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apple to apple core
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Hi guys! Checking in to see how everyone is coming along.

Struedel - Congratz on the nice drop to 215½
LesMillsLuvr - I am not exercising and it's time I got with the program I bet the mud run was a blast. Have you always been a runner?
EasilyAmused - best of luck with your reloss back down to 207 Also, excellent phone-saving reflexes w/your wipeout! I don't fall often, but when I do, it's usually in the most awkward and attention-grabbing way imaginable. I hope your bumps and bruises are starting to fade.
thewalrus0 - I am so, so excited for you being *this closes* to Onederland
wannaskipandlaugh - sorry about the job loss No doubt there will be seasonal jobs aplenty imminently. I work in retail part time, and we usually start ramping up hiring in late September. I'm almost 50 and recently had the realization that I am older than every one of my managers at work. When did that happen, lol! Being at a healthy weight can only help as far as impressions go when a job consists of a lot of walking around and carrying stuff. Best of luck and keep us posted.
wuvchick - Hope you are having fun at the family camp. Is this a fishing trip?
DreamingSmall - Sending strength and support for the upcoming testing. Come see us here next time you reach for the ice cream We are here for you!
Doris5096 - Excellent update that you are staying sub-200!! Please save us a seat in the next thread when you move down
LaurieDawn - come join us!

I am one week out from my oral surgery (molar removal.) I'm recovering well and feel pretty good! I have lost 2 lbs since having the surgery, however :/ I am still on a soft food diet. Allow me to share some examples of what I have eaten in an effort to eat enough calories - cake icing straight from the jar, scrambled eggs with full fat cheese and a tab of butter, pancakes drenched in syrup. It's not a nonstop milkshake parade or anything, but let's just say I am going to have a major adjustment back to my default diet foods as I recover! Lawd!! The semi good news I guess is that I have dipped a hair below 200 lbs, a number I have not seen in a couple of months probably. I'm pretty excited! Might be temporary, and I'm okay with that, but it's starting to relight that fire of motivation. I'm working off a regain. I was very briefly at a low of 188 this past Spring.

Good luck, guys
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ONEderland, I 0wn you!
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G'morning ladies!! Rejoining. Ugh. Got down to 179 last October/November, job stress/life stress and making the 'easy' choices with meals helped me jump back up to 215. Reining it in and as of yesterday, 'down' to 212.8. However, I think my scales wonked. Quit my job late last month and spent the last few weeks reconnecting with my kids (who I hadn't seen much of due to 70+ hour weeks, 24:6 on call status etc), enrolled in local college for a second bachelors in something I think I'll really enjoy and since ALL colleges seem to charge an athletic fee to fund their sports teams, I'm taking advantage. Since I'm going to a division 1 school we've got all kinds of extas like a rock climbing wall. I've planned my first returning semester with classes on Tuesdays/Thursdays and I've got a 2 hr break between each class. Work out during 1st break, study on 2nd. That...or be bored senseless.

Stats: 39 yr old female who's highest weight is 300+, who has now gotten well below 200 twice!! And allowed myself to get back over it. I've got 3 kids, 10, 9 and 2. I need to be more accountable to me, pampering myself and placing my priorities and health above the clamping voices of, "I'm starvingggggg mom". Between classes, mine and theirs, the tutoring I do, football/softball/spouses crazy 2 job hours, that means I must must must plan better. My daughter is celiacs, with a pork and tree nut allergy, so it's not like there's a bunch of processed foods in my house, but even good things can be excessive. I've always done very well with calorie cycling and mild/moderate excersize and plan to return to that. I always seem to lose better during semesters anyway, maybe because of all that extra walking.

Looking forward to getting to know all y'all!
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Sue - I'm so sorry to hear about your job! I will say a special prayer for you. Keep in touch!

Walrus - Keep up the great work! exciting!

Easily - Glad to hear you're getting settled in. I bet you'll start dropping again soon!

LesMills - Glad you had a good time on your mud run!

Streudel - Great job on getting to the 15's.

TooWicky - Not a fishing trip, but there is plenty of fishing there is one so chooses. We bought a new camp (sold our smaller one). This weekend was for cleaning and organizing. Congrats on Onederland, hope it sticks! And there is nothing wrong with icing straight from the jar. I highly recommend it.

I got down to 208.4 but after the camping trip I'm up to 209 again, but I have a feeling it won't stick around for long. I'm heading down!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great Monday!
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Well, even with the extra calories daily and a full day of eating out on Saturday and probably getting WAY too much sodium on board, the weight held steady at 214 at weigh in this morning. Haven't had a non-loss week for about 3 weeks so I was due for that to happen sooner or later too. I tend to lose a few, lose a few, lose a few and then my body says "hold up! let me adjust!" so I'm going to keep eating the extra calories even if it seems like cheating. We'll see what happens next week after my system has had a chance to get used to the little losses from the past few weeks.

