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toastedsmoke 09-17-2014 09:31 AM

Hey everyone, I'm back from my Italian week away and it was an awesome, food-filled, hike-filled, fun fest! I've not yet weighed myself because I had a total of 13 hours flying so I would like to lose some of that air travel bloat before I drive myself insane on the scale. I'll know to stick the fork in and get on the scale when I've peed a river. Sorry for the TMI.

I haven't exactly read back all the pages I missed but I have read some and I'm so glad to reconnect with you all.

ubergirl: Yay on saying no to chips!

Ferafilia: I can't believe you're unpacking already! I mean brownie points of life! I'm still living out of a suitcase from my New Year's vacation. Admittedly that's partly because some of those clothes are now indecently tight but still. You're so super organized with this move, it's amazing. Maybe I need to start making lists too! Yay on the 280s!!!! WOooOOOOOTTTT!!!!!

LaurieDawn: It's awesome when it feels reasonable and "normal" to be on plan as opposed to an uphill climb! Yayyy! I hope the trend continues for you! Also yay on the scale cooperating earlier in the week.

jenjenangel007: I'm sorry about the situation with your step daughter. That's truely terrible and would drive even a saint to frustration. I'm praying for you and her and for that situation. Know that. :HUG: And please don't feel bad sharing what you're going through.

garnetrising: I step away for a few days and you're practically in Onederland!!! :carrot: :carrot: You're awesome. Well done on all your hard work and yay on the 203!!!

martini: Yay on being on plan! Well done you!

I will do a weigh in at some point this week. It's been tough to stay on plan since I got back. I'm not eating over, but probably 1800-1900 which for me is pretty much maintenance so not at all helpful. I'm also not yet back to exercising regularly which I had JUST gotten into right before I left. But enough is enough. Today is the day. I'm doing alright with calories at about 520 for the day at 2.30pm and I could work out today. So if I'm doing a to-do list,

1.) Stay under 1300 cals for the day
2.) Exercise to a work out video

I hope you guys are all doing okay today and wish you all an amazing day!!

martini 09-17-2014 10:40 AM

Toasted!!! I'm so happy you're back!!!!

Slashnl 09-17-2014 11:35 AM

:coffee: Hi all!
I've been thinking about "Carter" lately, wondering how she is doing, so I'm adding the coffee drinker she always had on her posts each day. For those who don't know her, I believe she was the one who originally started this thread.

Went to Spin today. This is really the day that I normally run/walk on the treadmill, but I just wasn't up for it today, so went to spin. I felt pretty sore from Body Pump yesterday, so just didn't want to do running. Rebellion. :)

Toasted: Glad to see you back on here! You're smart to wait to weigh. I'm sure there's lots of retainage from flying.

Martini: Mmm. Fried chicken! :)

Mandy: Yay for the 280's! And awesome job on completing your lists! You're doing so well!

Jessica: Good goal, going for getting out of obese status! That will be so great!

Uber: Oh boy, I have that problem, too. When it is just me at home, I don't make as good of choices as I do when everyone else is there. It is like a free splurge night. I don't have a lot of times when I am home alone for dinner, but it is something I need to work on. Keep my focus when I am alone!

Jenni: Yeah, that's the thing. We worry about the kids so much because we really want what is best for them and we hate to see them either making bad choices, or living in such a way that you know will cause them pain. Tough stuff!

LaurieDawn: Glad you are on plannish!! Awesome! Enjoy that feeling!

ubergirl 09-17-2014 11:51 AM

Mandy So true about the secret eating! I might add that for myself, I really don't even care if people see me eating anymore. The reasons behind the behavior are long since gone, but I'm still stuck with the behavior. I'm trying really hard to change it. I LOVE the picture of the moon over your backyard, and I think your goal is totally reasonable! And climbing the stairs 14 times? Now THAT is a workout!

Jessica Yes, I think you can make it into the overweight range! Absolutely! I'm 5'8" so I hit the overweight range at 196 and I can tell you than once you hit the overweight range especially if you are fit, you really look and feel "normal". You are absolutely zipping along!!!

Jenni I have the exact same problem that you have. Sometimes I'm so hungry I can't stand it and other times I really don't care about eating. (I also have a 3rd state, the worst, when I'm not actually hungry but I'm desperately craving to put something in my mouth.) I hear people say all the time that they can lose well without ever being hungry, but for me, sadly, if I want to lose more than a few pounds a month I have to be hungry a lot of the time. So depressing.

