Amusing NSV

  • I recall having a very hard time getting around when I weighed well over 100 pounds more than I do now. I had no sense of balance, I couldn't stay on my feet long without being in a ridiculous amount of pain, I had bad anxieties about shopping and walking around others, and climbing in and out of vehicles was especially difficult.

    So while on a shopping trip yesterday, I marveled at being able to try on shoes without needing a bench to sit on. I was on my feet for hours without any pain. I passed by other people in the aisles with very little thought or effort. And when I was ready to head home and went back to the parking lot? Someone had parked way too close to the driver's side of my car. It was so tight there was no way I could open the door enough to get inside, even when I folded my side mirror in! I momentarily thought of going back to the store to complain and have the drive paged, but then I realized I could probably climb in from the passenger's side. Oh sure, I had to climb over the center console, the parking brake, and the shift stick, which is difficult enough for any tall person, but I could still give it a shot, right? So I very carefully kneeled down into the passenger seat, closed the door, and climbed over all the obstacles so I could twist around and settle in. And I suddenly realized . . . there's no way I could have accomplished that even last year when I was only 30 pounds heavier than now.

    The best part? I'm currently 38 week pregnant! That is all.
  • That's amazing! Congrats!
  • tht is so wonderful...and ur narration made it all the more better.
    Isn't it these nsv's tht keep us going...
  • Love it! The joys of weight loss!
  • love this post!! almost baby time!!
  • That is amazing to be able to manoeuvre like that when so close to term! Awesome NSV
  • I love it!!! How wonderful!
  • What a great NSV!
    I have been discussing Charles Dickens use of imagery all week with students. Your use of imagery is just as powerful!
  • Wow that's great!

    It's crazy how little weight loss is needed to dramatically increase health stuff like mobility issues. Which, since health is most important, is such a blessing.

    And you, mom-to-be, didn't need to spend an extra minute in a cold parking lot! So glad this worked out for you, but shame on that other car's driver!
  • Awesome!!!
  • Thanks everyone!

    I sort of feel I need to thank that driver for putting that obstacle in my place, prompting me to reflect upon what I couldn't do in the old days in total appreciation of what I can accomplish now. Lately it's been easy to feel fat and lazy in my condition, and it's easy to forget how far I've come.

    I've got about 11 days left until I'm due, and anxious for so many things! I can't wait to meet the baby and I'm really looking forward to healing up so I can finally get back to a calorie deficit and pushing my workouts. I'm also curious as to what my post-baby weight will be since it's going to be my new starting point. I'm really, really hoping I can get myself under 200 by this summer!
  • That is soooo AWESOME! Especially with the fact you are almost full term, I've had pregnant friends who were always in shape and I doubt they could have done that so close to term.