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  • Thesecond half..fortified mashed potatoes does have more stuff in it like whole milk sour ceeam extra butter ect.. Im a nurse so we use it for our patients. I looked it up and it is double the calories of regular instant mashed potatoes..smh

    CeeJay...yes Valentines Day is 10 weeks away. Sorry I bypassed the important Holidays like Christmas and New Years I just need to see some hope and have a goal to work towards 269 by Valentines I still cant get over that I mean I been much smaller than thay but not for a long time and it is well over due!! Im excited just thinking abt it. Aqua Zumba was great as always. I tried it before and it definitely tones u up. But I didnt change my eating habits then I cant wai to see the results with a change in my diet plus it is so much fun! I love music and love to dance and love water so it is perfect for me.
  • .... now I want sinfully fattening mashed potatoes.
  • Lmao....NOOooooO!!! dont do it!!! Im sorry ShelBI..that was not my intention
    haha ha this made my day! Too funny.DONT eat them not worth double calories lol.
  • I give up. I surrender. I am waving the white flag until after the holidays.

    Then, my self control and I are going to have a long talk. I will send it to it's room to think about what it's done.

    There are no fewer than 14 different kinds of treats here today. All of them delicious. Next week I'll be home and will have Tony's steak sandwich and Ruiz taco and mom's atole rice and chicken tacos and crullers from Tim Horton's until I make myself sick.

    I accept this, because otherwise I will drive myself crazy. I'm also considering a diet of nothing but water and cardboard starting the 26th.
  • Good morning!!!

    So happy to see 286 again this morning. Yesterday was a good day and this weekend I have no plans so I am determined to eat very healthy and deal with Monday on Monday. Did fairly well at 3 work parties this week, eating way less sugar than I usually would and sticking to one plate only with the healthiest things available. Also am riding the exercise bike consistently so that is progress.

    ShelBl - I know how frustrating this time of year is. Food everywhere. Maybe you don't have to totally give up until the 26th. If you can practice even a few healthy things each day, that is progress and you will still be doing something good for yourself.

    skinnyki -yikes re fortified mashed potatoes. I have trained myself to only add skim milk and don't want to think about how good they taste with all that extra fat. How's water Zumba?

    Have a good one!
  • Hello everyone so excited Im finally in 280s and I hope to never see 300s again. I know its a small thing. I only lost 21 lbs but I am estatic!! I feel great and looking forward to achieving my weight loss goals. Its weird bc I really dont feel like I'm on a diet counting calories. I am satisfied which is all that matters. Super geeked to get all of this weight off.

    CeeJay yeah I know the fortified mashed potatoes are wickedly good. But off limits now that i know.
    Hope everyone have a good weekend!
  • Good morning

    285 this morning.

    I am finding that I am coping OK with the sugar the last few days. I am trying to think "nope, not right now" when faced with thoughts of consuming sugar and distract myself with something else. The 285 this morning was hugely reinforcing. My next goal is 281 and it is starting to feel possible again.

    skinnyki- losing 21 pounds is huge!!!! Never downplay any weight loss. Just remember how it feels to be on the other side of that 21 pounds. So great that you are in the 280's!! You and me both hoping to never see 300 again. We can do this. I am also basically calorie counting and it seems to work for me too.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Great Job Ceejay!!! 285 thats great!

    Woke up this am and I was 288.2 ! I usually go down after drinking alchol has anyone else notice this? Also after tracking my weight daily I usually lose weight on Tuesday s and Saturdays is anyone else like that?

