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Default ot rant-my family drives me nuts..warning-LONG!


We had our son Matthew's fourth birthday party last Saturday. I get very stresed having a lot of people over. That's just me.

My family drove me crazy before the party even happened:

First-my mom-found out the party date, told me she couldn't come cause she was going to her friend's grandson's bar mitzvah that day, and could I please just change the date of the party so she could come? I told her no, I would not make Matthew wait until two weeks after his birthday to have his mom didn't come.

Ordering the food-always a big deal with my family. I wonder why I have food issues? Both my sisters are on diets. I asked one of my sisters would she like me to order her a salad from the Italian place we were getting the food. She told me no, she would bring something for herself. Fine. Eight thirty pm the night before the party I get a call saying she didn't have time to pick herself up a salad (she's not working right now, and my niece is at day camp all week..I work full time and can organize a party, okay) And can I call and order her one...and does the salad have real turkey in it, or is it processed-I told her to please call them and gave her the number. She ended up ordering a salad with grilled chicken, picked half the chicken out and left it sitting on a paper towel on our counter. How attractive.

Anyway, the stupid kid who came to set up the food we catered put too much water in the chafing dishes (whatever they're called)
So we ended up with boiling water streaming down the sides of the pans onto the counter and down the sides of the center island of our kitchen. I'm trying to call the restaurant to send someone back to fix it (don't want anyone to get burned with the steaming water) and mop up the mess. During this time my other sister arrives and asks my husband to help bring things in from her car. I told her the night before it would be best to wait to do that AFTER the party was nearly over. I'm standing there mopping up steaming water, and told her it would be better to wait. She tell me "she doesn't need me talking to her this way. " and gets all pissy....

Our camera mysteriously broke, and I think my nephew was playing with it. One of my nieces didn't even come cause she's allergic to our cats but refuses to take allergy medicine.

My sister in law was in a moody snit cause we hadn't celebrated her birthday yet. She was on vacation in Spain for her birthday, and spent the party complaining how she didn't have a good time.
She's twenty four, and should be too old to sulk.

To top it off, I stupidly assumed my mother would come by the next day to see matthew, since she missed his party and did not come over the whole week of his birthday-but instead she took a friend of hers out for HER birthday.

Guess I've got to laugh and think of the saying you don't pick your family, but at least you can pick your friends. My friend Barbara, who is the age where she could be my mom said her daughters drive her nuts, and she'd like me to be her adoptive daughter!

Thanks for reading-I had to get that out! matthew had a wonderful time and the rest of the party was great, so that is what matters.

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Hi Sherry!

I'm sorry that you had some difficulties during Matthew's party. I'm glad that it turned out ok, and that Matthew had a good time.

I feel sad that your mom didn't come. As a grandma myself, I can't imagine missing my own grandchild's party and going to someone else's instead. I live in North Carolina and my little grandson lives in Texas. I would give the world to be able to be with him for those celebrations. I miss his birthday and all the holidays. Maybe people who have their grandchildren close by take that stuff for granted.

Take care ~ Gayle
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Matthew had a wonderful time and the rest of the party was great, so that is what matters.

This sounds like a wonderful outcome to me. Matthew's happy, and you've got your priorities straight.

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I could go into a similar rant about my family particularly my MIL but I won't. Suffice to say that I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. You put up with a heck of a lot more than I ever do.
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Notice I didn't mention my mother in law..she's a sweetie, and the ONLY I didn't complain about-well except for my brother in law who is never a problem.

Thanks for reading my long post-

oh, and forgot to mention my husband's aunt and uncle who came 90 minutes late, stayed for twenty minutes and didn't even talk to anyone!
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