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martini 09-14-2014 12:54 AM

Hello everyone! :wave:

Jenni - I think most of the wonderful women on this forum incorporate exercise into their daily life in one form or another. I haven't yet and I'm still losing weight. I think it's important to listen to your body and your needs and I think it's great that you seem to be doing that.

Jessica - There seems to be the most wonderful serendipity between your weight loss and the new job, but there's also a very real economic dimension. There's a lot of research that points to the impact weight has on the way that we are treated by others, the money we earn, etc. By crossing over into onederland you're also putting money in your pocket because you're going to be much more likely (statistically speaking) to be able to earn those commissions.

Here's how I'm seeing it:

ex-husband + weight loss + new job + more money = :encore:

Laurie - The thought of a house full of little girls having a sleepover is just too insanely cute for me to even think about without my head exploding. And I'm saying this despite having a direct link to the cute mothership. As for the rest... What can I say? Keep on posting. Don't forget that you've got oodles of support to carry you along when you're struggling. Draw on that. We've all been there and will most likely be there again in the foreseeable future.

I'm still doing well and staying on plan. It's been a good week. I hit 268.2 on the scale this morning which means that I'm exactly halfway through losing my regain. 25lb down and 25lb to go before I'm back where I started before I moved to the country I'm in now.

I think I'm going to challenge myself with losing the remaining 25lb by the new year. That way I can start 2015 with a clean slate of sorts. I like that idea and I've always loved the concept of rebirth. I also think it's reasonable to achieve in 15 weeks. There won't be a lot of room for slips, but perhaps that's a good thing.

Would anyone like to join me with a goal that they're working towards for the new year? Uber, you mentioned doing something for Christmas. How does New Year's sound?

Slashnl 09-14-2014 11:49 AM

Hi all!
So fun to read all of the success stories on here. Love it! I'd have to agree that this is one of the best groups I've ever been with on 3FC. So very supportive and so focused! Maybe it is because of the regains we have all had, that we're just that more dedicated and ready for change? Anyway, glad to be a part of it.

Had a weird day at the gym yesterday. I first did my running/walking on the treadmill. I have to admit that it wasn't my best. I felt like it was a struggle, so I just scaled it back some. I'm ok with that. I might have just been tired, who knows? Anyway, then I went to Body Flow. There is a time when the class that is in there before us is putting stuff away and clearing out, and we all go in and set up. The instructors get their music set up, headset/microphone on, etc. There was this song playing during this time and it was just a slow, kinda sad song, saying something about how the guy singer just wanted to hold the girl, as she worked through whatever issues she was having. (There might be more to it, but that's the part I heard.) I almost lost it. I felt myself getting all teary and weepy, and I really don't know why. I stood there looking in the mirror and I started to criticize myself in my head, probably something to do with the fat in my belly and how much further I have to go. Again, I don't know why. And then it hit me. Can you just give that woman in the mirror a little break???? Can you just say something nice and supportive to her? Somehow I didn't cry, but I thought you know, you are fine. You are doing great. Enjoy this workout, damnit! And I did. It was a great workout, lots of stretching and strength moves, and it just felt really good. I don't know why I share this with you, but it was just such a strange moment. Nothing is wrong with me, I'm not always in my own head like that, but for the moment, I certainly was.

So, I guess... make space for me in Crazy Town. :)

Martini: Good idea on trying to clear the slate for the start of the year. Either way we decide to go, December or January, I'm in for the challenge. I would like to make it to 80 pounds lost by the start of the year. I'd actually like to get there by December so I'm not so crazy around the holidays, but by the start of the year, would be awesome!

Jessica: So happy for you! Things are going to start turning around for you, I can feel it!!!

LaurieDawn: Oh, sleepovers. You are a better person than me!! I used to hate those when my daughter or son would have them. I let them do it, but I really like to keep my house to myself!! Hope you survived!

Jenni: Glad you are chugging along! That's what we all need to keep doing. I think that walking is a good plan. Always a great exercise!!

