working out is to me.

Backing up... last year's hunting trip for me was a disaster. It had snowed about 2 feet, I was sick, and I was in really awful shape. I had intended to try to do better and get in better shape, but I didn't make it happen. So, there we are, up at hunting camp and all I could do was stay in the tent. There was no way I was going to be able to walk around the mountains. My husband went out by himself... and, he was successful! So, we needed to take the horses up the hill to get to where the elk was so that they could pack it out. Well, we could ride up there, but had to walk back. I can't tell you how many times I had to stop to catch my breath. It was awful. And, of course, I needed a boost from behind to get up on the horse, anyway.

I did a lot of soul searching and looked at my life and how limited I was by my weight. I wasn't happy looking or feeling like that. I knew that I was shortening my life and that as I aged, I may be putting limitations on what I could do. So, finally, starting in January of this year, I set up my calorie goal and my tools to track that... and I went to the gym. By this time, I wasn't even afraid to go to the gym anymore. I just needed to start. I told myself to really dedicate myself for one full year and make something change. The sign on the gym door is so true: The most difficult part is just showing up. That first week, I felt a victory just opening the door and finding something to do for even a little bit of time. I rode a bike, I walked on the treadmill, I used the weight machines. The next week, I had a goal of making a certain time of working out. I think it was 20 minutes to just keep pedaling/walking. Things started to improve, and I knew I needed to keep setting new goals. I went to a spin class and called it a victory to just stay on the bike until the end of class. I went to a body pump class and used very little weight, but called it a victory if I was still there at the end. Each week, I tried to do a little more.

Now, I go to spin class three times a week, to body pump two times a week, and on Saturdays I'm working on running on the treadmill and then going to a body flow class. Sunday is a rest day.

So, what happened this year at hunting? Ok, the weather was so much better than last year. But I was better than last year too. I was able to keep walking, to climb, to step over fallen logs... all without having to stop and rest. I can now get on my horse easily, without the boost. And I think she noticed the difference as well. Rather than just plodding on the trails, she was all perked up and even trotted up some of them. So, good news/bad news, she even threw a little fit at one point and tried to buck a little bit. I don't think she could do that before!! The most sore I felt all hunting season was after riding. Now, instead of just sitting on the horse, I have to hold on, my legs have to be tight and I actually have to ride. I'll take that soreness! But for the rest of it, I was able to walk and keep up with my husband who kept saying time and time again that I was doing great and he didn't know how to handle the new energy. He was fortunate again this year to shoot another elk. We used the horses to pack the elk out, but we ended up just using my horse, which meant two trips. We had to walk up this one road to our camp and it is steep. Well, horses can pack out the elk, but they aren't particularly comfortable with it. I knew I had to keep moving. In the past, I had to stop several times on that road to catch my breath. Not this time, I made up the road... breathing hard, but not stopping. As I was walking up the steepest section, my inspirational song popped into my head... "This time, I'm gonna be stronger, I'm not giving in." I made it!! I almost cried at the top. Well, ok, I did cry a little at the top, but I also couldn't stop smiling!

My point in this? Losing weight is important. But being able to live is what it is all about. Getting up at 4:30 every morning is tough, but the benefit is so big. I'm going to keep it going. I'm not going to stop setting new goals. Fitness is key. Will I still obsess over every weigh in and every pound? Yep, I'm sure I will. But the weight loss is only one part. I love feeling stronger and I can't wait to see what it will be like next year.

LaurieDawn 10-16-2014 01:24 PM

Diane - Decided to take a peek again while I ate my lunch, and saw that you had posted. I anticipated a quick check-in from you, as I knew you were away hunting, and I suspect you're pretty busy at work. But no. Your post was EVERYTHING I needed to hear. Counting calories (or even just being calorie-aware) and fitting the gym in on a consistent basis can get to be such drudgery. But it really is worth it! And it's not just looking good in a dress. For those with vanity pounds to lose (And bless them! Every pound is really challenging for them!), maybe it's not so much an issue of being able to live. But for so many of us on this thread, our sizes have in the past, or may in the future, hindered our ability to do important things. In fact, I want to send your post to my husband, and say, "See? I know my weight loss thing can be annoying and inconvenient, but it matters. And it will continue to matter more and more as we age." Thank you for your amazing post.

