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Default The 'but' that got me thinking

I started losing on 9th January 2012. It has taken me 20 months to lose 60 pounds. I was talking with someone at work about my weightloss. It went like this:
Concerned colleague - So, how much have you lost?
Me - So far 60 pounds.
Concerned colleague - Yes, but it has taken you all this time.
Me - Yes, but it took me forever to get this fat.

The point is that her 'but' got me thinking. Apparently, I had to lose faster in order to fit her 'correct' timeframe of losing weight. People will always try to find something negative (to their mind) to say so as to minimize your success.
Fact: I lost the pounds.
Fact: in 20 months
Fact: Nothing you say can make me question myself.
Fact: I feel sad for your need to downplay my achievement.
Boo to negative people.
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Come on Spring!
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Good for you! There's always someone to rain on any parade!

I have the bus or train method. I mentally put them on a train or bus going far, far away and wave them off. Been doing this since I was 20 - and it's worked fine for the past 55 years!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Good for you!
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Hi From Canada, eh?
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who cares if it took you 10 years??? I weighed this much, now I weigh 60 pounds less than that, it's a fact.

ohhhh right, we forgot for a minute -- people suck
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Those are all great facts! I need to remind myself of that as well...although it is the voices in my own head that keep saying it has taken you almost 3 years to lose 88 pounds.

Fact: Even though it has taken 3 years to lose the weight I am way, way healthier/fitter than I have ever been in my life. Even if it takes another 3 years to lose any more weight I will still be healthier than I have ever been.
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Just yesterday I met a friend after 6 months and losing 54 lbs.. This frnd is some one I talk to almost 3 times a week over the phone and she knows all abt my past failures regarding losing weight and this successful one... Amywayz, after seeing me yesterday she flat out said "ur face looks too thin, there is no glow on ur skin and u actually look dead" I was flabbergasted and felt really really down... I went to my parents place and cried infront of my mother... my mum said she wld hav been the first person to tell me tht I looked sick if it were true and that my friend was just jealous... I gav it a thought and it might actually be true, because for the first time since we've been friends I weigh less than her... And she has lately been worried about her weight... But the thing that bothered me was how sumone so close to you could be so negative.. Even if she thought I looked pale or sick, she cldve put it in a better way
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One day at a time!
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who cares if it took you 10 years???
Exactly! Also, you probably changed your life forever in those 20 months.

I am sorry that both of you Kitcherella and hamlette experienced such negative people.
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Badass Brokeleg Bunny
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I get concerned talk about how fast I am losing, even though I started July 1st and have average 2.5 pounds a week which is with the suggested limits ... it's just that people only noticed recently so they think it's extreme.

It makes me crazy, and seeing your email I feel equally crazy for you, Kitcherella! Losing weight slowly is the best way since it gives your body time to adjust! Every doctor I know would be holding you up as a shining example of doing things correctly!!!!!

Hamlette, I'm sorry about your friend too, that was uncalled for. I think you are right that she is jealous ...

Why can't people just say, 'good for you!' or just hold their tongues? Why do they have to put their own baggage on it?
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Come on, skinny love
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Having it take 20 months means that you have made permanent healthy changes to your lifestyle. It means you didn't latch on to the latest miracle one-food diet you read about in the grocer's checkout.

I'm inspired by you.
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What a mean spirited comment.
You've done an awesome job & I'm glad you're able to see the positives. I think 20 months is a very realistic timeframe to lose 60lbs and make permanent, healthy changes.
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One with the Wind and Sky
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Goodness, don't tell them how long it's taken me! And I'm still not done yet.
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I know it shouldn't but it just shocks me how rude people can be.
Kitcherella you are doing a great job!
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