Regainers regaining control, and relosing

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  • Welcome Thedollylala! Glad you've joined in!

    It's so true about stress just overtaking your life and helping you choose poorly. That was where my regain came in, too. 2013 was so rough and I just lost my way. It doesn't help to get away from the exercising and eating on plan, but sometimes you just feel such apathy about those things when the rest of your life is blowing up. If you could fix your mind on keeping on plan and maybe even putting more of yourself into it, you might feel better and deal with things easier. But I know I have trouble choosing that path. It's a mindset that is difficult to change, but I think you have to be able to do it to keep continuous success.

    Carter: You're so right that if you could make an automatic part of your day, and not just an option, it would be so much better.

    Not sure what the answer is.
  • hi guys,

    I know I don't post here much anymore, but I still pop in to see how you all are doing.

    Re: stresses... I agree, It takes a lifetime. It does help to make the eating and exercise automatic/a habit, and learn different ways to cope aside from food... but yeah, it only takes one weak moment and you are back in a bad mindset. Hopefully those weak moments get fewer are farther between over time.
  • Hi all!

    I am still on track with exercise and food this week, but it is just feeling like a really sluggish week for me. Per my normal routine, I went to Spin on Monday, body pump on Tuesday and Spin today, but I am very aware of my tired legs. I also looked over my food choices to see if there might be an issue. The one thing that is standing out to me is that I've had more V-8 juice this week that normal. I know there is a ton of sodium in it, but I've also looked at the low sodium one and it has a scary list of chemicals in it, so I don't want to go that route. I love the taste of it, but I'm beginning to think that I need to cut it. A friend told me to check out Naked Juice. I'll look at it, but I know it is expensive.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • Hi guys. I'm back on this site after being away for quite a bit of time. I've been here under other names but due to changes in my life, I do not use them anymore. I am a married mom of 3 kids (8, 2, and 7 months) who delivered my son weighing at 247 and am now down to 232.1. I am working towards a goal of 175 but my mini-goal is 225
  • Good morning all.

    Well this morning I am down to 173, about three weeks after reaching 174, and given that I had a few days of binge in there, I can't really complain. I'm hoping this loss is part of a whoosh (I tend to lose that way) and that I'll see a little more tomorrow.

    I am really focused down to one choice at a time. I find myself thinking about eating off plan (even binging) and I make myself think, not now. Maybe later. Not today, maybe tomorrow. I started to think about setting a goal like "on plan every day until my birthday" (around two months from now) and even then I checked myself and thought "no, carter, just stay on plan today."

    These are signs that I am still struggling against a powerful binge impulse and also struggling to find the rhythm of being on plan. But they are also signs that I am mindful of the struggle, and in it, rather than giving in.

    Binging is the core of what caused my regain. I need to sort that out.
  • Welcome SummerRuth! Glad you are joining us!

    Carter: I think that is a good approach, taking it one day at a time. I'm glad you got your loss and I hope you get more, too.

    I'm doing ok. I am staying on plan and continue to exercise and track my calories. But this week doesn't feel as good as last week for some reason. I know I'm doing the right things, but it just is kind of a blah week for me, for some reason.
  • Hi all, room for one more???

    I've been back for some time but I kind of feel like I don't really belong in the WW forum anymore for some reason. I've been watching this thread for some time now and decided to finally join in!

    Slashnl- sorry to hear you're feeling this way. Hopefully you'll start to feel better soon or get outta this funk. Perhaps do something different and fun like a pedicure, massage, hair and/or nails? I don't know, just a thought.

    I love your approach- one day at a time. Way to go in your loss, Carter!

    Today's weight was 161, eventually I'd like to get to 140 but for now I'll just focus on getting in the 150s.
  • Hi Amandie, glad you're joining us!

    Doing much better today. I'm not sure what the little black cloud was all about for me the last couple of days. But, I had a talk with a friend of mine and she helped. Then, I went to Spin today and the Friday instructor is really good. He still makes you work hard, but he is much more of an encourager than he is a drill sergeant. It's kind of nice to end the week with a little calmness to the workout... even though you're sweating like crazy! Ha!