TooWicky - I was never a runner before, and I'm only a runner now if you count jogging as running LOL I stick to the "fun runs" that are meant more for the enjoyment of getting out and finishing rather than winning. My first 5K was on my 44th birthday (zombie run at midnight in the City park) in mid-June, then Run or Dye Color Run 5K and then this Mountain Mudder which was only 2 miles with obstacles in the mix. I think I pick those kind of races because they're not focused so much on the competition but of the spirit of running. Everyone at those seems to be like "hey! so great you're doing this!" and it really does get to be kind of contagious. Once you do a fun one, you want to do another. And I'll be darned if they don't get easier little by little
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Hi again all! My Internet has been on the fritz. I have read all the posts and I just want to say for everyone facing hardships, my heart goes out to you and I am praying for you and your families.
Had a 1 lb loss week. Eh, whatever at least it's a loss. I do have a little help with only weighing once per week..... I don't have a scale, so I do it on my Wii. It's a lot of button pushing and waiting till you get to weigh and I am impatient so that's how I have the "willpower" to only weigh once a week. LOL
I do need to go walk more, but it is SO hot in south Texas that I don't know what!
Also, I recently started sweating profusely like, all the time and found out I am going through menopause at depressing as I have no children. I really don't know what to do about the sweating though. I have been taking iCool, but it hasn't lessened much. It is SO embarrassing!
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Well….checking in after a bit of a hiatus. I didn’ wanna expose any of you to my really, really (and neverending) bad mood. I’m feeling Dis Gust Ing. Bones with half-filled water balloons attached. Flippity floppity flabber. Ugh. Not only am I not losing weight, I’m gaining. Sigh. I spend the Entire Weekend sitting down, stressing out like crazy trying to get code written by today…..and I’m not a computer programmer. (All I can say is…thank goodness for Google.) I sacrificed too much to get that “little task” done. Ever have one of those days when you feel like you don’t have enough teats to feed all the creatures trying to attach themselves to your body? I have a lot of those days. I don’t know what to say….I guess my brain/heart/mind is just not focused enough to lose weight. I am spending the next 2 days in the Drs office, and I feel like I’m coming down with something. Hey…told ya I was in a bad mood! (yeah yeah, I know...1st world problems).

Les—tell us how it’s done, will ya?

Wvu—camping?! How lovely! You’ll be in OnederLand soon!

Angihas—LOVE the glasses! Girrrr, you’ve got that naughty librarian Down! (pulls out ponytail, swings hair). You’ve done it before, you can do it again! Tell us how it’s done, lady!

Wicky—yikes! A week to recover! Just try to enjoy having a good excuse to relax! (if possible)

Streudel—woohoo! (green face)

Easily—I thought about have the dancing snoopy as my avatar! If I could dance like that, boy! Could I lose the weight!

Wannaskip. Take a break for now and try to enjoy it! Hopefully you have a supportive network or can find one.

Dreaming. Hang in there and be strong!

Doris—how many families you got?
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Aida ~ Slow but steady ~
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Originally Posted by wannaskipandlaugh View Post
AIDA.. how many weeks of continuous losses have you had? 16? or even more I bet. Good for you and congratulations!
I had 1 week of stay-the-same, but other than that one week I have had a loss every week of 2014 so far! Sometimes only .1, but at least a loss!
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Aida ~ Slow but steady ~
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7/9 = 210.8 Practice makes improvement!
7/15 = 210.5
7/22 = 210.1
7/29 = 209.8 !!! !!!
August 5 = 209.4
Aug 12 = 208.9
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Hey all, how's everyone this Tues?

I'm at 215 even today. I'm starting to slow down and have plateaus, but oh well, it had to happen sometime.

AAD your consistency is just amazing!

Easily It's 99 degrees in Vancouver?! Strange...It's been the coolest summer here in MD that I can remember. I'm loving it!

SeeMyFeet Don't worry about bringing the grumpy. We all need to vent sometimes.

Lacyt74 Sorry to hear about your internet. I can do without a lot of things, but the internet ain't one of 'em.

LesMillsLuvr Jogging definitely counts as running.

wvuchick Woot! You'll be on Onderland before you know it!!

Angihas2 Girl, I'm exhausted just thinking about what you do every day! Whew!!

TooWicky Here's hoping you get to stay in Onderland! Fingers crossed!

Wow this is a busy thread! Sorry if I missed anyone and have a great rest if your week if I don't get right back! Work's been crazy so I'm thinking I might be short on downtime in the coming week.
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Lifestyle Changes
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So ready to be 199 but I am stuck at 200lbs because my period is coming so I have just tried to accept that and be happy that once my period is over I will probably drop 3lbs all at once and that is awesome.
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Just checking in to let you know I'm doing ok. Recommitting 100% to this. (I haven't fallen off, but I'm dangerously close.) I'll have more of an update and a response to all your news tomorrow!
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Sue finding inner song
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I am having a hard time with this lack of job thing.... again (went thru this almost 2 years ago.. but that was when I started this weight loss thing.. so YEP sometimes GOOD Things come from horrible situations!) I am still here and had a few days of pitty party.. but have been back to plan... Back down to 213.6 this morning and hoping to get the other 3 lbs of water off soon.

