Getting out of 220's and 230's!

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  • Starting a new thread for those of us still here!
  • Wanna I am glad the last of the pity party has gone out of your system. Don't feel bad about restarting, it's way better than just giving up!

    Ion WTG on the jeans!!

    Jenny you will be out of this thread in no time!

    AFM I am 233.6 today! AF is still here so I'm hoping that she takes another lb or two upon her departure.

    Have a great day!
  • Finally almost breaking into the 220's!

    I am definitely looking forward to it.
  • 221for me today....hoping to be a goner by the weekend! Slidin into the next thread....join me!
  • JUSTA! Thank you for starting the new thread (I don't know how to link threads)

    jodoto! WOW you are on the doorstep of the last 200 thread we have here! WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW Great for you!

    Walrus.. I am right there with you... I am at 232.0 today (218 on my old scale woohoo) 2 more lbs and then 90 lbs off... I need and want more!

    Funny Co inkydink here....I am years past TOM.. years.... But the last few months I have been getting warm flushes... We now, during the time of my (NICE) Co-workers TOM - I am getting cramps??!!! Really??!!!! So wild and I also woosh that same week. My body has adapted to HER schedule.. SO WILD. Wierd what you figure out about your body!

    HAPPY FRIDAY ALL! May we all march down the ladder this weekend and more importantly.. LAUGH ALOT this weekend!
  • Hi friends....I just want to thank you for all of the encouragement I gained here! I was 220 this morning, so I am going to say so long for now and head on down to the last thread before onederland! I invite you all to join me....I will be "weighting" Thanks again, see you Lighter!!!!! Jodoto
  • Congrats on the losses Jodo, Walrus, & Wanna!

    Tomorrow is my official weigh in but today I was still 233.6. Doing my best to stay OP and will hopefully see some movement for tomorrow's weigh in!

    I can't believe that after this thread we only have 1 more before we hit onederland...
  • and JoDoTo! WEEEEEEE you are flying now! Kick their butts down there and tell them a bunch of us are coming in a week (or few weeks for me)... But we are coming!

    Justa... You are doing so darn well! I am enjoying watching your ticker moving to the right! Do you hear the cheering??!! thats me for you!

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MADE IT TO THE 220's! oh I LOVE my WOOSH WEEK (Full Moon I have finally charted it!) I LOVE IT! 229.8 this morning and I was 229.0 after my walk. I am almost floating and I promised myself that I would try and skip when I got to the 220's officially... so will let you know if I am co-ordinated enough LOL (my old scale reads 214.5 which is beyond unreal to me)... If you see a news item of an old heavy lady falling after trying to skip... well thats me! LOLOLOL but NOOOOOOO I am gonna be laughing and skipping YES I AM!
  • I feel like a lot of us should be breaking into the 220's together!

  • My weight this week was 229 . I have been away for awhile . Will be focusing on getting back to my last weight on here which was 215 . It helps to be here in the same company with likewise goals . I plan to put some speed on getting to the teens tread . I am trying to learn about "clean eating "also . Does anyone do that here if so I would like to hear how that might be going for you . Thanks and good luck
  • Thanks wanna! Have fun skipping!!!!

    walrus congrats!!! WTG!

    Dumplin I do my best to eat clean. I am doing a Whole30 (which I cheated on yesterday). For the most part it is going well. I dropped 7lbs in 2 weeks! I feel better overall when I eat clean too.
  • Hello Dumplin!

    Well.. its Monday... I was sooooooo good over the weekend and even walked 14900 steps yesterday and the scale did not budge at all from Saturday.. SHOOT... I know I have another woosh coming soon. Still sitting at 229.8.. but at least it did not go up either!

    Hope everyone has a very nice day today!
  • Good Morning! I still have not weighed. I know I am up. Trying to get back from derailing with work stress and vacation. I hurt my back while on vacation so I have not been able to much exercising. Wanted to pop in and say you gals are doing awesome!!!

    Sue 220's!!!! You are definitley rocking it.
  • Slightly afraid...
    To step on the scale! Great time in Orlando.
    Was a really nice break.
    Been wicked (with my eating) since I've come home, knowing today we begin again!!

    I think I may eat healthy all week then weigh on Friday. But from the way my clothes fit my guess is I'm about 235.

    Had yogurt and fruit for breakfast.
    Grilled Fish and mashed cauliflower for lunch.

    So far, back on track!
  • Can I come over with you all?
    Ok, my weight is 239.75! I am trying to do the One One One Diet. I am trying NOT to have to go the "getting out of the 240's thread! Hoping to get encouragement and friendships here. Have a blessed day!!