As for me, the scale said 253.4, so the drop to 252 that I thought I saw yesterday did not stick. After being stuck for an entire month, I'm stuck again, and I have to admit to myself that I'm going to have to go lower and tighter on calories or accept losing at this super slow pace. I'm really undecided about which way to go. Losing super slow gets boring because the scale just sticks for long periods of time. On the other hand, it's not as difficult. I don't constantly feel like I'm teetering on a high wire about to fall into a horrible binge and never recover.

What I'm doing this time that is different is that I'm allowing myself to be moderately slack-- success without Kryptonite.

I'm thinking maybe the best approach for me is to calorie cycle. Drop down lower and get super tight with my calories when I'm sick of being stuck and loosen up a little when I'm sick of not eating.

Already, I only eat lunch and dinner (steamed milk with my coffee for breakfast) and my lunch is pretty much always very moderate, so the only play comes into dinner...

So, two approaches: 1. very tight calories (if I'm logging around 1000 that's when the scale consistently moves-- my calorie counting is probably not perfectly precise so I figure that logging 1000 probably keeps me somewhere in the 900 to 1200 range.)
2. stick to my three meals a day, coffee and milk for breakfast, lunch, dinner, no snacks. Try to make healthy choices for dinner but pretty much eat what everyone else eats, average around 1300 logged calories with the occasional meal (2-3x a month) going a good bit over. Since May 30th, I've dropped from 285 to 253, and that is including a full week of significant overeating while I was on vacation.

So, I'm just wondering, if you chickies have any advice for me.

ubergirl 09-17-2014 11:52 AM

Oh my goodness. I just pressed send and suddenly there were posts from Martini, Toasted and Diane that I didn't see. Did we actually all Ninja each other? Good this gives me an excuse to come back and post some more later.

Diane Actually the person who originally started this thread was me.http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/100-...off-again.html Can you believe it? Obviously I did not stick with it!!! I just did a search and I started it on Jan 21, 2012. That is the day that I first stepped on the scale after my regain. I was so upset because my last recorded weight on fit day, five months earlier, had been in the 190s. Obviously, I didn't stick with it, but it makes me happy to know that right now, I do weigh less than I did then. I think I do remember Carter. Just goes to show that if you keep on chugging eventually it will work.

jenjenangel027 09-17-2014 12:42 PM

Mandy....Love the pictures!!! That moon wow!!! Your kitties are so pretty. I have a maine coone...I also have a shih Tzu puppy...who is a terror...LOL I still haven't figured out how to post pics... Thanks for the words of encouragement!!!! I think your right with the food...its just weird and hard at times!

Laurie...glad your scale is going down!!!!

Martini...thank you....I have been dealing with this for over 5 years now...its just sometimes are much harder. When I witness her putting her hands on my little's ...well lets just say I have to cool down or I would be in jail. Who can't trust a 18 year old to watch kids for a couple hours??? Me me! anyway I just am taking one day at a time and focusing on her graduating!!!

Toasted...thank you for the kind words!!!! And writing down a plan is a great way to start and focus...one day at a time!!!!

Diane...still love reading about spin!!! And looks like I am right there with you hanging on to the 230's...so done with this decade!

Uber...I am glad I am not the only one with this problem. I am on a carb cycle calorie cycle plan...looks like this:

Monday LC 1200 cals
Tuesday LC 1200 cals
Wed HC 1500 cals
Thurs LC 1200 cals
Friday LC 1200 cals
Satur HC 1500 cals
Sunday reward meal HC no more than 2400 cals

So you do 3-5 weeks like this and then do a week of all high carbs at 1300-1500 cals.

This is suppose to trick your body into guessing so it looses fat. I do stall at times but usually no for long.

I would try either a carb cycle or a calorie cycle to shock your body and see how it goes...that would be my advice :)

Jessica....great losses!!!!

Anyone I missed hope you are having a wonderful day!

FeraFilia 09-17-2014 01:06 PM

Good afternoon all!

