Getting Out of the 240s

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  • Quote: 243.2 today!
    Woot!! Heading down!
  • Hi there. I was at 251 at my last weigh in, can I join in? I'm hoping I lost some weight this week but I may have gained a little, I haven't been to my WW meeting this week because I'm away. I'm hoping to go to the meeting this Saturday if I get a chance. I'm tracking points online.

    Take care and have a nice evening!

  • Come on in seabiscuit! The water is great and hopefully the current continues to pull us down to the next decades.

    Thanks Streudel! I got 242.2 this morning.
  • The tide is turning Mara! Keep going!!
  • So I finally made it into the240s, which is a hard decade for me. I weighed at 249 so I'm teetering. I was strict to get into it so I need to be strict to get out of it. I'm so ready to get out of the 2s, I can taste it.
  • Hey!! I'm in the 240s now, big yay!
    Hey there!!!

    I'm in the 240s now, woohoo!!! Bye bye 250s!!! I will NEVER see those again! This time, I'm losing for good! I'm determined to WIN this weight loss battle!

    have a great night!

  • So, I'm at 249.8. Made it! Barely, but made it!! So glad to be below 250, and now need to work hard to make sure it sticks.
  • Welcome everyone! I am back from vacation so not sure of the damage done yet.
  • I'm at 248.4 today. So, I THINK that makes me solidly in the 240's. Isn't it funny that I was so obsessed with getting here, and now I'm starting to think about the 230's! I think we're all like that!
  • Yay Slashnl!!!

    I have been in the 240's forever! LOL I am definitely ready for the 230's but I keep going down and then back up, cycle, and repeat. At least I am not gaining a lot. But the next decade is just around the corner.
  • How is everyone doing?
  • I'm doing good. Down to 247. I am staying strong. TOM was last week so that slowed me down but I'm still pushing for a good next two weeks.
  • Keep going Mizzthing!!!
  • Hi everyone. Down 2.2, so I'm at 246.2. Getting there....
  • Thanks Mara. Congrats Slashnl! How is everyone else doing?