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Slashnl 01-27-2014 11:56 AM

Lost 1.4 pounds last week. That's good. I'd love to see a bigger loss, but I'll be happy with it just going down. I think that last week was good, and I'm hoping to keep it going this week.

Goal4aGirl: That's what I did when I got back to the gym. I claimed victory for just walking in the door. And, for about a week, I just walked on the treadmill or rode a bike. I just wanted to get there. THEN, I got back to Spin and body pump classes. Good for you!!!

Hope everyone else has a good week!

allisonm 01-27-2014 12:38 PM

I am using myfitnesspal and bodymedia fit to help with calorie counting. I can't tell you how helpful the bodymedia is and I wish I had it the first time in 2007.

goal4agirl 01-27-2014 06:53 PM

Thank you! :D

Kat117 01-27-2014 07:02 PM

I used to do Ideal Protein, but have moved over to the Atkins diet due to cost.

I find that just the addition of a second solid meal a day, 1-4 ounces of cheese bacon if I want it and some olive oil has expanded my diet by 100 fold and is easier to stick with.

One of these days I need to incorporate some exercise. I bought a whole bunch of yoga, pilates and stretching videos and watch them religiously, but haven't lost anything yet. Hmmm wonder if I am doing something wrong.

Avezy44 01-27-2014 07:28 PM

This is a great thread! Lost over 80 pounds a couple of years ago and then just gained it all and then some back. I never reached my goal before but I was about 30 pounds away. My goal this time is to get to my goal!!

So I am looking to lose about 170ish pounds total.

Hit my first 10 today!! :)

carter 01-28-2014 07:55 AM

Hello friends. :coffee:

Very frustrating time right now. Between my period, the few days of travel, and whatever else I've bounced back up above 180. Now, I have been a daily weigher for a long time and know I have huge fluid swings that can mask weeks and weeks of fat loss. I know, too, that my usual loss pattern even when I am fully on plan is to hold for about 3 weeks or so and then drop 3-4 pounds over about another week. So I know this doesn't number mean anything and doesn't, in some sense, count. But with the lingering hurt of this breakup it is a lot of effort to stick to my plan, get to the gym, do all the other things I have to do. It is a downer to have so much trouble making a dent in this regain that will stick.

Oh well. Nothing to do but keep at it.

Slashnl 01-28-2014 11:43 AM

Hang in there, Carter. Obviously, you already know that it probably isn't a good number and will go back down, but I totally understand the disappointment of seeing the higher number. Just keep plugging along!

guacamole 01-28-2014 02:38 PM

Hello, I am going to pop in to see if this thread is for me. I lost a good deal of weight in 2011-2012, but regained about 20 lbs in 2013. Most of that weight I regained at the end of the year after breaking my leg. I never made it to my goal and I haven't changed my ticker, which reflects the lowest weight I got down to.

I am slowly recovering mobility, but it is taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. I am feeling pretty rotten about myself these days, and can feel myself slipping back into my old reclusiveness that I had when I was at my higher weights. I don't like going out anymore, especially when it's a dressy occasion, and I don't like having a full body picture taken (or really any picture). It worries me that I am slipping into the same kind of anxiety and depression over my weight that I had before - because that just leads to more binges and emotional eating.

I really want to get back on track and have a few good days to spring forward from.

Frantastic 01-28-2014 06:39 PM

Count me in! I lost 50 lbs about 2 years ago and then went back to my old habits and over the 24 months, gained all 50 back. I atm going to stick with what worked with me the first time: Writing down all my food; weighing and measuring; no snacking; etc. and try to figure out what made me go back to my old ways and not do that again!

carter 01-29-2014 08:27 AM

Good morning, regainers/relosers. :coffee: How is it going today?

I have been sticking to plan, eating light and carefully, and most importantly not eating for recreation or for numbing the heartbreak (which is still very acute). It isn't always easy but by focusing on one choice at a time I can manage it.