Martini - I'm a to-do list queen. I've gotten out of the habit recently with the move, but having gotten here and mostly settled, and with a large house to keep up with (well, much larger than our 2 bedroom apartment!) I need to make sure there are various cleaning things taken care of daily so I don't have to scrub the house down all in a day. Plus, there's always the possibility of drop in guests since so many people know where we live. Also, I love looking for eye shadows. My preference leans toward grays and greens. But, I must confess, my "girlie" side comes out most when it comes to my nails. Nail art videos on youtube can keep me distracted for a while.

Toasted - Welcome back! Your trip sounds like tons of fun. I've always wanted to visit Italy. I hope you took lots of pictures (and will maybe share one or two? So I can live vicariously?) The unpacking is actually almost done! I have several boxes of books that need unpacking, but I need to buy a book shelf first... then there's a couple boxes of decorative stuff, that I haven't decided where I'm going to set my trinkets and knick-knacks. But mostly it's done. :)

Diane - Thanks! :D I think I remember Carter from my previous incarnation on here. I've been thinking about Sandi. She popped in briefly, started our last thread, and then hasn't been back.

Uber - I wouldn't recommend going under 1200... That's pretty much the lowest you should be eating to keep your body going without medical supervision and regular blood testing (some blah blah I got from my doctor several years ago after I thought the best way to lose weight was starve myself and much on lettuce and celery when I was hungry, then take sleep aids to help me get to sleep because I was uncomfortably hungry). Are you exercising at all? Sometimes the physical activity is the bump we need to get things going again, because it helps create a deficit, and if you aren't weighing and measuring your food to count calories it's pretty easy to go way over, so just adding a 30 minute walk to your day would help with those possible underestimating calories and might get your scale moving again. Either that, or grab a food scale for things like meat and cheese (and other calorie-dense foods) to make sure your calorie logs are accurate. Once I got my food scale I realized I was actually eating a lot more calories than I thought. My weight loss this time around has been a lot more steady because of it (last time, it was a bit of a zig zag).

And for me...

I went to bed at 11:45 last night and didn't wake up this morning until 10:30! I must have been exhausted, but I feel wonderful today, so I guess I needed it.

This morning, I also found out why it has been so hard for me to get on track these last few days. Yep. Woke up to TOM arriving. I don't think I could have picked a worse time to get back on plan! :lol: I wasn't even paying attention to that calendar, because of the PCOS it's rarely right. But this month it was... which is also a good sign that my weight loss is helping out.

Hard as it was though, I did get back on plan, and the scale showed me 288.4 this morning.

I've made my list on paper today, so I don't bore you all with the details, but I've decided the first 4 are my health and fitness goals daily, and I will write them out until I make them a habit. (Water, food plan, exercise, and sleep).

Oh. And. I forgot to mention it (I can't believe I forgot to mention it)... but hubby and I bought furniture. Our own furniture. For the first time since we've been married we will have furniture that is OURS, and not generous hand-me-downs from family. We went out on Friday and found this set (sofa, loveseat, recliner) that was just perfect for our living room. It's a pretty basic design, and it's a "mocha" color (I think it's more like caramel, but whatevs) so it should fit in well should we decide to move in the future (please God, not any time soon). It's microfiber, cushion-y, and comfy. When we left the store I called my mom like "OH MY GOSH... do you know how much money we just spent?!" It was a bit surreal. We've never had the funds to do that before.

They'll be delivering it within the next week, hopefully.

Super exciting stuff!

Have a good day! :D

toastedsmoke 09-17-2014 01:32 PM

I'm so glad to be back. I'm determined I'm going to work out tonight however late I get home from work and being that it's 6.30pm and I'm still at work and facing AT LEAST a 90-minute commute, "however late" might be super late. I'm hovering around here to stay in that "make good decisions" mindset.

uber: I don't think 30 lbs in 3.5 months that included a vacation is bad and if you're still losing at a steady pace and retaining your sanity at the 1300-level that allows you that, I think go for it! I'm sure you already know everything "they" say about eating under the magical 1200 calorie mark so I won't get into that but rather trust that you best know what your body needs. Have you thought about doing some kind of 5:2 or 4:3 intermittent fasting plan? That way you can stick to 1300 or even 1500 days most of the week and then maybe have 2-3 500-700 calorie days a week. That way you're never deprived for too long and you have days of relative plenty and days of light eating. (The real plan has two 500 cal fast days and the rest of the week at maintenance calories but you seem to like to keep your calories low so...) I tried it out for a month last time I was on 3FC and it was great and I read a lot at the time about how it was actually a really ideal way to eat for the body systems etc. I actually think I might go back to that WOE, maybe starting next week. We'll see.

