Regainers regaining control, and relosing

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  • Hi Shy, welcome! I fully understand where you are coming from. There is nothing worse than getting down to where we want to be and then gaining again. It doesn't make any sense. I have never been prouder of any achievement than I was of losing 110 lbs. I was POSITIVE I was going to maintain-- and I did, for a while, and then it just stopped seeming so important... and here I am

    You are completely right though. We did it once, we can do it again!

    As for me, I had a good weekend. Keeping my calories low today as tomorrow is the big weigh in day.

    I've been doing well. My head is really in the game. I took my daughters out to buy dresses for an occasion. I had to sit right in front on the 3 way mirrors for half an hour, and I was wearing jeans and a tee-shirt that was just a touch too small. I HATE being this fat. I remember how much I used to like just feeling NORMAL. I looked in the mirror and I just looked average-- not super skinny and gorgeous, not morbidly obese... just an average lady. I want to get back there so much! I mentioned to my diet buddy that I was feeling really hungry. She told me that she tells herself that the feeling isn't hunger, it's the feel of fat melting off. I'm going to give it a try!
  • Hi everyone!

    Made it home from the trip! So very much looking forward to food I've prepared myself and not loaded with sodium.

    Kinda scared to see how much damage was done by the trip, but I've done my best to keep track of the food and while I may have gone over my 1800 calories a time or two, I was also walking around a great deal, and I never went over 2000... SO. I should still see a loss once I get rid of all the water bloat from eating nothing but sodium laden food for almost a week.
  • Hello everyone,

    I began my weight loss journey back in spring 2011, I started at 203 and ended up being 153 by September 2012. I was very fit, with high muscle mass and was able to do things I have never been. Able to do my entire life. Then I moved, I had an awful bully of a landlord and my unhappy relationship was worse then ever. I began drinking and eating and stopped working out and went back up over my heaviest!!! 210lbs. I moved out andI finally broke from my relationship and discovered juice fasting. I done a 3 day juice and have been healthy eating/ walking with great enthusiasm and determination since last Thursday(not long I know) but I feel stronger I have since September 2012. And already lost 7lbs! Yay!

    I just want to be able to find out how to control the relationship between my emotions and food!
  • Ginger!

    Same thing happened to me. Lost a bunch of weight in 2011-12, found out about a 1100 mile move got all depressed about the move, then stressed during the actual move, then the whole year out hated my life, and then stressed the move back.. I ate my way back up past my high weight, and am now working to get it back under control. Emotional eating is like a crutch for me to deal with things.

    Need to figure that mess out! I've started coming on here to post when I feel the need to snack away my emotions.
  • Looking back at yesterday I had a nice " normal " day. I ate what I should have eaten and I got a bit of exercise. I did forget it takes me from the time I get up until I go to bed to eat enough lol. Have to work up to the exercise. Back then it took me 3 months to be able to do a 1 mile walking aerobic video when I first started lol. I will have to work up to it again since I have bad lungs. I get breathy just walking across the house lol. Funny to think I was doing 10 miles a day of Leslie Sansone's walking aerobic videos and now I can't walk across the house with out stopping to breath.

    Ubergirl I recognize your name. I am sure many of us are back here again. This time we see what we did wrong. I had only ever tried to lose weight one time and while I did it I packed the pounds back on and an extra 30 for good measure. We can move forward and not make the same mistakes.

    I got a new doc and this one really is encouraging. He said ok, how did you lose all the weight the first time. He even saw in my chart my old doc had written really in great physical shape. I told him what I had done. He said well I am not going to go on and on about your weight. You know the right way to lose it. This is what I am going to tell you. When you are on these darn medications they make you crave carbs. That is just how it is. SO when you have to be on the medications I want you to drop your carbs by 1/8. This isn't going to be easy but A. this will help you not pack on pounds and B this will help you stay more accountable to yourself with what you eat while you are craving those carbs. You will consciously be watching those numbers.

    He said different people lose weight different ways. Everyone keeps it off the same way, dedication to eating correctly.

    Because I love to be organized counting calories, fats and carbs is the way for me. I love the fitday site.

    He asked me to be more specific about how I packed on the pounds. I said well that was pretty simple. First I was eating right but the weight came on. He said ok that is the medications. I said then I didn't just fall off the wagon. I let the darn thing run right over me. I got depressed, upset, felt down because I was putting on weight but not enjoying the eating process to do it lol.

