Getting Out of the 240s

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  • 245! Back on track!!
  • I might be back? 248.8 this morning! I REALLY want it to stick and to move down from here and NOT bounce back up again!

    It's been a super busy couple of weeks, between job #2 and the gym, everything else seems to be falling by the wayside! I haven't cooked more than 3 times in the last two weeks, I've got no clean dishes and I only JUST managed to run a load of laundry so I had some clean underwear!

    I only work Saturday this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to get my ducks in a row over the weekend and get back on track.
  • So, the (kinda) funny thing is that I went from a day that I was starving to a day that I ate almost nothing and was diagnosed with the flu.

    The odd thing is that I didn't recognize that I had the flu because I had had the flu shot this year and I didn't notice my energy level was down that felt like "old normal."

    How sad is that? Me now with the flu, felt like my old normal. Hadn't occurred to me until now how much energy I had gained back. Even more motivation to keep losing and working out.

    And, CharityMarie, I totally agree! Love chasing everyone down through the threads! I get so much more motivation from all of you who are similar to me than I do from either myself or people with just a little to lose.
  • Hey everyone! So for the past 10 days I threw my diet and exercise out of the window because my mom came for a visit (she lives in georgia and I live in canada) Today I stepped on the scale because I'm starting up everything again and I was 250.0 It really sucks but I was expecting it to be up because we ate ALOT of take out and I didn't exercise lol. But, I'm back! I did my workout and I'm back on healthy eating.
  • Hello everyone! How are you guys?

    Silverfire I hope you were able to get everything caught up.

    KarinRose I hope you are feeling better. The flu stinks.

    MandyLamy way to recommit! It is stuff.

    I went to visit my Dad for his 50th birthday this weekend, so while I was active, I also ate alot of bad food. Going to avoid the scale for a little while.
  • 243!!
  • 249.3 today. I did get mostly caught up and sort of back on track last week, but I've been working quite a bit at job#2 and have been spending lots of time at the gym, I feel like everything else is slipping a little bit. My eating hasn't been very great the last few days. A few small binges, and a few more than a few things I shouldn't have had.... With the temperature starting to get back above zero I'll be able to Start BBQing again and plan on marinating and freezing all sorts of BBQ friendly things to just chuck on the grill come dinner time, hopefully that will get me out of my "I dont wannna cook anything" rut.
  • CharityMarie you and I are so close to moving threads!
  • Blah I just had a huge dinner and dessert last night for my birthday. Im expecting a water weight gain, I'll avoid the scale for a minute lol.

    Close though! Excited!
  • Happy Birthday Charity!!! I took me a couple days to come back down after my birthday booze/food fest! I had a blast so it was worth it

    248.2 today! Huzzah!
  • Hello

    I've not tried these " Getting Out of the __________ " weight based threads before, but I thought maybe I should give it go. It seems like it would be good for keeping focused on the job right at hand instead of the somewhat more daunting task of losing 100 lbs.

    I'm at 246 today. I waited until I stopped bouncing between the high 240's and the low 250's. How does everyone else handle this? Do you go to the next weight thread ( up or down ) immediately or do you wait for your weight to stabilize before you call it?
  • Welcome Streudel! It is much less daunting to take it a decade or two at a time! Plus having people battling the same numbers on the scale is nice!

    Personally, I'v been stuck in the 250's for so long, the first time was really close (250.1) I hopped on over here to see what was happening! I poke my nose in both threads, I don't think anyone minds

    Hopefully I can just bounce my way down to the 230's without going back to the 250's!
  • Well after 3 bad eating days because of my birthday I apparently gained 5 pounds lol from 243 to 248. Water weight mostly I hope! Takes forever to lose and seconds to gain! I'll look back at the scale on Friday. I was so close to the 230's!!
  • Welcome Streudal!

    Way to go Silverfire!

    CharityMarie I am sure it is water weight and will be gone in a blink.

    I am not doing well. I do great, plan out my meals, and then for some reason I derail. Keep hindering myself.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome, ladies!

    246.5 today.

    Last night, my daughter and I had our weekly homemade fast food night ( burger, fries, and soda ). I'm actually pretty happy to only see 0.5 lbs water weight; I usually gain more that that.

    Silverfire, I know what you mean when you say bouncing through a decade. If you graphed it, my weight loss would look like a seismograph. But hey, as long as we get there in the end, it's all good, right?

    Mara, sorry to hear you're struggling. Maybe you're bored with the plan and need to shake it up a little?

    I read something in a book called Change Anything that I think applies. It said use a bad day to get good data. If you keep looking at why you go off track, you'll figure out what those critical moments are when a decision has to made and what needs changing for a better outcome.