Mandy and Uber: Hi!!! Hope you're both having a great weekend!

martini 09-14-2014 06:41 PM

Diane - It sounds like that woman in the mirror was being really kind and compassionate to herself. Or maybe I'm projecting. I used to feel as if there were someone sitting on my shoulder constantly screaming in my ear that I was doing it wrong. Whatever "it" was. I don't know when or how it happened, but that voice went away and I've become a lot happier and a lot more at peace as a result. Maybe something like that is happening for you, too. :)

It's the morning of a new week and I'm feeling overly ambitious again. I'm going to try for a 30lb weight loss goal by the new year. I did the math. My calories (currently 1200/day) would allow that magic to happen, but it means I have to stay on plan without any slips between now and January.

Ok. Deep breath. I'm going to give it a shot. Even if I don't make that goal, coming close would be a huge thing.

garnetrising 09-14-2014 07:00 PM

Everyone is doing so well it is just remarkable and it makes me so happy and so proud to be a part of this group.

Martini, I love your math. And you are so right about weight and how it ties into the world's perception of us. It is a shame that it works like that but it's still a fact. And with everything that has been happening in my life, I'm finding it very hard to be down on myself right now.

Diane, funny you should mention the woman in the mirror. I find that some days she is harder on me than others. The thing is, I am always going to be my own worst critic. I am probably never going to see my body the way other people do. But I have fought long and hard to come to terms with constructive criticism and honesty vs tearing myself down for no good reason. I know that the struggles in my life aren't over. Something bad is always going to happen eventually, but the bad things make the good things better and struggling helps prove to myself over and over just how strong I am and - more than that - what a wonderful person I am. Because even when I am at the lowest point in my life, I refuse to tear others down and I will go out of my way to try and build them up. My ability to be compassionate in my darkest hours is something I am infinitely proud of.

And there is nothing wrong with being proud of everything I have accomplished in the last eight months, either. I've learned that I am strong enough to be alone, I've rid myself of a jerkface husband, I've managed to land first a part-time and now a full-time job. I've gotten through the first quarter of editing on my manuscript, I've lost almost 60 lbs - and that's just since I started counting. I am at my lowest weight ever. I am happy and I love myself again. What more could a girl ask for?

LaurieDawn 09-15-2014 10:50 AM

I read through everything, and will be back later this morning to do personals. Cuz I LOVE you all so much! And I am so inspired by all of you. But for now. . .

I am up to 219.6. I believe that in the regaining Olympics, I am in a class all my own. Last Saturday (9 days ago), I weighed 206. I am totally joining Martini's challenge. New Year. Rebirth. Perfect for me.

tefrey 09-15-2014 10:55 AM

My first week back and I am almost four pounds lighter to prove it ... it's probably all water, but I will take it. Thanks for all the support here. Upping my calories slightly appeared to keep my hunger in check.

I like the idea of setting a goal for the new year. I would like to be back to 177 by then, which I think is doable (it would be a little more than a pound each week), but I'm nervous to officially make that a goal. The challenges were great for me when I was losing ... but being too competitive last time made it hard for me psychologically when the weight loss slowed and stopped. I need to find balance.

But it is exciting to think the regain may be gone by the end of the year, I sure hope so.

FeraFilia 09-15-2014 11:30 AM

Ugh. SO. My weekend of planning to ease back into it totally backfired.

I had the 5k walk on Saturday morning. I thought I did well for that. I had a bowl of Cheerios before the walk, and a protein bar after. Then we stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way home and we had that for lunch. Pretty sure I snacked on every food in the house along with it, including cake, but then we had a fairly healthy dinner of baked fish... Then yesterday was apparently "sit on your butt and watch football while eating the rest of the junk in the house" because that's what I did. All day. I made a steak and cheese sub for lunch with leftover stuff ate that down.... finished off a bag of chips... ate a ton of dry roasted peanuts... about half a water melon... and then made taco salads for dinner.

So much for easing back into it. Obviously that's not gonna work for me, and I'm just fooling myself. SO. Cold turkey back on track today, and I'll just do the 3 days of suffering. I have to remind myself that reaching my goal is definitely worth a few days of suffering.

That means today I'm basically going to fast until dinner at 7. I have honey pecan chicken with sauteed squash and spinach salad planned (spinach with a little feta and some of the pecans left from dinner, maybe sliced strawberries if I find some I like at the store, raspberry vinaigrette). It will be delicious, filling, and pretty healthy.

I'm also going to get my TV/DVD player that I have down in the basement set up so I can get going with my exercise videos, because I think I've been missing my regular physical activity and been snacking away that extra time.

Setting some goals for today, not all related to weight loss, but I do need to get them done.

