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  • Gettin real tired of your bullsh!t 259! Enough already!

    I think I've decided I need to cut some more carbs. I am learning that some things (rice!) just make me MORE hungry. I don't like it! I'm going to shoot for below 100g a day, since I had been averaging 175 a day for the last month. I'm hoping that it might make that damn number change! Yesterday was not a lower carb day. Burger and fries for lunch at a friends bday, and then after a hard workout a frozen thin crust pizza for dinner coz I was lazy. I just about broken even calorie wise after all that with 2 hours spent at the gym. Tonight and tomorrow is job #2, so that means no gym or C25K tonight, but I'm sure I will get a good workout anyway. Today isn't off to a good start for food either, my laziness from yesterday spilled over to this morning and I didn't have breakfast or lunch to bring to work. So Tim hortons for breakfast... then a starbucks strawberry smoothie... and tims for lunch again! I did skip the v-day cake in the lunchroom at least!

    I managed not to let the unknown throw me off tooooooo bad the other day... so that's a win!

    welcome to the decade smallsteps! Hope you have a short stay

    LilMissBee Hope your scale shows you a good number when you get back on it!

    SucreSucre MMmmmmm that sounds so yummy!!! I think you had a whole lot more self restraint than I would have had in your shoes!

    MissSMcC Congrats and good luck in the next decade!
  • I'm right there with you Silverfire. . . I weighed in today at 258. I really wanted to curse and throw the scale. I refrained. I am going to cut my carbs and see if that helps. I've noticed that I stopped losing weight when I started eating higher carbs so going to go back low and work my way up again. I'm going to try to follow phase 1 of the South Beach Diet for a week or two and see if that helps. I really like Kalyns Kitchen for lower carb recipes. Since I am also trying to eat vegetarian 2 times a week I'm trying to find some recipes there that are both lower carb and vegetarian. The really fast will be finding recipes that my husband will eat too. . . he'll do vegetarian if it's pasta. . .but that's going to be out for me this next week.

    My job is paying for the Diabetes prevention program at PREVENTNOW for people who qualify. I went ahead and signed up, and qualified due to my weight and family history of type 2 diabetes. Anyway, they hook you up with a health coach and a group of similar people looking to lose weight. It's basically an online class going through nutrition and weigh loss topics. Since I have taken nutrition courses before, I doubt it will going to be anything new, but I think having a wellness coach might be helpful. They send you a pedometer and wireless scale that links to their website (sounds a lot like fitbit) and you weigh in and track your progress everyday for 16 weeks. Since that's something that I am doing already, I figured I couldn't hurt (plus it was free).

    I'm just ready to be out of the 250's.
  • Since I dont have a home scale and it's my day off I'm going to do my midweek weigh in tomorrow morning at work. I don't know why I'm so nervous for this one, I think it's because I'm so sore, I've been doing a lot of different exercises at the gym... guess I'm afraid I'm holding water from muscle soreness.

    Here's hoping for a little less tomorrow! Will report back.
  • I guess I'm not going to be in the other thread just yet... 253 today. I was so happy to see the 240s last week but I guess I jumped the gun.
  • Wow...261.4 today guys, but I can't even be upset, the last 2 days have been a $h!t show: last night alone I had Burger King, champagne, a shared pizza and quesadilla.

    I'm back on track, going to the gym now. Gave a good long weekend!
  • 263

    This decade is going so slooooooow. 260's probably for 2 more weeks... Hoping to get through the 250's by the end of March! Here's hoping!
  • 263.8.... Ugh I can taste the 250s!!!
  • I feel ya, LilMissBee - I was out of the 270's in just two weeks. I knew the 260's would drag but arghhhh.. just getting excited for the next decade, even if it is the same thread! I wanna be one of the 250 girls!
  • Hey CharityMarie... I think we might be twinsies, or the closest thing I've found so far. Do you have a twin yet?

    I'm an inch taller, and my start weight was a little lower than yours (probably not actually, cause I avoided scales at my highest!) But we're right in the same place now, with similar goals...
  • Okay I will admit, I'm a little impatient cause I'm on a deadline LOL my crush invited me to visit him in August all the way cross country... first time meeting... I am crossing all fingers and toes to be in Onederland by then... I would go into that visit SO confident if I could do that...

    Plus we're going to powwow, I wanna wear something cute!
  • Eek! 60 ish pounds in 6 months~ !! You know what though, it is possible with really really hard work. But if you don't quite make it, youll still look and feel a ton better, even if you are 220 in August you'll have SO much boosted confidence.

    I'm honestly trying as hard as I can to get down as low as possible by May, which is when I'll be seeing a certain special someone who I haven't seen in... oh.. 4 months so far? I want him to be FLOORED by my changes! Ya know?

    I'm absolutely in it to be a nagging motivator!
  • Yeah it's a lofty goal... I'm shooting for the stars... I'm NOT going to beat myself up if I don't get to Onederland, by then (for the record, I'm not going until the very end of August, too, so I have all of August to keep working!) I figure shoot for stars, you might hit the moon. Right?

    I love that both of us have a special someone we want to surprise haha!
  • Down .4 this week, I'm happy for the loss, it wasn't a great week. Still here for now, I'm away on Vacation, so I won't weigh in this week.

    Have a great week everyone!
  • 262.8 Whoop whoop can I get a 261???

    (I'm in the initial stage of weight loss where it comes off practically daily.... I love this part of losing weight... the trick this time is to stick with it when things slow down!)
  • LilMissBee I would do anything to be in that first stage of weight loss again! I'm trying to stick with it but this past month and the 250's have taken it all out of me. I'm really hoping that part of my decrease in weightloss is because I am building a little muscle.

    256.4 today, going back down, but this is the pattern for me lately. I get down to 255 and then go right back up to 258/259. Hoping to break the pattern! Cutting my carbs down this week, and I went for walks both days this weekend. They weren't anything intense, but it got me moving when normally I would be sitting on the couch all weekend. Also didn't eat out this weekend as per usual, but I did have some popcorn and candy at the movie theatre last night. Looking forward to getting some more intense exercise in the this week and hoping to see my numbers drop!