• What tools do you use to succeed?

    Here's my tool bag:
    #1 My 32 oz water bottle with insertable ice tube from Walmart - $2.88
    #2 My journal
    #3 My Paxil Perscription
    #4 One a Day Weight Smart Vitamins
    #5 the internet - 3FC, the WW website
    #6 my WW materials
    #7 my WW meeting - gather knowledge and inspiration
    #8 friends on the same journey
    #9 my brain - full of information
    #10 paper to write things down on that I learn and hear
    #11 my Points Bracelet - $9
    #12 a close by bathroom for the million trips a day
    #13 filtered water cooler at work, gallon jugs of water in the fridge at home...
  • Big water bottles.
    3 fat chicks website.
    The mall for walking and inspiration.
    Walkman CD player with up beat music while walking.
    A walking buddy.
    Pilates Video.
  • WW meetings and a great leader
    Trader Joe's for food
    the internet (3FC, Fitday and other places)
    the YMCA
    my dogs (walking them)
    digital scale for weighing portions
    refrigerator water dispenser
  • SHAPE magazine. Great articles, LOVE the Success Stories

    Weight Watchers magazine. Even though I'm not following their program, I am still inspired by their success stories & they too have great articles.

    My pedometer, when I remember to put it on!

    Keeping shoes & socks in my car, so I'm always available for a walk.

    Chewing sugarless gum to keep my mouth busy during danger times. (Grocery store right after work, parties w/lots of unhealthy snacks)

    Eating before leaving for the grocery store!

    Pre-measuring my food into single-serving sizes as I open it, so I don't have to think about portion sizes in the AM as I'm pouring cereal or eating crackers.

    Incorporating milk back into my diet. What a nice healthy treat!

    Drinking seltzer instead of soda.

    Liter bottles of water. 4 cups right there, half my water for the day is DONE.


    3FC & my journal & all of you wonnnnderful supportive people.
  • what a great idea!!! here's mine

    gym membership

    dog to go hiking with

    cane for hiking [so i can keep balanced!]

    epipen, benadryl, and cell phone [see this week's weekly chat thread on the WLS board for the adventure!]

    insulated bag and those ice cubes that don't melt to keep food cool

    1 case bottled water in trunk of car

    weight lifting gloves [because i'm getting calluses and i'm too much of a girl to want them!]'

    personal trainer

    support groups, both live and internet

    coffee every other week with a dear friend
  • It's great to read other people's tools because it gives me ideas to add to my own toolbox.

    In my toolbox:
    -Cottage Cheese, the most versatile, portable, cheap protein/lunch/breakfast/dinner/dessert on the planet.
    -My two huskies who remind me that it's much more fun to be off the walls than a lapdog., because I can't keep track of everything!
    -Frozen Veggies! When I've eaten all the fresh veggies... or they gone bad, either way I have no excuse! I can add them to any meal. My favorite is Green Giant's Creamed Spinach and Broccoli in LF Cheese Sauce.
    -Several sets of workout clothes so there is no excuse why I'm not at the gym., when I'm so bored with my own recipes that I might cry, or worse! eat out.
    -tape measure... because the scale is a liar.
  • 2 very important things I forgot:

    My Tupperware Steamer

    With the Family-Size Microsteamer, it's possible to give a family of four a healthy, delicious meal in just 15 minutes! We'll even give you seven great recipes to show you how. Add water or wine in the bottom, while steam rises through the colanders to cook veggies, chicken or fish! 9-cup (2.1 L) capacity.

    I take a bag of frozen veggies & make them in the steamer. All you do is put some water in the bottom & nuke for 5 minutes. I do this all the time w/broccoli or bags of Oriental vegetables, only w/those I throw in half a bag of pepper mix (red, green & yellow peppers) a can of mushrooms, a can of bamboo shoots, and a can of water chestnuts. Yum!

    My George Foreman grill. Self explanatory really.