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LilMissBee 02-20-2014 02:25 PM

Hello fellow regainers/relosers!!! Guess what?!! I just lost my first ten pounds. Whoop whoop!!!

Next ten coming up...

thistoo 02-20-2014 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by Slashnl (Post 4946322)
How you can go without coffee is beyond me. Good for you! I drink it black, so I justify being able to keep it as a part of my life! :)

Same here. I'm Paleo too, and while I enjoy coffee much more with half-and-half, if the choice is no coffee or black coffee, I'll drink it black and be glad about it!

I keep forgetting to check in here, but I've actually managed to stick with it anyway. TOM started today, so I won't see any loss for about a week, but hopefully I'll see a loss once it's over.

The down side, of course, is how much hungrier I am during TOM. Oh well. I'll get through it. Hunger's not going to kill me, after all.

triptriptrip 02-20-2014 06:37 PM

Welcome, Terra! Weight loss is a long journey, but the slow weight loss is more sustainable and less likely to leave you with excess skin. One of my close friend was about 300 and is now 180 with a lot of loose skin because he lost almost all of it in about a year.

LaurieDawn, Why don't you just try some buckwheat noodles. They have calories, but tons of fiber and will keep you feeling fuller a lot longer.

Slashnl, I totally avoided the scale for a few days and saw a great number today. I hope it sticks for both of us!!

Congrats alisonm! that's a pretty amazing loss. Ups and downs are totally normal and I know that I was up about 2 pounds the other day and just went down 3. Every day is so different.

carter 02-21-2014 07:57 AM

Hello everyone :coffee:

I'm heading into a weekend visiting my folks so it's going to be some travel, a few meals out, and probably a few martinis (I need help to stay magnanimous with my mom :dizzy:).

LaurieDawn: When it comes to periods, your no.1 is high on the list of reasons I am so glad to be gay. ;) I am with you on 2-4 in every way. I just have to hang on through the nibbles, the poor sleep, and the weepiness, and with any luck I'll be rewarded with a bit of a whoosh after it's all over.

Terra - Hello there and welcome :) I like your attitude about patience. So many people let themselves be held back by the perception that weight loss will take too long. My feeling is the time is going to pass one way or other other. So may as well spend the time losing. It took me about 2 years to lose my first 100 pounds. Best 2 years I ever spent.

thistoo - Good job sticking with it. I sometimes find that if I am genuinely hungry, I'll make a conscious choice to go over my calories by a bit as long as it's protein-dense, nutrient-dense food. Eating an extra 200 calories on a day my body really seems to need it isn't going to slow me down in the long run.

LilMissBee and allisonm - GREAT job on the losses. Stick to it.

slashnl - Good luck with the challenge. Do you have a competitive streak that makes you stubborn about doing well in that kind of thing? I hope the loss holds up for you.

LebenAlles - How is the carb-flu and caffeine withdrawal going? I hope you and your partner feel a little better going into the weekend.

I've been thinking about some regainer/reloser-focused questions to throw out so we can have some discussions on the topic. If you've got any ideas, toss them in!

Terra1984 02-21-2014 10:43 AM

triptriptrip ~ Does that happen to all people that start at 300? I've always been afraid and worried about having excess skin when I finally lose my weight.

carter ~ Im glad to hear you like my attitude about patience.

I walked last night and Im gonna do my best to walk this morning and then walk again later on tonight before bed, I would walk at 2:30 pm today but we have to go somewhere at that time so I wont be getting my 3 walks in today but at least I'll get 2 in.

LebenAlles 02-21-2014 11:18 AM

carter - I feel like the carb flu/caffeine thing is getting better, though last nights sleep was interrupted by a wicked electric storm that kept us awake for a good hour, along with the cat :). I think getting good rest this weekend will make a world of difference, for sure.

LaurieDawn - It might be that my work schedule has gone to extended schedules and I'm too tired to care, but I've actually been doing well with the cravings. I think the biggest thing that ticks me off is that I'm so addicted to food that causes such crappy withdrawals. WTF.

Congrats to everyone's losses this week! I lost another .6 this morning so I'm happy with that. Creep creepin along...

How about this for a focus topic: I feel like stress is (obviously) one of the leading reasons that people end up regaining. Situational Stress, Health Issues, or even the pressure of continuing to lose. What are some ways that you are planning on avoiding stress related binges this time around?

allisonm 02-21-2014 11:20 AM

good luck with your mom, carter! i did that last weekend ;)

goal4agirl 02-21-2014 01:18 PM

Good morning...
Hello everyone~ just checking in again. I have been working at the gym, staying on my food plan- all while taking high doses of prednisone for the Crohns. I'm still losing weight. It makes me crazy hungry, but I'm fighting it. I have to keep my mind off of food.
This is my first time ever staying consistant with the gym. I can already tell a difference. I noticed my legs are more toned. So I'm going to just keep on keeping on. Have a good week end everyone!