    He said ok well you know that now so what are you going to do about that. I said stay off that darn scale is what I am going to do about it when I am on medications. I will stick with my fitday. Know I am eating the required amounts of the 5 basic food groups and staying within my ranges of 1200 to 1400 calories, 30 to 35 fat and 180 to 210 carbs. If I put on weight I will know because of how my clothes feel and that I can't stop but if I obsess about the weight gain from the scale it will get me down. He said great plan but when on the medications and for 3 months afterwards take the carbs down to 158 to 184. I said ok will do that.

    He also told me, at my age, the requirements for the 5 basic food groups is a little off. two meats, 2 fruits, 3 veggies, 2 dairy is great but I do not need 6 bread/cereal. He said I could go with 3 bread/cereal and I would be fine. I said oh that is great because I could never get all 6 of those in and stay within my ranges lol.

    My goal is to lose 52 pounds in the next year.

    Mandy, don't let it get you down. We didn't gain the weight in a week and we aren't going to destroy all our dedication to eating right in a week. Just pull yourself back on that wagon seat and roll forward.

    gingergeorgie, we all have our story how we let life get us down and didn't deal with it well. All we can do, and I see you are doing it, is take control of the reigns and move forward. Sounds like you have some plans to get the weight off again.
  • Welcome to Shy and Ginger! We're all on your side and totally understand, so we're here to support each other!

    Fera: It sounds like you did what you could, so you hopefully won't have too much of a setback after being gone. I'm betting that you won't since you were being mindful!

    Uber: It feels good when you are staying on track! It won't be long and you'll be back to where you want to be!

    I've been doing pretty well. These challenges I'm doing this month are getting tiresome, but I'm going to keep with them. I guess I don't mind the squat workout too much, but the ab one is going to kill me. Situps are not my friend. I have been able to hold on with the plank, but it is getting harder as the time limit is increased. Hard to believe it has only been 10 days. Seems like forever. The squat workout is tough too. I went to Body Pump this morning and I had trouble doing the squat workout in there. My legs were still sore from last night's squat challenge.

    What an athlete I am....
  • Hi All,

    Welcome Shy and Ginger!

    Shy: it sounds as if your doctor is really great-- supportive and understanding. Lucky you.

    Ginger and Fera: Wow. I'm astonished to find out that we all have the same issue behind our regains! Starting in June 2009 I lost 110, reaching an all-time low weight of 186. I moved in 2010, which was the beginning of a big huge roller coaster of simultaneous stressful events. I held onto the loss until the very end of 2011 but in early 2012 I zoomed back up. Since then, I've managed to shed 10-15 about 3 or 4 times, but I've never gotten into the groove. For me, I have something figured out: I can focus on weight loss only when the rest of my life is on more or less of an even keel-- if I start getting some combination of work, money, or family problems at the same time, at some point, it seems like I just can't maintain the focus and I revert back to my old dysfunctional ways.

    If we can get the stressed out and still able to lose or maintain then we should have the battle won! Ginger, so glad you're giving it another try. Fera: yay you for losing on your trip! Moral of the story: don't move in early maintenance (if possible, LOL)

    Diane So inspired by your awesome workout routine. i'm still focusing on food, but hope to start incorporating exercise soon!

    Today was my two-week weigh in and get this. Fourteen days: 9.8 pounds! Obviously some of that must be water weight, but still and all I'll take it. I'm actually already starting to feel a bit of the difference! Seems like it's coming right off my belly.

    Keep strong everyone!
  • Hey guys, thanks so much for the warm welcome done a workout yesterday and feel muscles aching today, will have a long walk later and workout again tomorrow. Going ease myself back in gently. Still feel very strong where diets concerns, just hope it lasts!! Xx
  • Uber!!! Nice weight loss! That is so great to have such a good start. I'll bet you feel so good. It can be so motivating to have some success like that! Way to go!

    Ginger: Ooo. Aching muscles! I know it can hurt, but in a good way! That's smart to ease into it. You've got a great start!

    I had a rough day yesterday. I felt really worn out all day. Then, I went out to eat with my daughter and ate too much. But it was really tasty. I didn't have much for dinner, so although I went over my calorie goal, it wasn't too far over. I didn't do my challenge exercises last night because my legs felt so tired and sore. (pity party for me!) But, today seems better. I went to spin class and I feel much better.
  • Diane sorry you had a rough day, but glad you're feeling better now. I can't stand it when eating out makes me go over calories-- but that's part of life too. Once the achy soreness leaves your muscles you'll probably see a whoosh. I think inflammation makes you weigh more.