toastedsmoke 09-17-2014 07:07 PM

So update: I just finished my workout. I finally made myself do it at 11pm and whilst it wasn't particularly challenging, it suited the fact that I ate dinner not too long ago and am not quite ready to be bouncing around. I did the 10minute solutions Dance Off Fat Fast DVD. I looked ridiculous because I am super uncoordinated especially following choreography but I broke a sweat even if I wasn't exactly out of breath. I planned to do 2 of the 5 sets for a 20-minute workout- that's how I bribed myself into doing it. I ended up doing the whole 50-minute video with all 5 sets. I don't think I would necessarily do this video again... I'd much rather do Walk away the Palms than this if I'm not yet quite digested enough for a higher intensity workout.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back!

Ferafilia: I did that awful touristy thing where you take lots and lots of pics of sights and not enough of people or yourself at said sights. I 'll take a look tomorrow and find a couple to share.

ubergirl 09-17-2014 08:06 PM

Jenni I don't formally do a plan like yours but i do end up having some higher calorie days because I've eaten out or what have you. I never believed in the whole "shock your body into losing more" idea, but this is my second time in four years trying to lose almost 100 lbs (hence being a re loser) Last time, I kept my calories super low all the way down, but this time, I'm finding I can still lose even if I have some higher calorie days, and it does help me keep my sanity. Your situation with step-daughter sounds tough!

Mandy Well, I definitely don't think that I'm eating a lot more than I think I am. I weigh and measure and like most serious dieters, I have a lifetime of experience estimating portion sizes... but it's really hard to always know exactly how many calories your consuming. There is always a little bit of wiggle room, especially when you eat food that you didn't prepare. I find myself needing to guesstimate fairly often. I know from previous experience that I don't need a lot of calories and I lose very slowly. I think age has A LOT to do with it. I see younger people losing well on much higher calorie counts than what I eat-- the plus side is that I also don't get as hungry... Btw, CONGRATULATIONS on getting the furniture! That is so lovely! DH and I really never had enough money to buy furniture... we've brought other people's discards into the house, taken lots of hand-me-downs, picked up garage sale finds, and occasionally splurged on a piece from IKEA, but buying a matched set must be a REALLY great feeling!

garnetrising 09-18-2014 12:10 AM

Alright, ladies. So not weight related... I've never been the type to have man problems but I might just have them now.

There's Missouri/M. This is a guy from my past. Clearly I never got over him because I cut off all contact with him when I got married because he meant more to me than my soon to be ex husband. We started talking again back in March and it seemed really good for a while but back at the end of May he pulled away. Okay, whatever. Except I still think about him on a daily basis even though we didn't talk for a month - aside from occasional likes and comments back and forth on Facebook. Well, until I told him about the job offer today. But even that was a pretty short conversation...

Other is D. Mentioned him before... he is a guy at work who is clearly interested. The thing is, he's sweet, but I can't help but see him as a bit of a man child... and his work ethic infuriates me.

Now, I realize, there is a third guy. J. He is interesting, funny, can always make me laugh, might be interested.... we do a lot of flirting, but not sure about the level of seriousness. Also, he's about 12 years older than me. Not sure how I feel about him... but I know that when we worm together, I forget to think about M if that makes sense....

Until later... and then I almost feel guilty about flirting with someone other than M...