1) Set up online banking stuff for my new account
2) Set up the TV/DVD player so I can do fitness videos
3) Come here and ramble and post if I feel like eating the kitchen
4) Head out to the vet's office and pick up the cat's prescription food
5) Go to the bank to deposit hubby's paycheck
6) Update addresses for various accounts
7) Actually DO a fitness video
8) Cook dinner, eat dinner, and enjoy dinner... but no snacking afterward.
9) Put my booty in bed by midnight, and get some decent sleep.
10) In between it all, do some laundry.

Tefrey - Hello, welcome, and congrats on an awesome first week! :)

Laurie - I'm pretty sure I'm right there with you. Maybe not 13 pounds of regain, but the UGH HOW AM I GONNA GET THIS BACK UNDER CONTROL I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THAT mindset. We've been doing insanely well before this last week or so, we have definite goals in mind, we can totally do this. I hate feeling like a failure and I hate the bloated, sluggish feeling that comes from eating too much junk and not enough good stuff. I just had this mental picture of the two of us standing on the side walk next to a busy street. Behind us is off-plan happy food land (it looks like a carnival with deep fried everything), but everyone there is chunky, slow, and sad. And on the other side of the busy street is on-plan-land full of veggies and exercise equipment and happy, fit, energetic people. We just need to get across that street. Let's find the crosswalk, shall we?

Jessica - I love your outlook. You have done amazing things for yourself over the last several months, and you should definitely be proud. I definitely would be if I were in your situation.

Martini - I love the idea of a New Year's goal. I had wanted to get down to 250 by the end of December, but that was dependent upon me not going crazy during the move and staying on plan. Which I didn't. There are 15 weeks (and a few days) until the end of the year. So an acceptable loss for me would be 30 pounds in that time. I'll join you in your new years challenge, and that would put my goal weight around 260. I'm hoping 280 by my birthday (October 9) is possible, with the loss of water weight that's bound to happen in the next few days, but we shall see. :)

Diane - I have the same issue with the negative talk to the lady in the mirror. But I've realized that I have this problem, and I also know that I wouldn't let anyone else talk to me like that and stay in my life, so why do I take it from the one person I have to live with forever? So, I've learned to stop myself when I get started, and try to change it to noticing the positive changes, in light of the work still ahead of me. Yes, there's still fat in my belly... but I can see my collar bones again (almost, anyway... but more than I could see of them before!) and I can actually feel my hip bones, not just layers of fat. Most of my inches have come from my hips/butt and chest. It makes my slower-to-shrink belly look even bigger. UGH. You are welcome to come stay at my place in Crazy Town. I own a time-share. :P

Jenni, Lotus, Uber, and anyone else I missed... Hope you all are doing well!

jenjenangel027 09-15-2014 11:40 AM

Martini...thank you for the support it means a lot. I have found the punching bag to be my go too...it really releases stress. Congrats on the 25 lbs that is awesome you are doing great!!! I want to do the new year challenge too!!!

Diane...thank you...I am going to try and walk more and the punching bag is really my go to. I love how it releases stress and it is a full body workout! Congrats on the 60 lbs you are doing amazing. I have had those thoughts plague my mind. I get up every morning and tell my self that I am a beautiful woman created how I am suppose to and I am worth it. It really helps!

Jessica....you have so much to be proud of and I am glad you are embracing it. Everything we go though makes us stronger as a person and just in life period....I try to focus on that when I hit a hard time!

Laurie.....I am here thinking of you. just remember it will all go away there is no way that that can be permanent after just one week! Hang in there I am here so is everyone here!!!

tefrey...congrats on the one week and the four pounds...hang in there and you will see it coming off!!!

Uber...hope you are having a great day!

jenjenangel027 09-15-2014 11:42 AM

Mandy...you ninja'd me! LOL I am sorry you had a bad weekend but this is a new week and I say throw that "hooker" away...okay that didn't sound right but I think you know what I meant!!!

Slashnl 09-15-2014 12:37 PM

Hi all.
Well, I'm up a couple of pounds, to 237. That's ok. I haven't been perfectly on plan, so I'm not too surprised. I am buckling down today, though, even though we're having a lunch here at work. I just have to be a little careful. I know that there will be some health choices.

