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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Default Be honest!

Who is eating Halloween candy tonight?

My major weaknesses are milk duds and tootsie rolls, and yes, I will be indulging tonight.
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I did. Tomorrow I start my challenge, so I'll have to give away the leftovers.
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Well, not tonight, but there was candy at the office for kids doing a Main Street trick-or-treat this afternoon. It's all about the Snickers...

To be clear, I did not eat the children's candy. I ate the candy they left behind!
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Trying to be in the 160s
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Er. No.

Drinking beer...absolutely.

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Desperately trying to avoid the peanut butter cups my stupid hubby bought even though we get ZERO trick or treater's
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We get ZERO here too and hubby always insists on buying candy.. It's gone now because we ate it. It wasn't a huge amount but I wish he'd listen to me and not buy it!
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One day at a time!
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I had a plan which helped but................ my son bought the candy but I had to pass them out. When I opened the bag that had butterfingers, the smell was wonderful. I gave away the Butterfingers first but did eat 2 of the small bars.

The leftover candy has been whisked away by someone and I don't even know where it is.

Note to my son next year, no Butterfingers!!
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I had a few Jolly Ranchers at work today... and some cake. Starting the Christmas Challenge tomorrow, so it's best I got that out of the way now!
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OMW to a brand new me!
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No candy for me! We have no trick or treaters, kids are grown, so didn't buy any candy.
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Me! And a cookie from the work party. I've found that if I'm reasonable (one piece of candy/one cookie instead of a ton like before) I have more luck than telling myself I can't have something.
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Badass Brokeleg Bunny
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We usually have tons of trick or treaters ... but bad weather meant we ended up with next to none. There's a dentist office that will take candy tomorrow at 3 pm ... and then they will ship it to our active duty service men and women ... but until then it's in the house.

I'm counting down the hours until I can get rid of it.
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i lost my head awhile ago
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I had one fun size Almond Joy, and was tempted to eat some Reeses cups (my fave), but pretty much that's it. I don't eat a lot of candy anyway so it's not like I see and want to nom on all of it.

I did make pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, but had one square. Man it was sooo sweet. I had to drink a cup of plain black coffee to wash it down.
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Goal is health
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No candy for me
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I did and I'm paying for it today. 4 weeks with no sugar and I caved. That stuff just needs to stay out of my house for a while. Today, I have a horrible headache. I should have known better.
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Gone, baby, gone
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I had 5 pieces. For me, that's a victory! (I've always made it very clear to everyone that candy is my favorite food!) And, I tracked it all and only went over calories by about 30, which is fine by me, too!
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