    Have a good weekend everyone!
  • Hi Slash:

    Thanks for the welcome. Last time I was active here, I was around 260 and I got down to 231 when I found out I was pregnant with my youngest daughter in 2011 (after separating from my husband) and managed to only gain 16lbs while pregnant. I got remarried last year and we welcomed our son in July. My husband and I started going to the gym in the mornings before class (we're both full-time students); but this past week has been really rough. We lost my father-in-law on Wednesday evening after a month and a half battle with Stage 4 Small-cell Lung Cancer and have been gearing up for my son's visit with the pediatric neurosurgeon in Portland. He's been referred due to having Chiari Malformation at only 7 months old. So this past month and a half has been really rough and we haven't had much time to work out. This week will be different though. I am determined to make it to my goal weight by our 2nd anniversary, which is April 11th 2015.
  • SummerRuth: Wow. That's a lot to deal with. I hope for the best for you and your son. It's good that you have a good relationship now, so that you can support each other.

    I had a good weigh in today. I lost 2.4 pounds. I have been very focused since I'm trying to win the weight loss challenge at work. It ends 4/1, so I need to stay focused after that because I still have a long way to go. It has been feeling good, so I think I can stay strong and committed.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.
  • Way to go on your 2.4 down, Slashnl!! You can do it, keep staying strong and committed!!!

    SummerRuth- wow! That is a lot to deal with. So sorry to hear about your father in law.

    I'm currently on my spring break from college so I'll be using this time to get started back up on exercising and some other stuff. So far, so good! I hope everyone had a good weekend..

    Let's have a great OP weekend, everyone!
  • Amandie: Hope you enjoy your spring break. That's always a good thing.

    So, I'm adding a new little bit of exercise to my day. I work in a four story office, with a basement, so there are four flights of stairs. I work on the second floor. So, twice a day, I'm going to go up two flights, down all four, and then up two flights. It just about killed me yesterday, so I thought it might be a good thing to add. I hope to get to where I can go down 2, then UP all four, then down 2. That will take awhile.
  • Thanks, Slash- Wow, you're awesome. I absolutely loathe going up stairs, my knees pretty much creak every time, haha. Every little bit counts, for sure!

    Last night, I did 25 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes today, both on the "hardest" preset workout setting. I'm so proud of myself! I just realized/noticed that my thighs do not rub together any more while "cycling" on the elly, so yay for a mini-NSV. I don't know when I will get around to re-starting 30DS but hopefully sometime this week if I ever find my DVD..

    I also finally decided to move away from WW. I definitely credit WW for getting me started on the right track, the skills, habits, and etc. but counting points isn't something I want to do for the rest of my life. I've been sort of doing mindful IE while sort of mentally tallying up calories for a long while now and so far, so good.

    Well, I'm off to tidy up the house a bit, laundry and get dinner ready since the BF has dart league tonight. Have a great day, all!
  • Amandie: Nice! You're doing some great workouts! I think that sometimes we need something like WW to get going on a diet plan, but then if we can find a way to do it on our own, it is a good plan. We have to be able to sustain, that's for sure!

    Not much new for me today. Went to spin and I was on a different side of the room than usual. I didn't like it over there.... There is this one woman who is always saying stupid stuff like "give us a kick a$$ workout", "we really want to work hard", and "we're doing great!" Ugh... Well, I was right beside her today. Funny thing is that she is such a slacker! She turns down her resistance all the time. What a phony! I don't really care what others do, but she just needs to shut up!

    Everyone else doing ok???
  • Omg, I finally hit the 150s this am!!! Ooh, I'm so motivated to stay on track and keep going!!! Just wanted to share that with you all.

    Lol @ phony slacker in spin class. Guess some people want to look good, wouldn't she crap if the instructor came over to her and looked? Hahaha.

    Hope everyone else is doing alright.