Even though I'm up on the scale, I had a little NSV this weekend. We got on the horses this weekend. In the past, I've always, always struggled getting on. I don't have very long legs and although my horse isn't overly tall, I have always struggled getting on without a boost. Well, I was able to get on by myself, and... and... and... you could have even called it a graceful mounting up. It was perfect!! My husband was getting his horse in order, and then was going to come help me, and he said "Oh! You're already up!" He went on to say how fantastic it was and how well I am doing. Such a smart man!!! So, very happy about that.

Jenni: Well, the 230's seem to have a grip on me. Hopefully you are breaking free! Good job on the exercise!

Mandy: Sorry about the tough weekend, but at least you have a great plan to get back on track! Very impressive! It is so hard to watch football without overdoing the snacks! But, you're doing well again, so good for you!!

Tefrey: Good news on the scale! I think you have a good goal set for yourself for the end of the year.

Jessica: Great perspective on how you treat yourself. I'm definitely going to work on that for me. It is hard to get past the self-criticism, but it is time to be a lot more gentle and gracious to myself!!

Martini: Yep, it is definitely something I need to work on, to be nicer to myself! I like your goal, too.

As for my goal, I'm shooting to be at 214 by the end of the year. That would be an 80 pound drop. I think it is attainable, but it won't be easy! Now, if I can figure out how to add another ticker, I'll do it!!

ubergirl 09-15-2014 01:49 PM

Hi Everybody! Well, count me in the bad weekend crowd! I don't know WHAT my problem was.

Saturday, I was feeling kind of glum for reasons that I couldn't quite identify, and I was discouraged because I realized that I have been sitting at the same weight, 253, for 10 days. I came on here and wrote a long post, which I accidentally deleted instead of posting. Somehow the mere fact that I had deleted my post seemed to make my mindset worse. I was hearing one of the most destructive siren songs for me. It goes something like this: "who cares? you're fine the way you are. 253 is not that bad. It's a lot better than 285. Why don't you give yourself a break? This weight loss thing isn't working anyway..." When I start thinking like that, it is REALLY hard to stay on plan. It is super hot here right now and we don't have air in the house so I was irritable, and usually that makes me eat less. Instead, I ended up eating a big old off plan dinner. Yesterday was not quite as bad, but I still ate a whole lot of chips with dinner-- totally off plan.

I think the reason I'm having a little bit more trouble now is the arrival of my son. I'm back to cooking for 6 every night, and everyone has their own little sets of desires. My son is a big eater, my daughter is a vegetarian, my nine-year-old is a picky eater, my mom is diabetic and wants every meal to be protein starch veggie. The diet that helps me lose tends to be expensive and once I'm cooking for six, the groceries are so costly that I am constantly worrying about money-saving strategies. Plus, I've got some professional and personal worries that are simmering in the background. Ugh. Thank goodness for all of you. I'm going to join the end of the year challenge and see if it doesn't make me too nuts (I have a problem when I focus too much on how much faster everyone else tends to lose.)

Laurie I'm so sorry about your regain!!!!! But I'm glad that the scale is trending downward again. You can do this!!!!

Tefrey I'm so glad that you are off to a good start. It would be an awesome feeling to get off the regain by the new year!

Jenni Punching bag? As my kids would say, how dope is that? I've never even tried anything like that, but maybe I should!!! I've been walking for about a month now, not even a whole lot, it's just about 20 minutes a day, but I can already feel the fitness difference and it's encouraging me to do even more.

Martini It is VERY exciting to be halfway through the loss of your regain!!!!! That seems extremely doable, and also very motivating!!! If I can lose 12.5 more lbs I'll be halfway through my regain. So I'm going to set that as a mini-goal. I have been trying very hard not to go overboard for fear of triggering a lot of bingeing, but I would so love to get below 230 by the start of the New Year. Once I hit that range, I just don't feel so huge anymore.

Diane I LOVE how kind and compassionate you were to the woman in the mirror! What a testament to your genuine commitment to living a different kind of life. And BIG congratulations about getting into the saddle without help! Riding will just get more and more fun as you shrink! Sorry about the scale bounce, but of course you know it's just a bounce!

Mandy Well, I absolutely feel you about the bad weekend!!! But I LOVE how you are making a big old set of plans so that you can get yourself back on track not just in weight loss, but in life itself. I've moved twice in the past 5 years and it is both exhilarating and surprisingly unsettling.

