Marching into Spring - March 2014 Daily Check-In & Accountability Thread

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  • Admittedly I wasn't feeling well yesterday so I didn't have as much as I should have intake wise but I got on the scale this morning and weighed in at 227.2lbs.

    If this stays the same then I have passed my target for the month and am in the 220s!!
  • 230.0lbs this morning.
    I'm okay with that because i'm around TTOM.
    I am still lower than this month's target!
  • Kukkie I have rushed around in the morning and forgot to weigh in and take my blood sugar, things I do everyday … it happens but you're gonna wait until 3/28 to weigh in? is that after the move?

    ushotmedown, good job on being below target

    went to my Aunt's today had 2 burgers with cheese on oopsie bread, for breakfast bacon on oopsie bread, had one nacho chip, one potato from some soupy potato salad and a sample cup of seafood salad from Kroger (pretty good) and then my cousin's wanted to walk so we did. I feel like the walk definitely did some justice oh I forgot I had a spoon of chili with beans also and a small piece of bday cake and cinnamon roll (really not enough to matter but the taste did satisfy) and still not bad. Hope tomorrow's weigh in is ok
  • 228.8lbs this morning. Feeling good even with TTOM
  • Rennie yep, it's after the move. We get the keys on Tuesday and move in on Wednesday. I've taken Thursday off to unpack and we'll probably do our grocery shopping then. So WI on Friday and proper eating starting then as well.
  • ushotmedown nice weigh in with TOM

    Kukkie I am hoping to get myself back in gear this week. The scale is just going up and down the same numbers. I'm tired of it and it is definitely discouraging. The great thing is the comments my family made. I love that they noticed my efforts. I felt good.
  • down .4 to 166.8 this morning after 5.5 hours of sleep. Have a rumbly tummy and laid back down woke up went to the bathroom scale read 165.4. So if I have a completely OP day. I should see 165 point something tomorrow

    today's recorded weight 166.8
  • TOM is GONE and I am down 1.4 to 165.4. So eating OP minus the cheese doodles my son had worked
  • Today's weigh in down .4 to 165.0. I had a great day, did my fast as best I could and stayed OP, though what I ate was quite carby I feel good. Also I went back to sleep after putting my daughter on the bus and decided to see what I weighed then. The scale read 163.8, boy do I long to see that number. Hopefully it's coming soon

    apple, red grapes and seafood salad, lots of water and green tea
  • Back to posting here alone :( but that's OK :) ...
    Reached a new low this morning 163.8 saw it twice

    I'm not changing my ticker until I know it will stick ... I tend to change it and bounce up a few so I'll look at it as it is for the moment
  • Rennie you are not alone! I'm back!!!!! First of all, yayyyyy for the new low!!! That's fantastic news. I'm so proud of you and happy for you.

    We finally moved on Wednesday, spent all day yesterday trying to get set up. But it was hard as the previous owners took all the closet fixtures, so that we were left with mini little rooms, no shelves, no bars, nothing. Our lawyer is the process of hashing out whether they will return them or compensate us for it. So until then, we're in limbo and cannot put away things that were meant for those closets. It is what it is. Can't do anything but wait. I didn't get a chance to weigh in this morning, was rushing for work. The good news is it took me less than 30 minutes to get in from my door to my desk, and I took the bus!

    Weigh ins starting tomorrow!
  • Kukkie, I'm glad you're here and on the move ... Wow on the closet fixtures, who does that I know you and hubby don't want to but if all else fails you can go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get them and have them cut to fit. Wow I still can't believe they would do that, so tacky, smh.

    Ok now, Thanks Kukkie I am so determined to be at 160 by my birthday. I hope I'm not setting myself up for disaster.
  • Quote: Reached a new low this morning 163.8 saw it twice
    Congrats! Someday I hope to be there, too!
  • Thanks WahineByTheSea, you will for sure patience and will power are key on this journey. I should have been here years ago, smh. But I guess I didn't want it bad enough. I was also in denial of being diabetic because I always knew I was borderline, smh.

    I have hit another low 163.2 ... I'm getting more and more excited. I have 3.2lbs to lose in 16 days.
  • Well, I blew my last week of March all to heck -- I was on a business trip and ate and drank what I liked and gained 6lbs! I know it's not all fat, there is definitely some sodium evil going on, but it was an eye opener for sure.

    I decided to try a formal plan again, so I'm starting Ideal Protein, hopefully the money it's costing me will also help to motivate me to stay POP! I have my first boxes of food and I've done my veggie and protein shopping so I'm all set. I wanted to start today but my coach encouraged me to do it on Monday, when I will be busier at work and have less time to be distracted or feel deprived. Today and tomorrow I'll spend time prepping my veggies and pre-cooking some protein.

    I am looking forward to a fresh start on the April thread!