Happy Holidays year end December 2013 Daily Check-in & Accountability Thread

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  • I finally went to the gym and did 5 miles in 78 minutes on the treadmill, calories burned 735 Nike+

    weighed 180 even after my shower, feeling good about tomorrows weigh in
  • 178.4 this morning down 2lbs the threadmill paid off
  • Good for you! Doesn't that feel awesome?
  • oh my goodness Virginia, it sure does How are you?

    I only did 4 miles today, 597 calories burned, but I didn't get all of my water in so my weigh in may not be as good in the morning
  • down 2 more pounds of water to 176.4
  • Starting Weight - 211.4
    1:210.6 Sunday, no workout for me today.
    2:210.4 Did a 5 mile WATP and then walked another mile outside.
    3: 209.4 5 miles WATP and another walk outside with walking poles. getting the hang of them!!
    4: 210.4 again... up down up down.... 3 miles on the treadmill and 2 miles outside with the poles. I worked today~
    5:208.6 Our snow melted (it's coming back not going to get excited) so I walked outside, 5 miles very very hilly!
    6: 208.4 It is snowing again, but it's light dare I go walking outside? We'll see nope... walked with Leslie Sansone
    7 207.6 No walk today, bible quiz meet with my kids. If stress = exercise, yeah I don't think so
    8 207.8 Walked on my funky treadmill. I have to bump up the incline to at least 1.5 and higher when I go faster or it completely shuts down requiring me to start over, so I did 4 miles... up hill, thankfully not through the snow.
    9. 207.4 Walked 2 miles on the treadmill and then did a 4 mile walk with Leslie Sansone. Snow is coming down outside and I'm cold!!
    10. 206 this morning, not really trusting it though. 5 mile walk with Leslie, I'm freezing. Making acorn squash soup for me and potato cheese for the rest of the family.
    11 - still 206 today. maybe the scale is broken Did 6 miles of Leslie Sanson (4 mile walk with miles 2 and 3 repeated.)
    16- 205 today, changed the batteries and it stayed the same. Haven't been online much this weekend and I am planning to do 5 miles with Leslie Sansone.
    17 - 206 today Walked on my dread mill for 5 miles. the faster I walk the higher the incline has to be so I was walking up hill the whole way!!
    18 and 19th computer down!! was 207 on the 18th and 208 on the 19th!
    20 - back to 206 today - went through a couple of food obsessed days. Getting it back under control I hope.
    21 - 206 again, Did 5 miles on the treadmill. Went downstairs to do 2, talked myself into 3 and then 5. Happy Saturday. I don't know why the scale is stuck, but I know I'm wearing a shirt I couldn't wear a week ago!!
    25 - 203.4 today and I went sledding with the family! I climbed, I fell, and I slid. Great workout and so much fun! MeRrY ChRiStMas!!
    26 - day after Christmas and there are mine fields of junk food around here. Staying on plan but everywhere I look.... 203.4 again today and a 5 mile walk with Leslie Sansone.
    27-29 varied between 207- 205 did my workouts everyday, not enough water, not off plan but not on it either (I eat low carb, gluten free and you can eat too many calories even with that plan!)
    30 - 204.4 better but not okay. Leslie, 5 mile walk.
  • Donna we have one more day

    I weighed in today at 176.6.
    I am 1.6 pounds up from where I want to be

    Stats since joining 3FC

    May 27, 2010 ~~ weight 195.4 <--- joined 3FC
    September 24, 2010 ~~ weight 165.0 <--- my all time low
    December 31, 2011 ~~ weight 189.2
    January 1, 2013 ~~ weight 197.2 <--- re-start

    I burned 612 calories on the treadmill so I think I may just come a little closer in the a.m.

    Happy New Year

  • I'm up this morning 1.2lbs to 177.8

    … but I had a 5.6lb loss for the month so I'm thankful for that

    Happy New Year Everyone

  • I was at 203.6 yesterday and today at 200.8! Happy New Year! Changed up some things in my diet and drowned myself in water the last couple of days
  • Donna that's great. I'll see you on the new thread