getting out of the 280's and 270's

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  • Our last thread was over the 500 post maximum. Whoops!
  • Fill up: it defo sucks ugh!
    Lindy: exactly..thinking is the first step!

    Im still frigen sich ugh! Also, I spent all yest baking a total of 5 pies and 48 cookies and didnt have one! I come home from class today and cave and have o e :/ oh well I guess, 1 wont kill me its the other one that will which is why im sticking to 1! oh and I was down from 289 to 283 yest woot. Now it needs to keep going down...,
  • Hello all im not in the 280s yet I dnt think the batteries went out in my scale 2 weeks ago so I havent weighed myself but I would like to join bc I see alot of people are around my weight or started where I started. So please tell me what this thread is all about. I can always use some support and motivation! Thanks
  • I'd like to jump in here too... I have been stuck in the 280's for awhile and am hoping to zoom past the 270's as quickly as I can. I hope I can motivate some of you and get some motivation too!
  • Well i did have a few pieces of candy today but I am now done with that for the day. Tomorrow, well that is another story.
  • SMSDREAMER: i totally cannot cook without tasting the whole time...that's awesome that you didn't! and feel better!

    Lindy: what's halloween without ONE piece of candy?

    personally, i try not to beat myself over slip ups, because i love food and i don't want to give any of it up (unless i have to for some medical reason). yesterday, at a staff meeting, there was a slew of candy, chips, and, doughnuts. i also caved and had one. but left it at that, thank goodness. trying to not let little slip ups turn into a week off plan
    managed to stay on plan today (so far!) without incident
  • This is just a thread where we support eachother as we travel through the weigh decades
    Sadly I did eat a cookie yest; the day after baking and boooooy did it trigger me woo. Oh well, I kept track and my cals were way under every day this week so I should be ok.
  • Well had a stressful day at work and came home and ate candy all nite. YIKES!
  • Ouch. At least it was just one night and not 4 nights lindy!!
  • I'm finally in the 270's! After all the stress the past few days, I managed to not give in to my emotional eating habits and made a small goal for me! Now to speed through this "decade"...
  • yay recovering!!!
  • SMSDREAMER2007 Glad that you are recovery from being sick. I went to WW today to weigh in after eating out almost all of last week and eating candy for a few days and I still lost 5.6 lbs. Don't know how but I will take it! I thougtht my scale was broken because I could not believe it. This motivates me to stay on the right path. May be out of the 270s finally in a few days.
  • Yay lindy!!!

    I find sometimes if ive been reallly good and on plan then a "bad week" jolts my body and makes the weight melt off too!
    Sadly im still sick the yay recovering was for therecoveringchick's loss
    This mornjng I was 280 exactly on the scale but weigh in for me isnt till wed n I had yes had to have taco bell tonight but I was wise about it so we will see what damage it did. Still within calories so im crossing my fingers
  • Yesterday was my first day candy free even though there is still tons here from my kids. Planning to stay away from it again today. Going to try and enjoy having the day off from work today. Errands to run and stuff but hoping to get watching a movie from the library with my daughter.
  • I've been gone for over a year (I think) and decided that I need to get back on track and "face the facts." 3FC has provided so much support in the past so I thought this would be my first stop. I'm hoping to join you lovely ladies and speed on through the 280's!