toastedsmoke 09-18-2014 09:16 AM

garnetrising: I think you almost officially qualify to put your Facebook relationship status as "it's complicated." I love it!!! #mankiller #InTheHotNellyFurtadoWayNotTheCreepySnappedWay You're probably not really looking for advice but my 2 cents is this: Regarding M. you can't make anyone prioritize you. Obviously last time, it didn't work out for a reason. Now, he's pulled away again. You can take the bull by the horns and ask what gives (not necessarily putting out the fact that you want him as relationship material but even just saying that as friends you're feeling the distancing act) OR you can just let it go as one of those things that is not meant to be. What I don't think you should do is keep letting him jerk you around and only talk to you when he feels like it. You deserve better and there is better out there (not that I've found it personally, but I've seen other people get it and we can too!). D-the manchild, does sound sweet, but you don't have to put him on the list of potentials just because he likes you, if you already don't feel the attraction. Now J is the intriguing prospect. My name starts with a J too so he already is the prize winner in my book. (I kid). But seriously, he's interesting, you're interested, you're not thinking about M with him, age is just a number and 12 years isn't so very dramatic unless you're like under 21... then it can be a little... y'kno... odd. Plus, also in J's favour, is that it seems he's in your area which removes the long distance aspect I'm sensing when you talk about M. Do you and M. have some sort of understanding even of the vague sort that you might be approaching exclusivity? If not, I don't think you should feel guilty. I think you should be open to the possibilities with J or if not him, someone else that makes you happy.

Yesterday was better food wise. Not as amazing as it could be but I ended up at 1340 calories which is at least 500-600 calories under maintenance so that's better than I've been doing. Today so far has been a snack pack of veggie straws (130 cals) which unfairly I think, aren't made off any actual veggies other than potato but ah well. I'm not sure yet what to eat for lunch as I was in a hurry leaving home this morning because I was already dramatically late for work, thus the veggie straws. I didn't bring my usual lunch from home so all the scary fast food options abound around me and I'm overwhelmed.

jenjenangel027 09-18-2014 10:35 AM

Mandy...what plan are you following??? It almost sounds like mine. Woohoooo for new furniture!!!! I love the smell of new furniture!

Martini...thank you that meant a lot. I have had to treat it that way in my head just to cope at times I don't know if she has a mental illness she really has not been diagnosed with anything. But I do know she gets really angry fast, jealous, frustrated, does not listen, does not take direction, talks bad about everyone, is very negative in general. It just makes me sad. We have worked and worked with her. Her brother has some issues but is polar opposite!!!!

Toasted...I am happy you are back as well....I love reading all your posts and input! And great job keeping on plan yesterday. For me it is a one day at a time deal. Some days are harder at times but it is so worth it when I get through that day and know I did a great job!

Jessica....Wooohooo for being a man magnate ....LOL....that has to feel so good in some ways! I agree with Toasted to a tee. I think M is not worth your time and not worth making you feel bad. You are beautiful inside and that is a rare gem these days! And if you are not interested in someone just make it known you want to be friends. and the older guy well my husband is almost 9 years older than me....I have seen no difference yet anyway LOL You go girl!!!!

Uber...I still wouldn't go under 1200 very long....when we deprive ourselves it is so much easier to gain it back...that is scarey to me. that is why I have chose to do a one day reward meal each week...I don't feel deprived and I feel like I can have what I have been craving....this would be so manageable when I get to my goal!

Diane...you keep rocking it as usually...Hey what part of Colorado are you from? We lived in Colorado Springs for a couple years.

Laurie...where are you????

Anyone else hope everything is going okay!

For me...I upgraded to the 20 pounds lost but just had to laugh because the scale showed me exactly 230 I mean really it couldn't just give me 229.8??????? That hooker is mean!

FeraFilia 09-18-2014 12:58 PM

Jenni - I use MFP + FitBit and count calories... also Intermittent Fasting. Currently going lower than I should be, because I'm coming back from being much higher than I should be. My goal is 1600-1800/day with 200+ burned via exercise but I've been sticking to 1300-1400 the last couple days, because today and tomorrow are both going to be kinda high. Hubby requested a full on spaghetti dinner, complete with scratch made garlic bread. That means yeasty chewy 3+ hours to prepare bread is being made in my kitchen today. A weakness for me (http://comfortablefood.com/pull-apar...-garlic-knots/ <- could you resist that?!). And tomorrow is dinner with a couple members of the congregation. But mostly I stick to a 1600 (no exercise) to 1800 (-200 out via exercise - FitBit or HRM counted) calories per day.

Toasted - Is there a Subway nearby? You should be able to get a salad there, with all the toppings you'd get on a sandwich. If you go veggie with a little cheese, you should be able to avoid a ton of sodium, and if that's not a concern, you could get some grilled chicken thrown in for proteiny goodness. :) Most fast food places have salad options now, so you should be able to find something that's not a slab of fake meat on a super processed bun with a ton of condiments jacking up the calories. Good luck to you on that. I can't resist the draw of Arby's and their sandwiches. Mmm.

