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Default Episodes of low blood sugar

Hi all -
I just had my blood tested, my doc checked for vit d, b12, and A1C, my
A1C was borderline, but the doc didn't even mention it.

So, my question is, I think I an having episodes of low blood sugar
even tho I am eating around 1600 calories a day.
Shaky, lightheaded, etc.

I could see if I was eating a very low calorie diet, but I am confused
why this may be happening when I am eating so many calories
per day?

Thanks in advance,
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It may be your blood sugar normalizing. I have diabetes and the first couple of weeks after removing sugar, potatoes, rice, etc from my diet it would feel like I had low blood sugar but my meter was running normal. Normal felt like a low because I had been running high. Thankfully my doctor warned me about it so that I could test when I felt like that.

Walmart has a blood sugar meter that is inexpensive as are the strips. I test my blood sugar 2 hours after adding new foods into my diet.
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I am prediabetic and have had the same experience as Lotsakids

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Lisa I've had episodes like this too and for me the amount of calories I ate didn't effect my blood sugar it would be if I overdid it on carbs. I'm not sure what kind of foods you eat but I limit pastas, breads, and sugars to a great degree. If I eat too many carbs I crash, get the shakes, sweaty, etc. and normally consume a Tbsp of Peanut Butter to bring it back to a normal range. LOL I don't know how many other people use PB but it works for me in those cases!

Hope you feel better.
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I do have issues with low blood sugar.

Just for myself, I need to be very mindful of my breakfast. NO SUGAR. Lots of lean protein, whole grain and veg.

Late morning snack, protein, and a veg.

Once I get past lunch, I"m ok.

But that's just me.
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Thanks for the responses, maybe I need to be making better food choices.
I do try to the limit the carbs, but let me cut them out a bit more and see if that makes a difference.

Thank you!
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