When I remember that I managed this for three years while I was losing 120 pounds from 2009-2012, I think, I can do this again for today.

The challenge for me is, as always, patience. These last 25 pound were very slow in coming off the first time, and I have to be prepared for that to happen again - if not more so. I catch myself fantasizing about being back below 160 when it's time to buy an outfit for my brother's wedding - which is in April - and I have to remind myself that I just won't be there yet or likely anywhere near. I have to stay in for the long haul.

allisonm 01-29-2014 10:44 AM

Goodmorning Ladies! Be good to yourself today. I'm doing well and I hope ya'll are too.

LaurieDawn 01-29-2014 11:24 AM

I have had many periods where I have lost significant amounts of weight. I am struggling from a 20-some-pound game from my current attempt, which began in June 2012. This one hasn't been steady, but I am making progress.

I took on some contract work last week in addition to my regular job, so I ended up having a week where I slept roughly 2-3 hours per night before the final two nights, where I slept 1.5 hours the first night and about 40 minutes the next night. And I just went into "don't care" mode on the eating. And now I am having a hard time finding the desire to care again.

I made myself come back to 3FC today, and I found this thread! This delightful, delightful thread full of people who I have admired for some time.

Carter - I am so sorry about your break-up. You are one of my long-time heroes here, and I often think about your advice when I encounter unwanted food. The "I have had that before and I can have it again, so there's no need to have it right now unless I really want it" advice.

Toasted Smoke - Your persistence has always inspired me.

Slashnl - I feel like we have been in the trenches together time and time again. Yay, us, for continuing to fight.

So, here I am. Just needing to take a deep breath and get back into the habits I so recently abandoned. Gonna do a bit of running today. =)

Slashnl 01-29-2014 01:20 PM

Looks like lots of us are joining together to tackle this "regaining control". I'm feeling so good this week! I think I made it past the excruciating pain of getting back to working out. Not that it is easy now, don't get me wrong, but I also don't feel like I'm going to die every time I get on a spin bike or pick up a weight.

Guacamole: I'm glad you posted. I hope this is a helpful thread for you. It sounds like you've been through some tough times and maybe now you'll be able to bounce back. I'm pulling for you!

LaurieDawn: Yep, we've been here before. I totally understand the I don't care attitude that you can develop. I was there most of last year. (It didn't help....) I'm so glad you are here!

Carter: Patience is tough to come by with weight loss. It can only come off so fast and I just want to be back down to where I was able to fit in smaller sizes. I am so hoping for some good results by the time summer gets here and I have to get some new shorts. But, need to persevere.

VikingBride2Be 01-29-2014 02:47 PM

Also feeling good this week! We've gone out a lot with friends over the past week, mostly because it's been in the negatives even during the day (it's -4 outside right now, which is better than the -20 it was yesterday) and there isn't much else to do. But I've been on plan every day! It's been a week since I've had any liquid but water and I used to have a crazy addiction to Diet Coke. I'm not depriving myself. I'm re-learning what a healthy portion is.

Trying to keep my eye on the ball and not look at too many pictures on Facebook of what 100 lbs lighter used to look like. It didn't come on overnight (though some days it feels like it) and it won't come off overnight.

carter 01-30-2014 08:18 AM

Good morning folks. :coffee2:

Thank you for the kind words Laurie! It means a lot to me. I have posted a lot here over the years and I'm proud of what I've learned about weight loss but I often think my ideas might be unpalatable because they are to a certain extent grounded in discipline and being stern with oneself. ;-)

I am often told I should write a book but I fear the book will have to be called "All the things you don't want to hear about how to lose weight."

I am also sure that many of us who have been successful are told we should write a book. I don't think one can lose 100 pounds or more without figuring out a great deal about how to think about and strategize and form tactics for weight loss.

I'm rambling, cause I'm not awake. I overslept by an hour this morning and have to get to the gym. Have an awesome day everyone.

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