Jessica - I agree with Toasted, about the sweet manchild with the poor work ethic. If the only reason he makes the list is because he is interested, then he shouldn't be on the list. You shouldn't make "he is interested in me" a reason to be interested in him. If I were you, I might even take a break from serious romantic involvement for a while, at least until the mess with your ex is taken care of and completely done with (once he's actually an ex not a soon-to-be ex), and you've had time to mentally and emotionally adjust to life on your own as a single chick again. Flirt a little, test the waters, see what's out there, but don't feel like you have to attach yourself to a man again so quickly. But then again, what do I know? I was coming off of a horrible break up where a guy cheated on me (like, he spent the night with me one night, avoided me all the next day, then the day after that texted me that he "met someone else and it just feels right") and I absolutely hated men when I met the guy I married... SO, take it all with a little grain of salt. :)

Uber - If you are happier with your current weight loss plan, you should stick to it. You know it's working, because you've seen the results. Staying super low and strict all the way down will make it quicker, but you'll probably be miserable. So, you can be miserable, but not impatient... or a little impatient, but happier. I'd rather take a little longer and be happier (if impatient) on the way! Even on the days when I go lower than normal to balance out the high day that's coming, I still leave a little room for indulgence. Not like a 500 calorie huge dessert or anything, but maybe a 100 calorie ice cream sandwich or something. Something sweet that would be 'off limits' were I being super strict. Toasted mentioned the 5:2 plan, which might be something to look into. 5 days of slightly higher than "normal" foods, and 2 days (non consecutive) of fasting all day until a 500 calorie (ish) dinner). I generally do a 16:8 IF plan, which is 16 hour fast, followed by an 8 hour "eating" window, which for me, is set from about 2:30 to 10:30 and we go to bed around 11:30 or so. The only thing I have outside of my "window" is water and a cup of coffee. But you know yourself and what works, so hopefully you can find the sweet spot of calories in and calories out to make your weight loss work for you.

And now for me.

Scale this morning showed me 287.6, so down 0.8 from yesterday which is kind of shocking considering TOM is here. I wanted to hit 280 (50 pounds lost) by my birthday, which is in 3 weeks. I don't know that I'll make it, but we'll see what happens! Still hoping for a whoosh after TOM to make it more reasonable. :)

Also, because I'm super excited about the delivery tomorrow, this is what's coming. There's a recliner, too, but it's not in the picture. We're just getting the sofa, love seat and recliner, I'll find an area rug later to add some color to the room (Tan carpets, wood trim, off white walls).


LaurieDawn 09-18-2014 01:06 PM

Dang it! And saweet! I had a computer-free, work-free day yesterday, and then was in court all morning. I was going to quickly read through posts, write a quick reply, then come back and get more specific. But we have so many great posts from so many people that even the reading thing is not going to happen just yet. And probably not until tomorrow, as I'm trying to catch up from being away from work, and I only have my kids for a few more days, so it's not going to be an evening project.

I am still only somewhat on-plannish. I admit to sending my kids (17, 14, and 10) into Arby's by themselves for lunch yesterday because I knew I would be eating stray curly fries and that would most definitely set me up for a day of binges, and I just can't do that anymore. So, I stayed in my car and ate an on-plan lunch while they went inside. I also bought sugar-free gum for the movie. I didn't do great for dinner, but I did avoid another binge day, and I'll take that as a win. I am back at work today, which means it's much easier to be on plan until at least 5:30, and I will probably sneak away for a work-out this afternoon (if I plow through enough of my to-do list in the next few hours), so I will focus on what I can do to make the evening work for me.

And I am so proud of myself for stepping on the scale every day and posting almost every day of this struggling time. Even if I look at it as a new start, I have never "started" at 219. And I think it should be a lot easier to make it to Onederland with a 219 start than my 250 start in 2007 or my 278 start in 2012 or even my 240 start in July 2014. (Of course, I've "started" way too many times to count, but the first two of these represent losses of 75 or more pounds.)

Going to start running through my list as quickly as I can to make space for my afternoon gym time. Love this thread SO MUCH and can't wait to catch up with everyone. Welcome back from Italy, Toasted!

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