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Default How many times have YOU restarted?

Ah yes. The formal "Hey guys I'm back and no I haven't lost any weight but I"m going to do it this time for real!" post. Lol. Instead of beating ourselves up, and being embarrassed to come back having accomplished...well...not much. I'm here. I'm proud. And no, I haven't done squat. How many of you have done this, too? Because I came to the conclusion, that most people who reach their goals...probably started and restarted a dozen times just as I have.

Here's to not being too hard on myself.
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Way to many to count.. Lost a lot of weight 3 different times only to regain and start again. I have been working at being healthy since late January. In that time frame I have started over a couple of I think the positive thing is at least we starting over. Not just thinking whats the use!
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Restarted dieting? Oh too many to count. Lost all the weight and regained it plus some? Um twice.

This lifestyle change seems to be working. I really hope it sticks. I'm down 52 pounds total to date. My dad lost over 100 pounds and has kept 65+ of it off for 15 years now. I hope to follow in his footsteps.

You can do it!! The hardest part is deciding to do it and starting. Once you start it becomes a routine. Then it's theoretically maintainable!

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I'm always restarting. But this time it seems to be working. And I've only been at it for a week. Hopefully I can lose the 106 pounds.

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Hi From Canada, eh?
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haha too many to count for sure! Actually losing a significant amount, I think I've lost 40 pounds 2 different times

Then it dawned on me, starting diet #4034859340, "doing the same thing and expecting different results" quote and I decided to find out WHY it happens to me over and over. Once I got that business sorted out, the rest was history
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Am I there yet?
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I dieted off and on for years. This last time the combination of finding South Beach and having my husband change his diet along with me worked and I've maintained for a year. I truly hope this is the last time.
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I feel like I restart almost every single day! I have bad days and good days but starting new every morning allows me to keep going.
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one choice at a time
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Sometimes it feels like I am restarting with every single choice I make. During times when I am struggling to stick to my plan (like now) it's important to decouple what I do in this moment from what I did with my previous choice. I can't say to myself, "okay starting now I will be perfect" because when I am struggling, demanding perfection from myself is too much. But likewise I can't say "well I blew it with that breakfast so I may as well forget today and start over tomorrow."

So I try instead to focus on the very next choice I have to make, and make that one choice an on-plan choice. Then again for the next choice, and the one after that. Starting over again with each choice.
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This is the second time I have started. So I guess you would call it my first restart.
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I lost count ! Ive lost significant amounts of weight (40-70lbs) only to gain all of it back

The question is what makes this time DIFFERENT ?

previously id diet at 1200 calories a say a lot of fad diets and HEAVY cardio programs , it was unmanageable in the long term

im eating about 2000 calories a day with 10 minutes of cardio at home a day now ….. I've been on plan for 16 days and I've lost 9 lbs ….. I'm working on eating healthier so although it may be a lot of food its not a lot of junk

id say about 1600 calories a day comes from legumes nuts fruit and veggies

and 400 calories a day is allotted to a dessert …. it sounds like a lot of food i know but its working for me …. i guess because compared to how much i used to eat this is pretty little for me

(stats 5'6 Highest weight 270 current weight 256 goal weight for now …. 200)
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