Mandy! - You know the Psycho music when the killer is attacking Janet Leigh in the shower? I imagine that when I picture your pantry. I'm not a fan of carrot cake, but that would NOT save me from the world of calorie-dense temptation that is your pantry. For me, this is the worst of all possible worlds. To be stuck in a house with so much delicious food. Is there any way you might could have a "Please help me clear my house of all this delicious food before it goes to waste?" party? Otherwise,Id be pretty ruthless about throwing it out (though you seem to be much better with those things than I am). But with that much food, even I might feel a bit guilty. For me, it feels way more responsible to toss it than to binge on it, and I am very much prone to binges. How about things that will keep you busy out of the house and away from the food? I know that when I worked from home, I often worked at a cafe or restaurant. Ordering food is not nearly as tempting as being able to walk in the next room and get it. Maybe there are enough non-house-related tasks you need to do that you could set up camp elsewhere for a bit? At least until you are more comfortably on track? The past week is done, and we all know you didn't gain 10 pounds of fat in that week. We all have weeks like that, and yet we all have had and are having great success. Whatever your strategy, I am sending the strongest of willpower vibes to you. But I know if anyone can handle this, it's you. Go, Mandy, go! Or maybe the partridge will sully all of the food and it will then be a non-issue.

Uber - I am so proud and happy for you! Another day in your string of on-plan days. Sorry about the need to spread calories to include a small breakfast. I resent stuff like that more than I should. But you gots this. You've gotten through two major crises, and are still on track. Maybe not the Goal Express, but maybe this train is the one that deposits us safely into Forever Maintenance Land. (Yes. I know that this is a fantasy land. And I am trying to gently introduce thoughts and habits that will allow me to be successful in "You've made it, but it's a struggle to stay here" land. But the thought of Forever Maintenance Land can be comforting from time to time.)

We had a flu shot clinic yesterday at work, and I asked the nurse if I could lift weights right after getting the shot. Later, I jokingly complained to our HR manager that I was disappointed that I asked my question, then bared my bicep, and the nurse didn't say, "Wow! It's obvious you lift weights!" I may have even questioned the professionalism of the nurse. ;-) In the course of the ensuing conversation, the HR manager said, "Is the lifting weights the reason you look so good?" Hard to say if it was technically a spontaneous compliment, but I'm registering it as such. 39.6 pounds gone since July, and still not getting many comments, but getting some. Occasionally, I want them. Occasionally, I expressly don't want them. But even when I don't want to talk about the weight loss, it's nice to know that it's become noticeable.

FeraFilia 10-16-2014 01:51 PM

Laurie - I have a bunch of family coming over to visit next Saturday, and I'll bring out a lot of the stuff for when they are here. I'm not tempted by stuff if it's not in front of me. Just knowing it's there doesn't lead me to snack on it. I've had a basket full of Halloween candy that I haven't touched in over a week (since I filled it) because I put it away out of sight. The stuff I have trouble with are the things sitting out on the counter, or in the fridge that are easy to grab and go. All the snacks are in the pantry (which is in the basement, behind a closed door) or in the freezer (crammed in so tight I'd have to fight to get it out) are not tempting for me. Well, except the carrot cake. It was made by a professional baker in the congregation, and it's got this rich delicious cream cheese frosting, and the cake is perfectly moist and dense... and so very good. But carrot cake is one of my favorites, and they sent me half of a large sheet cake home for my freezer. It's currently filling two 9x9 food storage boxes.

Diane - So glad you had a successful trip, in so many ways. I'm always amazed and inspired by your dedication to the physical fitness side of weight loss. I manage to exercise about every other day, and it's getting easier, but nothing like what you're doing. You are awesome!

Uber - I took a day after they left and sat in my living room on my comfy new couch and stared at the TV just to decompress. They had me up and going from 7am on both Saturday and Sunday, and I'm not used to being up so early. I'm a "get up around 9 or 10, slowly wake up and finally be at full speed some time around noon" person, after years of working 2-11. And the constant "so... grandbabies?" comments were a bit much. I very nearly snapped. You'll get your grandbabies when you get them, shut uppp already! *Snack snack snack* Ugh.

jenjenangel027 10-16-2014 03:53 PM

Laurie...I just love reading about your days...you have such a positive light it inspires me and I totally know how you feel...I have almost 30 pounds gone and no comments either! So here it is for you!

Laurie you look amazing I can tell your dedication...
Laurie your looking HAWT
Laurie you are amazing and look so defined (now I know I have never seen you but just by your words you deserve the compliments :))

Mandy...Guess what??? You may have had a bad few days but your back at it and that is what matters! You girl rock...you may not feel like it but you do!!!!

Uber...you amaze me also you are sticking with it no matter what...and guess what that weight will come off!!!!! You are a strong woman and you will get through this rut!!!

Diane...I am so excited to have you back :) And you are amazing I love reading your stories and I am so excited about your hunting trip that inspired me and I am so happy you can come out of feeling so great...just imagine next time!!!!!!