Jessica What can I say? I'm just so happy to hear your bubbly self-confidence and so excited that you kicked your life in suck-land to the curb! And it's only going to get better from here!!!

And for all of you who need to remember to be kind to that lady in the mirror, here is an article that I came across today that I think it totally worth reading.

FeraFilia 09-15-2014 02:48 PM

X - 1) Set up online banking stuff for my new account
X - 2) Set up the TV/DVD player so I can do fitness videos
P - 3) Come here and ramble and post if I feel like eating the kitchen
O - 4) Head out to the vet's office and pick up the cat's prescription food
O - 5) Go to the bank to deposit hubby's paycheck
X - 6) Update addresses for various accounts
O - 7) Actually DO a fitness video
O - 8) Cook dinner, eat dinner, and enjoy dinner... but no snacking afterward.
O - 9) Put my booty in bed by midnight, and get some decent sleep.
P - 10) In between it all, do some laundry.

X = Done
P = In Progress
O = Not done

The vets office and the bank trips are coming up as soon as hubby is done with the funeral he had to conduct today (nothing like jumping in on the deep end, eh?)...

If I'm going to do a fitness video, I'll have to eat something, because my stomach is doing the cramping bordering on nausea thing which I'm assuming is hunger. I was good and didn't really eat after dinner last night (I had a couple chocolate covered coffee beans, but that's it) so it's been a solid 18 hours since I've eaten anything. With the exception of my big ol' cup of coffee this morning and a big bottle of water, I've managed to maintain my fast (which is good, because I prefer this pattern of eating, and it works wonderfully when I can stick to it!). 2:30 is around the time I would normally have my first foods during my IF plan previously, so this seems about typical.

I think I might have to set these goals for myself on here each morning, at least until I establish a routine in my new setting. I feel like telling you guys I'm gonna do this I really have to do it... otherwise I'm a liar, and I hate that label.

Jenni - I'm working hard on kicking that "eat what you want" voice to the curb. Hooker isn't listening though. Stubborn SOB.

Uber - This is my 4th move in just over 3 years (is it any wonder I suffered a mega regain shortly after move #1?). We moved from VA to SC in August 2011, from SC to TX in August 2012, from TX back to SC in August 2013 and then from SC to IN in Sept 2014. I'm so happy that we get to settle here for a while! Getting back into a routine will help me feel much more settled. Especially since I haven't even begun to search for a job yet!

garnetrising 09-15-2014 04:06 PM

Mandy, oh wow. You've got so much on your plate today. Here's to hoping you manage to get everything done!

Laurie, I know you can beat the scale back into submission.

Tefrey, congrats on your loss for your first week!

Jenni, you're doing awesome. :)

Diane, isn't that one of the best NSVs ever? Every time I mount Will I about have a breakdown from glee. :)

Uber, I know just what you mean about how having to cut corners to save money on groceries can cause stress. That's a lot of different people you're trying to accommodate meal-wise and I hope you're able to find a balance. In terms of your weight, sometimes we stall. It happens. The important thing is not letting a stall undermine your determination to succeed.

Holding steady at 204. Fingers crossed that it holds through tomorrow's weigh-in, too. :)

FeraFilia 09-15-2014 05:45 PM

X - 1) Set up online banking stuff for my new account
X - 2) Set up the TV/DVD player so I can do fitness videos
P - 3) Come here and ramble and post if I feel like eating the kitchen
X - 4) Head out to the vet's office and pick up the cat's prescription food
X - 5) Go to the bank to deposit hubby's paycheck
X - 6) Update addresses for various accounts
O - 7) Actually DO a fitness video
P - 8) Cook dinner, eat dinner, and enjoy dinner... but no snacking afterward.
O - 9) Put my booty in bed by midnight, and get some decent sleep.
P - 10) In between it all, do some laundry.

X = Done
P = In Progress
O = Not done

Update on my list... Got some things done, got some other things started (chicken in the crock pot, spaghetti squash in the oven)...

I've done pretty good sticking to my fast today. I must confess to a bit of a cave about a half hour ago. My husband brought home some home made yeast rolls from the meal after the funeral and I couldn't resist having one. Normally I'd have eaten several, but I stopped myself at one!