Easily... AHHHH Soak in that cooler weather.. geezz why is it SO HOT?! but your hikes sound great!

TOOWICKY! Congrats to you and getting back to the 190's I am so sorry about how it happened and hope that you are eating things again. We will come join you soon!

Walrus.. after TOM you will whoosh and fly past that "2" number You sure will! You have come such a long way!

SeeMyFeet... Oh Vent away... shoot.. that is why we all are here. I send you Happy thoughts and comfort!

Lacy...You have strength staying away from that scale!... As to the could be because of the release of water from your fat cells (and the fat whooshing away) and the trapped hormones.. could all contribute to your body changes. I too do not have children (and am past being able to too!). If it is what you want for your life.. DON'T let it get away from you. I was job centered (and look where I am now.. Jobless and no children) and did not marry and no children. Think and talk to yourself and see if children are what you really are young enough... and Fostering and/or adoption is also an option.

Les.. good for you! and that Run sounds like alot of fun!

Dreaming.... just take it a day at a time. Remind yourself that you don't want to LOSE what you have lost! If that food is calling you.. just tell yourself you can have it tomorrow... but not today! It will always be there!

Aida..only 1 week this whole year.. WOW! You have the patience of a saint and you make me realize that a loss is a loss = no matter what and a WIN!

STREUDEL! Sooooooooo Good to see you again (I missed you for a few days!) and look at you FLY thru this thread! WOW!

WV... Your camp sounds wonderful! Alot of hard work.. but a great place to hang your hat (when you are ready in the future!) I bet Onderland is calling your name!!!

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ONEderland, I 0wn you!
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210.3. Progress, which I have to attribute solely to just campus walking while wrangling the spawn, getting campus ID card, 3 visits to bookstore. Walked up one set of stairs. I'm so so so out of shape. Literally huffing and puffing. Considering I had gotten up to a daily 4-6 mile jog last fall, sustained it through the holidays and managed to lose weight, I'm pretty PO'd at myself. I love running/jogging. I love the endorphins and that feeling when I hit my stride and everything's moving beautifully and my legs are stretching fully and hitting softly, not jarringly, and I'm PO'd at myself for having
again, let everyone else's wants come before my needs and sliding back into the bad habits. I know I'll get over it and push forward, just seems south more difficult this go round.

Speaking of redo's, for those who have lost, regained, relosing, does everything physically seem...different? I remember this weight range and I remember feeling stronger and physically more....firm? Now, I just feel all jiggly and ....fluffy? Is it deflating fat cells or lost muscle mass? I know muscle doesn't 'turn' into fat. It's impossible as they're very different cells and structures but man, intellect and science degrees aside, that's sure what it feels and looks like. Especially since at this weight before, I was 2 clothing sizes smaller!

I'm posting from my phone, so it's difficult to scroll back and post to individuals, but I wanted to say thank you for the welcome backs! And congratulate everyone on their forward motion
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Jessica, Becoming Me
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I think I might just be able to pop in here and stay. The scale finally surrendered the much desired 219.4 lb mark.

Angi, in terms of redos I do notice a difference but I'm actually in an opposite boat. Aside from the fact that my muffin top is much bigger than it has been in the past, my body fat percentage is slightly less than before. My waist is actually 1.5" smaller than it has ever been, even when I was 205 lbs in 2007. I don't know why that is, but I'm not going to complain.
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Hey all,

Sounds like we all need a whoosh soon. Hup Hup PULL! ladees!

Whheelll.. I have survived day TWO without coffee!!! woo hoo. Yep, I've started up the required Austerity Plan (#103) to help lose this flubber: No coffee , no liq donuts , no bread, no rice. I haven't managed to give up coffee before, so cross fingers....I'm now in the weight range where I really notice the effects of fat-related inflammation. When I got below 207, things were better.....Hey! I found a study today where consumption of 8% powdered cocoa reduced some of the effects of fat-related inflammation in mice. much would 8% be ?? a whole box or two of Hershey's cocoa per day? (hold me back, ladees...I'm willing to try anything!.... coughs...spewing cocoa cloud)

Annnnd Day 2 of Clockwork Orange tests on my eyeballs by sadists in 2 different offices. (I actually asked them if I was now cured of my deviant inclinations, ha!--was thinking of the coffee habit.) I always feel like such a young whipper-snapper in those waiting rooms full of 80-year-olds. (Sad to have such "mature" eyes.) But good news is: I'm scheduled for lens replacement! Holy cow! What a marvelous world we live in! I can't see crap right now on accounta cataracts and other stuff, and I am sooooo looking forward to having them gone AND better vision--been nearsighted since I was 8......I just hafta keep busy, busy, busy so I don't think about the actual procedure!

.....let's keep losing ladees.....
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