MissLoud, toasted, Pink, Jessica, and anyone I missed...hope you are all doing well :)

MissLoud 10-16-2014 04:12 PM

Hey everyone! Sooo tired, my kids have caught the cold I've had and my husbands away so its all on me at the moment. I've managed to stay on plan but TOM is coming up next week sometime so scales aren't being too kind at the moment. Might have to go to the doctor to get an inhaler, my chest us still super wheezy. So yeah not feeling it at the mo :)

Uber - you are super great for white knuckling it through, you should be really proud of yourself!

Diane - your hunting trip sounds wonderful! Were are a hunting family here too, have a long weekend fishing on the boat this week coming. I've included more excercise to my life lately too and I never thought I would say it, but I love it!! To have so much more freedom to do the things you want to is so wonderful, and I don't think you realise how much you are limiting yourself until you get those things back.

Laurie - so close to 199! Unbelievable! !!

Mandy - so good that going off the rails hasn't damped your resolve! I'm like you if thing are out of sight I'm okay, but if I know there is a packet of chips open in the house I'm hopeless!!!

Off to have a coffee with some other mums! Might have to have it intravenously :p

FeraFilia 10-16-2014 04:40 PM

I am finding excuses to come down here and be on the computer instead of upstairs with all the food I'm avoiding. This time, I'm down here to share with you a picture of a non-food gift we received from a member of the congregation. She made the runner, the napkins, and the coasters. Perfect for fall! So, I have a pretty place to sit and eat all the food!


Slashnl 10-16-2014 05:52 PM

Hi all! Ok, now I read through everything. So much happens when you're gone!

I have had a really lazy day. After all that talk about exercise, here I am taking it easy. But, it was a really physically active 5 days, so I am indulging a little bit. I lost 6 pounds while we were gone, although I'm not sure if it will all stay off or not. I'm going to try to keep it off! I still have off until next Monday, so I'm taking advantage of it a little!! Doing a lot of laundry, but I should be doing better on getting other stuff done. Oh well! Tomorrow!

Mandy: Wow! What a beautiful table! And how nice of the lady who made it. It is nice when it isn't food related. I did want to say how impressed I am with you and your weight loss. You're going to have a whole library of new books showing on your signature!

MissLoud: Sorry you're not feeling well. It makes it so much harder! Spending time on the boat fishing sounds pretty darn good!

Jenni: You are rocking the weight loss too! You'll be out of the 220's soon! Awesome!

Laurie: Thanks for the support! I know my husband was just really happy to see me have a better time. We could just really enjoy ourselves, so it was fun. He actually said that last year, he was afraid that I wouldn't make it back to camp. He was afraid I might have a heart attack or something. Ouch! What a burden for him to have, too.

Uber: Glad to see that you are doing better. I could tell that you have been going through kind of a rough time, and it looks like you're coming out on the other side! Hang in there!

Pink Hurricane: Good to see your post!!

Toasted: Glad you're staying on plan! Good for you! The exercise will come and you'll do great.

LotusMama: Glad to see your post too!

Sorry if I missed anyone. I can only go back so far while doing this message.

ubergirl 10-16-2014 10:40 PM

Hi everybody,

I'm just doing my evening check in right now. I'm sorry to say that today wasn't stellar. I added up all of my calories before dinner and I would have had to stop and not eat dinner in order to meet my goal, but I ate dinner, so I topped out at 1800 calories. I'm not quite sure what got me off track today. First, I ate breakfast when I usually don't. Then I went out to lunch and decided to eat something much heavier than I usually eat, although doable calorie-wise. I find that when I feel like I've overeaten, I'm much more likely just to keep overeating. Still, not a binge. Not a disaster. I'm still here.

Diane, I can't thank you enough for writing that long post. It is so inspirational to me, and it really got me thinking. When I decided to lose all the weight back in 2010-2011, I exercised a lot and it was truly a transformative experience for me. I went from being so out of shape that I used to get winded just taking short walks, to being able to run 4 miles. After losing all the weight, I went on a 20 mile bike ride with my kids, and it was simply incredible, I thought about all the things I had missed out on when I was heavy for all of those years, and all of the things I was suddenly able to do-- horseback riding, bike riding, running, getting in and out of boats, etc. etc.

Now, the good thing is that I have never gotten as out of shape again as I was when I started out at 295 back in 2009. But on the other hand, I'm not anywhere near as able as I was in 2010 and 2011, and I'm back to where I do miss out on things because of my weight. I keep saying to myself, "I'm going to start working out soon..." but I've been afraid of starting again because I associate working out with getting super burnt out and starting to binge again. But I also know that working out made me feel awesome about myself, and the fitness was probably more important than the eating... and also, now I'm struggling with eating, and the fitness can help me deal with stress better.

In short, I am going to follow your example-- I've been where you are, and not so long ago, it was only two years ago, and I REALLY want to get back there, so THANK YOU for reminding me.

I'm so happy your hunting trip went well!!!!

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