    Ceejay? How many calories do u eat a day? I try to stay between 1700-1800 calories day.
  • Ugh, you guys, I am all over the place. I'm not even eating holiday food, I just have PMS and zero time at home, ever. I mean, I get the concept of making time "for myself" but I don't think I've had my nails done since my daughter was born (SHE IS ALMOST EIGHT) and I have dyed my hair in the middle of the night with box color more than once. I am EXHAUSTED all the time and I'm like 90% certain I have sleep apnea. It's so hard to motivate myself to put on makeup, much less go for a walk. I am not giving up for the holidays, I don't even really ENJOY food anymore, it just tastes like guilt. I just don't make time to actually prepare healthy stuff for myself and you can't get far on water, lean cuisines, and various burritos.
  • Ok, so, shaking it off!

    I feel like I have my head on straight again. I was - brace yourselves- 300.5 a few days ago. I NEARLY DIED. I had myself a little OH HECK NO moment on the bathroom scale (step off and step on all you want, lady, it is what it is) and now I'm back with focus. I've been to GS parties and class parties and all kinds of other parties (too busy to eat, so at least there's that) and people keep taking my picture and I keep smiling as big as I can and thinking, I am going to be half this person this time next year. I am going to make that happen.

    My promise to myself is to stop trying to grab things without slowing down. It is ok for me to sit down and EAT A MEAL. I am worth fifteen minutes to eat! I don't have to grab whatever I can eat while driving to the next thing! Also, I'm allowed to go to bed before midnight. No one will die if something doesn't get done or waits till tomorrow morning. It's OK to sleep, for goodness sake! I may not lose weight over the Christmas break and that's ok, but I also won't snack my way through it with mad abandon because I really could wake up at 315 pounds on Jan 1 and no one wants that. I'm checking Cooking Light and Pinterest for lighter, healthier snacks, sides, etc for the holidays. I will take those with me and leave the heavier stuff for other people. I know I'm making fruit and cheese trays for Christmas Eve, as well as some vegetables with hummus or something similar.

    I'm giving myself a WW membership for my birthday in Jan.

    I feel a little more in control and a lot less hopeless than I did a few days ago. Hope you guys are having a fun holiday season!!!
  • Well my ticker is correct again, I am at 292. I never thought I'd be so relieved to get back to EXACTLY WHERE I STARTED. Oh well. My goal now is not to gain ANYTHING between now and starting WW.

    I spent all day yesterday making candy to give away. I have found out something - stuff you make yourself isn't all that interesting. By the time I was done and it had cooled to edible levels, I was SO OVER CANDY. So now just have to deliver it.

    Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend!
  • Hi Ladies,

    Food-- sick to death of food. Sick of thinking about it, obsessing about it, cooking it, looking at it, talking about it, the internal debating about eating it... you all know this headspace.

    I have had some good eating days and many not so good. By not so good I mean eating foods full of fat and sugar. So my weight is yo-yoing between 290 and 285. I am frustrated. On one hand this has got to be the hardest time of all to be trying to eat well. But on the other hand, if Christmas was not an excuse, I could find many more.

    TheSecondHalf- good for you for getting away from that dreaded 300!!!

    skinnyki- have been trying to hit about 1500 calories but lately that has not been doable. When I am eating healthy I eat the same breakfast, lunch and snacks mostly every day so that makes it easier. I am thinking of uping to 1700 to see if that makes it easier to stay on plan.

    Take care!!!
  • CeeJay, this is a hard time of year. The food flood is almost over and we can get back to real life. It will be a relief.

    I was 290.5 this morning. I hope this is enough motivation to carry me through Christmas and away from mindless eating.
  • Hello all just checking in ti see how everyone is doing and t I agree with thesecondhalf..thank God. .the food flood is drying out one more day and this mess is over!! We can do it!
    Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Howdy y'all... I'm a newcomer to this thread. Finally got myself under 300 and now I have a new mini-goal: get down to 280. I hope it doesn't take months & months to do it! My weight loss has been slow this past couple of months.

    I was weighing myself only once a month, because I was afraid of obsessing too much over the number, but starting on Monday the 30th, I'm going to step up to once a week in order to do fine-tuning on my diet.

    Happy End-of-Holiday-Eating-Days to everyone! =smile=