I have over an hour to kill while dinner cooks (chicken in the crock pot, squash in the oven)... So I'll eat a fiber/protein bar, and get to my workout video. :)

But first, I'll move my laundry around!

Gettin the list done! I hope y'all don't mind my flood of posts! :o

LaurieDawn 09-15-2014 06:03 PM

I told y'all I would be back! I have had a super busy (and productive) day at work. My husband had a legal issue that I worked on helping him resolve. And - I had a job interview. Plus - I did my afternoon weight lifting session. With everything going on, eating on plan was not a problem. =) But, really, eating well at work is seldom a problem. However, when I get home, it will be tough. Fortunately, my daughter really missed chicken fajitas when she was in Russia and wants to make them tonight. Boneless skinless chicken breast in sodium-rich but calorie-friendly fajita seasoning and veggies? Yes, please. And I am going to try to plan for some activity that takes me out of the house so that evening snacking is not an option.

Uber - Do not listen to that woman in your head. She's not giving you helpful advice. If you look at my weight loss history, I often spend a week to 10 days at the same weight, followed by some serious whooshes. I don't know what your pattern is, but you do. I know you've done some whooshing before, though, and believe a whoosh preceded this latest sticky weight? Perhaps focusing on the non-scale-related rewards of being on plan will help. It's a strategy that is often helpful for me. For example, I ate chips and cake last night. I had a horrible headache last night. I theorize it was sugar overload. And though I am on plan and feeling better today, I am still not 100%. It feels very much like a hang-over. Do you have something similar? When you're on plan, do you feel physically better? Mentally tougher? What is it about being on plan that will reward you when the scale is not?

Mandy - You, hooker, have a great way with imagery! I love the thought of the busy street in front of me. I don't want to stay in Fatland. But I haven't found my crosswalk yet. It's there, though. And you're right. A few days of misery is totally worth it. Thanks for being here with me. And thanks for using the thread the way I use it sometimes. I love to have you as a kindred spirit.

Jessica - Look at you go! You are so unstoppable. I love what Uber said to you, and I am reiterating it. Yay for kicking life in suck-land to the curb. Every day, your work is paying off in incredible ways. And the scale is just not my friend right now. Hopefully, we'll make peace in the next week. I can't explain the very fluid nature of my weight, but I do see it in my stomach, the place where I tend to gain and lose weight the fastest. But I am still here. Still fighting through it. And still incredibly proud of my erstwhile weight loss twin.

Diane - I LOVE what you said to that woman in the mirror. She deserves SO much respect. She is so committed to improving her health, and demonstrates that commitment daily. And - she now mounts a horse with grace. She's AWESOME.

Jenni - I am struggling so much to be on plan with my kids here. It's not really their presence so much as the ever-available food and just having to deal with food so much more than usual. You have a sleepover with a variety of delicious chicken wings and incredibly good cake and resist. (Actually, I'm sure you could. And I will discover a way to do it as well. I know I will.) Hope things are going well in your job search.

Tefrey - Yay for an on-plan week! That first one can be the most challenging. And you conquered it! Woot!

Martini - My challenge partner! I am totally joining your challenge. 190 pounds is my "Wow. I'm not that fat." weight. And I could totally be there by New Year's. Can't wait to celebrate with you. And THANK YOU so much for the oodles of support you provide. I have been tempted numerous times to stop weighing and stop posting until I can "get it under control." So far, I have been smart enough to translate that into my head to "giving up for now and restarting at some distant time in the future when I'm probably 600 pounds heavier, at the rate I seem to be capable of gaining weight."

LotusMama - Hooray for the gym! It's such an important part of my feeling good about myself and my body. I've heard some say it's even counterproductive to weight loss, and it's certainly not necessary, but it is really good for my psyche and my stress levels.

Phew! I am actually really hungry right this second. But I plan on eating a substantial dinner of nutrition-dense, calorie-friendly things, and I am not going to ruin that by indulging in unneeded snacks. Part of getting back on plan is embracing that I will feel hungry at times. As Mandy correctly pointed out, though, two or three days of being hungry while I transition back to all of the good things being on plan provides is a small price to pay.

On the plus side, my husband has been alarmed at my snacking and actually bought me raspberries yesterday. I think he sees how much better I feel when I am on plan and is becoming ever-more-supportive of it. Nothing like peering into the belly of the beast to understand why I work so hard to stay away from those sharp teeth.

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