Marching into Spring - March 2014 Daily Check-In & Accountability Thread

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  • Quote: __Hello Fellow "Marchers" Thanks for the kind welcome! .5 for me this morning! A loss is a loss, right? Another day of clean eating! Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend! Marchin' on! See ya Lighter! Jodoto
    jodoto, a loss is a loss and yay to a day of clean eating way to go I like that .. SEE YA' LIGHTER cute

    Terra hope you have a great weigh in today

    My calories were low yesterday thanks to some ridiculous snacking I decided to drink tea for dinner since I wasn't hungry anyway ... I think that's what is also referred to as intuitive eating, right? Today's calories are already on MFP and though not where they should be I have full meals planned, I may add a snack, idk. I am down .2 this morning to 164.8 a number I have never seen before
  • Rennie I went from 292 to 296 but that just means I have to work harder. Congrats on the loss

    I plan to walk later on this morning and walk again tonight but I wont get my 2:30 walk in cause we have to go run errands after mom gets off of work.
  • Thanks Terra Sorry about the up.
  • Sighhh, yet another day at 196.3. At least I'm not gaining right. I've decided that I'm not going to stress about it this month, especially since I've got so much else going on with work, packing, moving later this month, and of course my Peanut. If I manage to end the month with a loss, then great, but if I can at least maintain until the move, I'm okay with that. I know that once we move and I have access to a gym again, I'll have a renewed focus.
  • Rennie ~ Thanks, Its a bummer but I'll get over it and just keep trying
  • Kukkie I think the packing and the move alone will get the scale moving. You can burn a ton of calories with all of the up and down and stretching. When are you moving again? Just keep checking in ... I like knowing you are here and coming to check in when you have time

  • Rennie I move at the end of the month - the 26th. I'm still going to keep checking in, at least on the weekdays when I'm guaranteed computer time (with work). Peanut doesn't like me playing with the laptop on the weekends, he'll try to close it on me.
  • Thanks for the response Kukkie Peanut makes me smile I miss those times
  • 225 for me today! Yay!!!! See ya Lighter! Jodoto

    01 ~ 226.5
    02 ~226
    03 ~225
    04 ~
    05 ~
    06 ~
    07 ~
    08 ~
    09 ~
    10 ~
    11 ~
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    13 ~
    14 ~
    15 ~
    16 ~
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    18 ~
    19 ~
    20 ~
    21 ~
    22 ~
    23 ~
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    25 ~
    26 ~
    27 ~
    28 ~
    29 ~
    30 ~
    31 ~

    __Hello Fellow "Marchers" Marchin' on! See ya Lighter! Jodoto


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  • Jodoto, way to go I want to do a pound or two down a nice whoosh would sure be great
  • Checking in for the first time this month. Switched hotels this week so I have a kitchen and a much better gym. My client brings in lunch every Tues/Thurs and they are seriously health conscious. I feel like this is going to be great for me to keep me in a healthy mindset!

    Since I will be traveling consistently, I want to switch it up to weekly weigh ins but I will still post daily to stay in touch and keep on track. I find that the more I post, the more I hold myself accountable!

    Rennie, that's amazing girl! And I think your bday goal is very doable! Rock it!

    Kukkie, that's hilarious and cute at the same time glad to see you still posting and working through everything!

    Terra, good job on the walks!

    Ushotmedown and Angie, great losses! A loss is a loss

    Hope Monday was gentle with everyone!
  • 3/2: 237.8
    3/9: 242.2
  • Good morningggg!!!! Momma needs a caffeine IV today. Peanut was up at 4am (at least I think it was 4am), but cuddled back to sleep with me for an hour, and then up screaming in pain at 5. Sigh. I hate teeth. Why do we need teeth? My son is such a sensitive teether and his pain lasts bloody forever before a tooth actually pops out. He's almost 14 months, but only has 6 teeth, which is fine, except I just want them all out so we can all go back to sleeping peacefully again. Okay, rant over. I'm still at 196.3. Go figure

    Anybody eating healthy pancakes today?
  • Thanks akelly sounds like you are in a good place at the hotel/travel time. I like that everything is just so OP ... nice gym, health conscious clients sounds like a 3FC'ers heaven Thanks for the vote of confidence.

    Kukkie is orajel not helping or tylenol? I agree teething is a true pain, it's crazy that they hurt them so bad. I hope you get a good cup of coffee that gives you the boost that you need today and that tonight is better

    I told my husband that we should take the kids to IHOP today (they are out of school thanks to the weather) He just looked at me (he has to work this evening) I would fix some but I may be tempted to eat them and I am already up 1.6 thanks to my feast on Honey Nut Cheerios last evening, smh, I will learn one day
  • I've had losses every day so far this month, yay! Down .6 today, every little bit helps.

    Hi Rennie, Terra, AKelly and Kukkie!!