Old and busted: the 190s. New hotness: Getting out of the 190s.

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  • I'm still here. I've been up a bit, but back down to 194 again. I need to find a way to get below that. Maybe increase my water.

    Xriotgirl, maybe you can return the hoodie since it still has the tags. Some stores will accept returns without a receipt. Or they might let you exchange it for a smaller size. Good Job!
  • I was surprised to step on the scale today and still be at 199 That's pretty darn good the day after a "feast" day (or Up day). Which means after today's low day, I should see more loss.

    Wearing my favorite work outfit today that I haven't worn in 3 years. These pants are the very last pair of pants in the "clothes that are too small for me" pile. Even just two months ago, I never thought I'd get into all those clothes. Now I have so many pants I don't know what to wear! (And no shirts - how did that happen?) That means the next time I need clothes, I will have to actually go shopping. Now that's a NSV!

    xRiotGirl I agree about trying to return it, especially if it's from somewhere like Walmart, Target or Kohls. They take anything back. Funny how that happens with holding onto the weight. That's been happening with me a lot lately. Frustrating, but the trend is down and that's what matters.
  • ^Actually, is from Kohls. I have some dresses from JcPenney as well. My only worry is that they are from before Christmas..haha

    Wannabehealthy hang in there, I went through the same thing but you just have to stick to it and not get discouraged. That stupid plateau WILL break!!
    noname I think small clothes NSV's are the best NSV's! Physical proof that all your effort isn't pointless. Oh, and the shopping trip that is now elevated to a need rather than a want is a plus.
  • I used to work at Kohl's. They will return it, even if you don't have a receipt, but you might get much less and you might only get store credit, but better than nothing right? We used to get stuff that was over a year old so from Christmas is no biggie LOL

    Wannabehealthy Water could definitely help! Worth a shot! My motto is, if what I'm doing isn't working, then change something. If that change doesn't work, change something else. Eventually you'll figure it out.
  • No weigh in for me this week! TOM and I'm totally swollen, so I know the # wouldn't be accurate. Sigh!
  • I'm back I've been missing for probably over a year now and I gained and lost and gained and lost a million times since then I'm back now to lose and keep losing till I hit my goal or beyond 195 right now never was able to manage getting out of the 190s before always got right to it but never past this time I will hello everybody.
  • Welcome back going2bskinny! From your stats it sounds like you've still made and hung onto some amazing progress. I hope being back and re-motivated will help you get where you want to be.

    Frances123 Smart decision

    The scale just keeps rolling down...198.2 this morning. I usually am much more up and down during the week because of my eating plan (up and down days) so I am thrilled! 2 pounds in a week. Definitely makes up for the no-loss week. I'm still feeling that "Onederland High" - aka I feel skinny LOL Though I know I have a long way to go.
  • going3bedskinny Hiii welcome back! Hey, what's most important is that you are back at it again. It's a lifelong journey so don't beat yourself up if you feel like you aren't succeeding now. You have a lot of time to make up for that.

    I had a lot of fun yesterday. Which means I woke up this morning at 193lbs hehe. I'm sure most of it won't stick around, but in any case I have to be good for a few days now.
  • Welcome going2bskinny!

    Noname...WOOOOOO for 2 pounds in a week! I totally feel the same way about being in ONEDERLAND...I still can't believe it either.
  • Thanks noname riotgirl and frances glad to be back

    keep up the good work all we will get there!!

    just got back from walkin maybe 4-5 miles scale still says 195 but i know i lost i can see it i believe you lose more fat as you sleep than even working out so good sleep is very important im going to get to bed early tonight and hopefully the scale in the morning will show a big loss im hoping :O if not though oh well then its just muscle or water weight so no biggie just gonna keep up the good eating and exercise. i havent been struggling to stick with it this time which is good the exercise i guess but not the eating so long as thats in check ill for sure lose.

    i am very determined to meet my goal weight this time thats for sure and probably beyond. Might try for 115 or 110 even depends how I look then. Im excited to see though.

    Once I hit 180 ill meet my mini goal of losing 200lbs though so thats motivating as well.
  • Damn, I was so close to getting out of this thread. This morning I weighed in at 193.8. Wowza. I seem to be having a harder time lately getting back to my routine once I am thrown off of it. I don't know what that's all about, but the rate at which I'm losing has been, like, quartered.
  • My husband is good for buying things then returning them months and months later. Some stores have a strict policy, but Kohls isn't one of them. Store credit is OK, too, because we're always shopping there.

    This morning the scale was wavering a little below the 194 mark, but it's a balance beam scale and I don't count it as a loss until it's a whole pound. I leave the scale set at what I weigh, so the next time I get on it, if the beam stays in the down position I know that I lost. I love seeing that, even if it only moves a little bit!
  • You guys are both close!!! Keep it up! Ugh, I'm frustrated because even though my eating and exercise has been absolutely perfect, my weight keeps going up because it's gotten really hot and humid here and I think I'm still retaining water. I drink a TON of water (yesterday I think I had 108 oz PLUS a 40 oz fruit/veggie smoothie with 2 cups of milk) but I can't seem to find that fine line between flushing out my system and retaining it. Official weigh-in not 'til Thursday...
  • xRiotGirl You'll get back to where you were - just don't give up. That won't get you where you want to be!

    Frances123 Hopefully the water weight will adjust by your weigh-in. I haven't experience that myself with this heat, but my hair is shedding like crazy. I've probably lost a pound of hair (thankfully I have plenty to spare...). Maybe cut down on sodium for a few days to see if that helps your body to flush the fluids?

    Had a good Memorial Day weekend but I'm ready to eat my normal foods again. We went canoe camping, and didn't bring a cooler, so ate a lot of pre-packaged foods (Mountain House meals, Cliff bars, instant mashed potatoes...). I really missed my veggies and protein and I ate way too many carbs. I need to figure out a way to eat more balanced meals on trips like that. I think I just need to bite the bullet and get a dehydrator.

    But the good news is, I only had two beers the whole weekend and feel way better this morning than I normally would after a weekend away (which usually involves lots of drinking). Can't wait for a nice, light, green dinner tonight and then getting back into my normal routine.
  • noname - oh, I've been through that before on road trips! Even when I try to pack some healthy things, I always end up hitting fast food and gas station food. Hooray for getting back to your normal routine!