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I love this thread. I too have been procrastinating to get going on my journey.

20 years ago I lost 119 pds. It was hard work but felt wonderful. I WANT that feeling back.

One thing I have read in a book is to watch how skinny people do it. One thing I have noticed is that they NEVER let a gain get past 5 pds.

They get right back on their program. My aunt lost 40 pds 50 yrs ago this is one of the first things she told me.

I never had the courage before to ask until recently.

Also she takes small amounts of food when eating and never take seconds on anything.

She does not eat any types of dressings (mayo., salad). Vinegar is her go to dressing or mustards.

I know this time I want it to be the last time. I am so miserable this way. I want to retire and enjoy it and not in a wheelchair. Or on oxygen.

Lastly a dear friend of mine did mention something not to scare me but as a fact. It really opened my eyes. You don't see very many overweight older people in their 70's, or 80's.

And I intend to live into my 90's.......

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In the past, I wasn't able to be moderate. One thing that's really helped me is my workouts. I'm VERY committed to my current fitness and building upon it. I work out very hard, and eating healthier has made me realize that I need to "fuel the mule" as I call it. When I eat junk, I don't feel well. It affects my workouts, and that negatively affects my live as well. Now I'm not tempted to eat as much sugar, because it hamstrings everything else in my life! The realization that a small amount is okay, but anything bigger makes me feel awful and ruins my workouts, seems to be the motivation I need. The MAIN TIME I need to worry is during TOM. My sweet tooth is raging then and I have to be careful NOT to bake and try NOT to have anything sweet at all.

I know what you mean about the regain anytime, and the thin people not letting the weight get more than a 5 lb jump on you. This time around, I will have that plan in place. Can you believe I never did before? I've had about every stressful situation already happen (career change, marital change, death of a close family member, move to another state) over the past 6 years...I hope it has helped to prepare me for the future and how NOT to let those things trigger a food response!

mam1958, you're so right about getting right back on track! My husband is my biggest cheerleader and he helps me when I do get off track ("Don't wait until tomorrow. Do it right now!").
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I'm back again for the ninth time,maybe tenth. This is what did me in...., I am the highest weight I have ever been. We just came back from a Caribbean cruise. I was miserable, I couldnt fit in chairs, I was so exhausted I slept all day, I couldnt enjoy anything. This is it, things have to change, I am mentally exhausted and I NEED to be smaller for my health, mentally and physically.
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