Marching into Spring - March 2014 Daily Check-In & Accountability Thread

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  • Angie, that's great, glad to hear and glad someone is Keep up the good work my friend
  • 01 ~ 226.5
    02 ~226
    03 ~225
    04 ~224Yay! Marchin' on!
  • akelly ~ Thanks for commenting on my walks but I've gained 5 pounds so I must be doing something wrong

    I did get 1 walk in today and I'll walk again before bed so I'll get at least 2 walks in today so thats good.
  • jodoto, you are just marchin' on I'm happy for you

    Terra are you logging your food or keeping track of all you're doing? that's the way you're gonna be able to tweak what's going on Hoping for better numbers for you

    I went to the gym walked 3.5 miles burned 323 calories but I had 193 carbs today not good at all. Not expecting a loss in the morning for sure.
  • Terra, as Rennie said you should try to log your food for the day. Post it up here if you want so people can offer advice. Try cutting out carbs for 1 day and walking, try to reduce sodium, etc. you will find what works; just have to analyze the crap out of your current strategy to find the tweaks

    Rennie, I love that cereal I went to the gym tonight and did 20 mins jogging on the treadmill. I did it right after I ate so I started getting cramps in my side oh well, day by day right?

    Kukkie, girl I hear you on the caffeine IV. I waited in the Starbucks line for 20 mins this am and didnt think twice. Had to have it. Hope you get some rest tonight!

    Angie, awesome!!! You are marching forward for the rest of us that are getting off to a slow start!

    Jodoto, nice progress keep it up! I can't wait to be in the 220's decade.
  • akelly good job on the workout, sorry about your side, maybe it was just water. I got leg cramps but downed my water and it seemed to ease up so I could finish , I attempted to do C25K ... I can't run for longer than 30 seconds I am gonna keep trying though and yes day by day
  • I hit a plateau the last 3 days but I finally broke it with a 1lb loss on the scale this morning! yay
  • Still at the same weight. Peanut's night was even worse; he woke up 2 hours after going to bed and then 4 hours after that, which was right around the time that the Tylenol was probably wearing off. Rough night.

    Rennie we've used infant tylenol, infant advil (never together), orajel, some homeopathic stuff. The poor child just has low tolerance for pain, or it just really really hurts.
  • Rennie & akelly ~ Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely take it and use it and hopefully my next weigh in will be better

    Im gonna walk when I get home today after dinner and then I'll walk again before bed.
  • ushotmedown on breaking that plateau What did you do to break the plateau? I just need to get the scale moving steady in the right direction

    Kukkie I am so sorry It hurts us when they hurt, I know I still feel the pain when one of them doesn't feel well or hurts themselves. Even my Chelle when she calls to say Mom I'm not feeling well or this hurts what can I do? Still my baby I still get up and get in the bed with them if I can until they fall back to sleep I pray you get some rest and that tooth finally breaks through


    Well I am a pound down also not sure how with 193g of carbs yesterday but I am so 165.4 this morning ...
  • I stayed the same today -- I'm good with that after 4 days of losses!

    Rennie -- congratulations on the 1lb!
    Kukkie -- hope you get more sleep tonight!
  • Thanks Angie I hoping we all check in with a whoosh I haven't had one like in 2010/2011 yet I get excited when the whoosh fairy visits others let's me know there still may be hope
  • I stayed the same today, not good because my calories were low so today when I eat like I am supposed to tomorrow I'll have a gain. I need to work on something that I can do here in the house to get the scale moving and get this body in shape. I don't want to be stuck at this weight or in the 160's.
  • Still the same! But did manage to sleep until at least 5 am this morning.
  • love2b150 I just increased my water intake and that seemed to do it for me. It was the only thing that I had changed.

    I lost .6lb today. It's moving in the right direction at least.
    I'm now 99lbs away from my highest GW and 110lbs away from my lowest GW