Slashnl 02-21-2014 01:21 PM

Hi all! Active thread today!!

Went to Spin this morning. It seemed really hard. I don't know if it is just because it is the end of the week, or if it is because I missed Body Pump the day before. Anyway, on to the weekend. I'm hoping that I can get a good weights workout in tomorrow, and then nothing on Sunday. Then, I'll be ready for the Monday weigh in. I hope!

All of this talk of TOM... now I'm facing it, too. I'm at a little different stage of life. It usually is no big deal for me. But I'm 50 and getting to the inconsistent TOM. It normally is very easy and there seems to be more and more time in between.

Carter: Hope you have a good weekend! Enjoy! Gotta have a little indulgence! As for my competitive side, yep... that's what is helping right now. I am up against some younger women (and some older ones, too), but I am not giving up. I hope to be at the top, so it keeps me on track.

LebenAlles: I don't think stress causes me to binge. I'm sure it does for some, but stress sometimes makes me very apathetic about working out and staying on plan. I hope to use working out as a stress reliever. And hopefully, the bad times from before won't come back!

Terra: 2 walks is better than none!!!

Triptriptrip: Hope you see a good loss! Will you be moving into onederland??

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm looking forward to the nice weather we are supposed to have here!

LebenAlles 02-22-2014 05:56 PM

233.2 this morning :) First weekend back in the groove and I'm feelin' good. J and I are getting ready to do our week 'cookup' where we cut up and prepare veggies, meats, spices and such for the week. Makes it so much easier with a long work schedule.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!

Terra1984 02-22-2014 10:07 PM

Diane ~ Yeah thats true, 2 is better the none

Im getting ready to walk before bed and then I'll have tomorrow off, I always take Sunday's off to just relax, I hope everyone has a great night.

Slashnl 02-23-2014 05:22 PM

Hi all. Just checking in. Having a tough day with my "I'm starving" feeling today. I'm trying to just stay busy and on track.

carter 02-24-2014 12:18 PM

Hello folks.

I survived the weekend, overate a little but nothing thoroughly out of control, bought something to wear to my brother's wedding and managed to let my mother's "joking" complaints about me not being girly enough go in one ear and out the other. :rolleyes: I'm nearly 42 years old; I wish she would learn that it is really not intended to be a personal affront to her that I am not comfortable wearing a dress, or pumps, or makeup.


Originally Posted by LebenAlles (Post 4948347)
How about this for a focus topic: I feel like stress is (obviously) one of the leading reasons that people end up regaining. Situational Stress, Health Issues, or even the pressure of continuing to lose. What are some ways that you are planning on avoiding stress related binges this time around?

This is a very good topic. My entire regain was due to binging that became more and more frequent - my mealtime eating remained fairly well on plan, and my exercise was nearly on track was well.

I wouldn't describe my binge trigger as stress, but it's a related feeling. It's a desire to numb myself, to allow myself to be mindless for a while, when so many aspects of my life seem to require control and focus and discipline.

I mentioned upthread (um, probably more than once) that a woman I was seeing and really, really liked broke up with me in January. For many people (and I would have expected to count myself among them) that would have been a binge trigger. But I had an almost defiant need NOT to let it be a binge trigger. I might have cried every day for a month, but damned if I was going to be that woman who cries into a pint of ice cream! :dizzy: So amazingly, getting dumped seems to have mostly ended the binge behaviors I was struggling with, rather than triggering more.

To be honest I'd rather still have the relationship. ;) But I suppose getting my regain back under control is a reasonable consolation prize.

thistoo 02-24-2014 02:01 PM

Part of my regain was definitely stress-related. I had a really bad health scare in 2012 and from there things snowballed until I found myself right back at nearly my highest weight ever. I think there's a lot of validity in the way stress affects how our bodies react.

Speaking of weird things our bodies do, something strange happened to me on Friday. I've been off wheat for quite some time, but on Friday I made the conscious decision to get a wrap for lunch. For the rest of the day and then most of Saturday my mouth itched like crazy. I don't know if it was a reaction to the wheat, but that was the only thing I'd done differently, so I'm guessing it was.

That's never happened before, but it definitely convinced me that staying away from wheat is for the best.

Slashnl 02-24-2014 02:41 PM

Hi all. Had a great weigh in this morning, so I'm pretty happy today. I just want to give every effort I have to this weight loss challenge at work. I only have until 4/1, so I'm really trying to bring it all! I went to Spin this morning. It was good, but why do people go to a class if they want to chat? Shut the heck up!!! I'm trying to concentrate and listen to the instructor!!!

Carter: Glad you survived the weekend!!

thistoo: Sounds like you better avoid the wheat! At least you know now to avoid it. Funny how allergies work!

Have a great day everyone!

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