    Ginger glad you're off to a good start. I know what you mean about that feeling of "hoping" that diet stays strong. Sometimes it seems almost effortless and other times it feels impossible. Sigh. Keeping the head on plan is for sure the hardest thing.

    Snuck on the scale this morning, and I dropped another pound! I'm down ten from my start! Ten more and I'll be back to where I was a year ago!
  • Uber - YAY for half way to mini goals! I like to peek at the scale on non-weigh days (Tuesday and Friday are weigh days), too, sometimes, just out of curiosity. Crazy how stress eating (well, emotional eating in general for me) can be such a contributor to gaining weight! Guess we all need to find healthier nervous habits.

    Diane - Good job getting back to the exercise! I hate those blah don't-wanna-move days. I had one yesterday, too. But I think it was just a "please stop making me do things" recovery kind of day from my trip that both brain and body needed. Meals out with family are always worth the calories, in my opinion.

    Ginger - If it's not the "so sore you can't move" kinda pain, I find that to be a sign that I did something good for my body. Stretch and feel the twinges and smile at the 'good' pain. (That sounds kind of awful, but you know what I mean!). One day at a time. Easing in is the best way to go... keeps you from burning out really quickly.

    Well... Today will be a lot of fidgeting and twitching and nervousness because the call committee from the church we visited on our trip is having a meeting this evening to talk about my hubby's interview to become their pastor... hoping it goes well. I really loved the church and the people and the house. Walking in the front door of that place felt like home.

    Also, a pretty significant water-drop this morning. Out of curiosity I stepped on the scale and saw another 2.2 pounds gone. Amazing how a lot of salt, not enough water, and no exercise can hold that water right in!
  • Fera: Great! More weight gone for you! I hope you hear about the call soon! Quite the adventure. My cousin is a pastor and he's been through that a time or two. So, good luck!!

    Uber: Nice! It's good to get the regain weight off and start working on new weight. I need about 2 more pounds and the regain will be gone.

    I have a doctor's appointment today, just a check up. I know I'm down a lot of weight from the last time I was there, so it will be a little more fun than last time. Just glad to get it done so I don't have to think about it again for awhile.
  • Yesterday was 1 month back at it. In that 1 month I had several graduation parties, my anniversary, my husband's birthday, graduation itself, and a week-long trip out of town with nothing but restaurant and fast food.

    In that month I also tracked my food every day to the best of my ability, got a little exercise, and generally behaved like one should regarding food.

    The result: I've lost 17 pounds. I know that's a lot, but the first week was 7 pounds alone because of the water drop. And at 300+ I can afford to lose a little quicker, I guess.

    If I can lose 17 pounds in a month where I feel like I was eating out more than eating at home, and eating more junk than healthy stuff simply because of the nature of the gatherings... Then I think I can manage to keep losing weight in the coming months.

    To quote one of my favorite songs "Seems like every choice I made would somehow leave me second-guessing about the green grass I was passing racing toward the other side. I thank God for the blessing that I finally learned this lesson: One step in the right direction's worth a wasted mile behind."
  • Diane Your doctor will be so proud of all of the hard work you've done!

    Fera Seventeen pounds in one month while eating out! That is absolutely fantastically amazingly amazing! I'm so happy for you! : It just goes to show that when we really focus none of the external factors matter as much as we think they do.

    I'm having little bit of a bad day so far although I'm haven't strayed off my food plan. I just feel a little discouraged.

    First, I got woken up by a phone call in the middle of the night, so I'm a little tired. Yesterday, I went with my two girls to visit a college. I was stupid and I wore uncomfortable flip flops and black jeans even thought it was a little bit hot. Within a few minutes, my feet started hurting-- blisters from the durn shoes. But then, I started feeling like I was going to pass out. I didn't of course, but I swear it was like I was so hungry I was faint. That is not normal for me! Usually I have lots of energy for walking around. We went to a restaurant where I drank a big tumbler of water and two tumblers of ice tea, then I ate shrimp fajitas-- didn't touch any of the cheese, guacamole, sour cream-- just shrimp veggies and a corn tortilla. I couldn't finish it. Felt uncomfortably full no doubt because of the three big glasses of fluids before I started eating. By bedtime I was starving again. I feel okay today, but kind of discouraged.

    It's like I'm just remembering that losing weight can be really hard. And I just can't believe that I have to do this again after having already done it once. It's the most frustrating thing in the world.
  • I wish I could post links! I have a motivational image I made a while back. It's a beautiful relaxing image, with the quote of "Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward"...

    As long as you pick yourself up and keep going, instead of turning around and going backwards, you'll still get to the finish line. You've got this.