Let's Sparkle and Shine - July 2014 Daily Check-In & Accountability Thread

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  • RennieA new low!!! Congratulations!!!! I hope today and Sunday go well and you have an all time new low to report on Monday! Great job.

    Yesterday's food wasn't bad considering I was surrounded by chips and dessert all day. I had a few chips and one serving of dessert (that I wish I had skipped...it was only okay). Otherwise, good choices.

    Last day of 4th festivities for me. I will, again, try to limit my high calorie choices. If I can get through this weekend without a gain, I'll be okay with that (though I'd rather a loss!).
  • Thanks Sarah I didn't do well hanging out with my oldest and her siblings yesterday (kids and snacking) gotta put a little of the blame on them also . I am making better choices today for sure. Though I've been wanting tacos or a burrito for the last two days but I can keep that healthy without the shell or wrap and just a little sour cream You did well yesterday, good for you, hope that you do the same today

    I am up a pound and I do think that it would have been more if I had gotten up earlier. I slept a full ten hours waking up only once at 2:30ish a.m.. All of the walking yesterday must have really did me in. I remember my husband kissing me good-bye this morning and that is it I'm not changing my ticker because Monday I plan to be back at that weight or lower

    Have a great day Everyone
  • Rennie--I would definitely blame the kids for the food the other day! Isn't that why we have kids, so we can blame them for things? Works for me! I hope today was a better food day for you and that tomorrow the scale smile at you. Good luck!

    I ate terribly yesterday. It was the last of our family 4th stuff and after 2 days of decent choices, I fell apart. I had too many chips, a few cookies, etc. It still wasn't as bad as it would have been had I not known I would be coming here to confess my sins. And today was much better. I do my "official" weigh ins on Tuesday, so I still have another day to balance out yesterday.

    04 ~ 241.6

    05 ~ 243.8
    saw this coming! BBQ party~binged out on protein...protein...water...diet coke...had the cake...I did avoid the ETOH and Doritoes...wanted to walk this morning but walked myself a blister on 4/3 :-(

    06 ~ 241.4 did a recovery juice yesterday...walking tonight when the sun calms down (thanks blister band aid!) :-)

    07...hope to be back to my expected weight per Happy Scale :-)

    It's not the fall...it's how fast you get back up! I'm up!!!!
  • Sarah LOL, yeah I do blame my oldest because she will egg you on like you wouldn't believe, smh. Not the person to be around when you are dieting/watching what you eat for sure That's my baby though I was back down .6 this morning so almost at my ticker weight. I made a taco dinner last night and really wanted to have a taco salad but I resisted and ate fruit instead so that helped this mornings weigh in. But then when we came from church guess what I ate? yep a taco salad, 840 calories worth. I am still full. I hope this doesn't linger but I do think that I will beat my sons first weigh in tomorrow. He has been eating all day. I guess since football practice and weight training starts back up tomorrow he figures oh well. I've had two of my cravings, the cookies that I had made before we made again on Friday, they weren't nearly as good as the first batch and my taco salad. I still need to make my pound cake, hush puppies and my mock potato salad. The mock potato salad won't be bad since it's cauliflower instead of potatoes but the rest that's another story.

    LGW, I'm rooting for you do the blister band-aids work? Wore some new sandals to church and my little toe is screaming still
  • Rennie -- YES! they work wonders -- overnight! Get the Band Aid brand :-)

    I'm using the moleskin tonight to be safe!
  • Ok thank you, I'll hit walmart in the morning. This hurts and I don't want a reason to not walk ... I've made excuses long enough.
  • Good morning everyone. I didn't weigh in all weekend. It's also pouring here today, which means uber headache for me. Yay, she says dripping with sarcasm. Sigh. Sorry. I'm in a crappy mood today.

    Hope you all enjoyed your 4th celebrations and that no one was too affected by Hurricane Arthur. Talk soon
  • LGW, your BBQ experience sounds just like mine- had a couple pieces of barbecue chicken breast and a hamburger- no chips, no sodas- but caved in on the cake and ice cream. Had only a small piece though.

    Super proud of myself today! Had a friend over last night who ordered a meat lovers pizza and her and my daughter ate that for dinner, I didn't even have one bite. Pizza is a weakness for me, and as much as I want to, I knew it would undo some progress. My husband had got me a subway club on wheat earlier in the evening and I was actually still full anyways, so I just ate my dessert (low fat sugar free frozen cheesecake gramwiches which were amazingly good) Woke up this morning down another 1.2lbs 7 days into July has me down 3.4lbs so far and going strong! Hitting the gym tonight and hoping for another nice loss this week- have a good day everyone!
  • Kukkie sorry about the headache, hoping the weather clears for you soon Get your coffee

    lili great job on your weight loss so in July Keep up the good work. Great NSV with the pizza. I love pizza also

    15lb Challenge

    07/01 ~ 159.4
    07/07 ~ 158.0 (-1.0)

    07/01 ~ 242.6
    07/07 ~ 242.2 (-0.4) his ticker won't show a change
  • Ohhhh, setback. Up to 195.6 this morning. We had our department meeting yesterday; it was a potluck event, but because it was after lunch, people brought snacks and desserts. I binged. I didn't even think twice about it. And then I ate way too much for dinner because I was having a crummy day and just didn't care. And now here I am this morning, up 4ish lbs from my last weigh in, feeling incredibly sluggish I might add. I'm mad at myself for getting into this situation, so now I need to use the mad to get out of it. Argh.
  • I was explaining to someone why I LOVE this site! It's the only site where you post your weight with your GAINS and losses for everyone to see comfortably!

    Kukkie -- It's the not the fall! It's how fast you get back up! It will take 3-4 days for your body to recover and get back to your low. Focus on your diet/exercise the next week. Weigh in knowing you are in recovery for a few days and you'll get through it!
  • Just popping in- how is everyone doing? You know what I hate? When you work super hard in body step class and wake up the next morning at the exact same weight! lol! Anyways, taking a day off today and back to body attack tomorrow. Making baked chicken tenders and sweet potatoes for dinner, my kiddos will love it have a great day!
  • Thanks LGW! You're right, I just need to get focused and know that it will take time to undo the damage. And yes, this is the only place that I feel I can come to, to say yes I messed up without being judged. Love it and you ladies
  • Well I'm in the same boat. I decided I would eat what I wanted yesterday and I did for the most part. Today I am up 3.2lbs to 161.2. I enjoyed all that I ate minus the book pound cake. It was entirely too sweet for me.

    Sending everyone including me : and to stay OP the remainder of the week.