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Default And the food dreams have started

They're the worst! Last night, I dreamt I was in a hotel with my 10yo daughter. They had some sort of banquet (that I was not invited to attend) with tons of my favorite desserts. I will spare y'all the food porn, but they were huge portions and looked delicious. I ditched my daughter so that I could steal some of this food and hide in a closet to eat it.

Food dreams almost always accompany calorie restriction for me. But why couldn't I at least enjoy my dream calories instead of eating them in shame? C'mon, limbic system (the part of the brain a quick Google search tells me is responsible for dream imagery). Do better next time.
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I am right there with you - I am doing a fasting diet called OptiFast, the food fantasies in the beginning were very very odd....I literally have dreams of cheeseburgers and pizza....
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Yes. My dreams often include a bakery. Not so fun when I wake up in the morning with sugar cravings.
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I find that when I end up obsessing about food -- what it looks like, what it would taste like, when I'm going to eat next -- that I have to seriously rethink my level of calorie restriction. Continuing at that level leads to madness... and binging/guilt/giving up. Giving myself 100-200 extra calories for a day or two will not break the diet, and it tremendously helps my mood and eases the food-obsession.
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Yup. Food dreams for me too! A couple of weeks ago, I dreamed I was eating a cheeseburger. When I woke up, I couldn't understand why I was so hungry as I had just eaten a cheeseburger!
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Oh man. I can't imagine dreaming about food... The closest thing I've had to a food dream was dreaming that hubby and I went out to a fancy new sushi restaurant and they served us fish swimming in a bowl.

And even that one I think was more me dreaming about being at a healthy weight, because I was obsessing over the sexy red dress I was wearing in the dream more than being served a pet for dinner.

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Fortunately, my brain likes to include both food AND exercise in my dreams so I feel less guilty.

For night a week or so ago I dreamed that I was running and it felt so fantastic I didn't want to stop. I ended up running like 20 miles and then I found this farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere and a sweet little old lady gave me homemade lemonade and chocolate cake. It was a very nice dream.
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