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Default What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I see a pretty, well kept lady with cute hair and sparkly eyes and a nice smile.

What do you see???
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This question is a great one, but an "ouch" for me. Because I'm still working on my self esteem, which really tanked when I got really big. All I can see in the mirror are my flaws. . .my skin with breakouts, scars on my body, etc.

HOWEVER, I do sometimes notice my deep brown eyes with black flecks in them. And I like my hands. They are very petite. (As a keyboard player, they get more exercise than the rest of me!)
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A blob ! An enormous belly and face.

Everything negative, I see. I know I have to work on this but its the truth, this is what I see.
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Default Ooo baby!

Oooo... that I need a haircut!

I see a goddess that concentrates way too much on how she looks... a bit like Aphrodite.

I see someone with great skin, beautiful eyes, "come hither" lips. I see fabulous clevage, strong legs, and hips.

Man, I'm hot.
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You can do it!!!!
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I guess it all depends on the time of day...LOL.

Sometimes I feel very confident....I try to be positive. Then other days, I am so negative....and then I get really down on the way that I let myself become.

Good question. I know once I start feeling better on the inside, the rest will follow. This is another thing I really must work on....Loving myself. It is about self acceptance too. About a year and a half ago....I worked at Lane Bryant....and I actually got to the point where I was comfortable with my body....it was actually an acceptance. And working where other plus sized girls shopped, I got to take a step back and really observe people. It was amazing to see the extremes in the women...some were very confident...and very put together...and other women you could tell were ashamed unhappy and frumpy. Right now...I fall under frumpy.....

Take care,
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oh dear. i'm gonna have to think more about this one. but as a first reaction, when i look in the mirror, i still don't recognize that face that's looking back. i don't know who she is, or how she got there. she has really nice eyes, and a nice smile. and she REALLY needs a haircut and dye job these days...
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Good thread!

For me it all depends on where I'm looking in the mirror. I think it is all a self esteme thing!

When I get ready at home I think I look great. But if I see myself in the same outfit, on the same day, I see a fat ugly person and can't stand what I look like. I know, it doesn't make sence, but it's just how I feel.

Now if I'm in front of the mirror naked, that is a whole other story!

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Bella - I can relate. The thoughts I posted were from getting ready this morning. I sit on the floor in front of a mirror. I lean into the mirror to do my makeup and *poof*, the double chin is gone. That's when I see the pretty me.
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Mirrors? What are they??

If I were to see myself in a mirror, I'd probably go
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In MY mirror I look pretty good..cuz I can only see my face. In my mom's big mirror, I hate what I see. I've never seen a reflection of me that I've been satisfied with. By the time I lose all the weight and look decent, i'll be in the nursing home! Oh well, maybe i'll be the sweetheart queen..
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It's been a long time since I've given thought to what I see in the mirror--partly because I know how far I've come, but the mirror reminds me of how far I still have to go.

I see twinkling blue eyes with flecks of gold, what I think are collar bones, though I don't remember ever having any , and a shape that looks like the curves are going back to the right places, which makes me very happy.

Good thread Sandi!
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Talking This is my recent trick

My car has no AC, and I have no interest in doing myself up to sweat it all off in my 30 min commute. But I pack a tupperware full of the basic beauty essentials. After I change into my uniform I am always amazed at how awful I look. My skin is scarred, I still break out like a teenager, and who said in my old age I could get these random black hairs sprouting out everywhere

Then I wash my face again, instantly it looks fresher. A little lotions and then the makeup. My eyes pop, I have cheekbones, my skin is flawless, and I forgive myself of my double chin, because I am so darn pretty And its a little vanity boost in my day.

The part that I like even more about me. I bought my guys ice cream tonight, just because

Miss Chris
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I see a woman who is finally making a CHANGE in her life.

(And besides that, she's about to become a mommy!)

I recognize myself in the mirror again every once in a while. I notice my eyes and my smile more than worrying over my double chin or my arms.
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I see a woman that loved herself at 400+, loves herself at 310 and will love herself at 145. I was beautiful then and am beautiful now and will always be beautiful even at 90 should I live so long! My mirror tells me the truth and the truth is I am nearly 50 and have earned my wrinkles here and there. They are not something to be sad about, but to revel in! The woman that looks back at me is feisty, hard headed, loving and overly compassionate. She has a man in her life that adores her and has for 31 years! She is a very VERY proud grandma of a 3 year old and proud mom of 2 grownups. All in all, I see a pretty put together ole lady!
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Right now, I see a woman who needs a lot of work. I'm having some of those, gaining weight-breaking out-TOM-can't do anything right days. Except for a much needed trim, I genuinely like my hair (but only in AZ, because the humidity elsewhere makes me look like a frizzball) and I have always loved my little nose.
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