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  • The second half. I dont recall what the name of the article was. But I do know they werent trying to sell anything not that I can remember. I also like to walk I have Leslie 5 mile walk. But it is something abt it that I dont like idk what it is its just not real exciting. I will just have to keep trying things I like music and like to dance I might try a zumba dvd.
  • Hello chickies!

    287 today. Water weight is a *****.

    I'm with TheSecondHalf on the size thing. No way would that much weight loss not require different clothing sizing. Even 10 pounds or so changes the way clothing fits.

    CeeJay, I leave on the 18th. Lots of time to be neurotic!!

    We had a benefits meeting at work tonight, and I got to sit next to the hot guy in the office. He smells soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!! Made my night.
  • Ah, the hot guy in the office. What's that like? I only seem to know mommies and my husband. I've forgotten what new cute guys look like.

    So I had a little moment this morning when I woke up groggy and tired and slow and stiff and miserable and cumbersome and just generally disgusting - it doesn't have to be like this. There is pretty much no food I wouldn't give up to not feel like this every morning and to recognize the face I see in the mirror. Eating whatever I want (which isn't even what I WANT, but what's easy or around) is NOT worth this.
  • TheSecondHalf I'm going to print that out and stick it on my mirror to remember every morning. Eating to live vs. Living to eat. I've been doing too much of the latter for way too long.

    Oh, the hot guy. Every bit the picture of tall, dark and handsome. Also, funny, charming, and a slightly dimple-y smile which he shows often. So what if he was born the year after I graduated high school? -_-

    He's still cute and smells good.
  • I bought some Just My Size tights in 4x.... just took them out of the package. When I put the toe on the floor they come up to my shoulder, and are literally just over 7" across at the top.

    Either these are the most stretchy, shape shifting SOBs in the world, or I have just completely lost faith in this brand.
  • I'm sorry, are you not seven feet tall and seven inches wide? Is that not what "plus size" means?
  • Good morning ladies,

    So hard to do this in December. GRRRRRR. Was doing fine all day Tuesday but yesterday was office party and I resisted a huge array of baking until about 11:00 am and then off I went. And nibbled all through afternoon and then got home and carried on. Rewarded with 288 this morning.

    Determined to be on plan to the letter and hopefully by Monday morning some other number will be on the scale.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

    No hot guys at our office either. And I would be old enough to be their mom too.
  • So, the tights were a little long, but the fit! I was amazed at this clear twisting of the principles of physics.

    But I looked cute and I FELT like I looked cute, so I'll take it.

    December sucks so, so bad.... Someone decided that graham crackers and frosting were must haves in the department the last couple of days. Left over from the cookies and frosting on Monday. We so enable each other there

    They're throwing us a swanky Christmas party tomorrow night, with steak dinner and crepe station for desert and god knows what else. Maybe I should just not eat until then... or for a week after. Stupid holidays.

    287.2 today. I want to keep losing of course, but I think my main focus right now is to not let that get above 287.6.
  • Enjoy your grown up parties, ladies. All my parties this year appear to either take place in classrooms or with Girl Scouts. Where did my grown up life go?

    Also,I appear to be the only person still IN the actual 290s (292, to be exact) so I better hustle.
  • Hi Ladies,

    Hope all is well out there. Struggling a lot. Too much holiday food, work is just one eat-a-thon after another. Went to the city shopping all day yesterday and that resulted in fast food for lunch and dinner. The result- back up to 289 again and was surprised it was not more.

    So today am regrouping again. This week I have Christmas potlucks at work THREE times. I work with a lot of different work groups so am invited to many different holiday celebrations. I need to really hunker down and get through this. So my goals this week are:
    1. NO sugar. If I start, I don't stop.
    2. Make a menu plan for the week today and chop up the veggies.
    3. For the potlucks- am bringing salad to all of them and I plan on eating the healthiest things there. One plate only. Heavy on protein and salads, light on carbs.

    Wish me luck, I am going to need it. The problem for me is straying off plan mostly kicks me into off plan eating for days.

    Hope whatever needs doing in December at your homes is getting done. Almost finished my shopping! YAY.

    Take care
  • Take the salad or fruit/veg tray! I started throwing some boiled shrimp in them and suddenly, I'm a legend. I haven't been to anything yet where at least three people didn't say, oh thank goodness, I can not eat one more bite of cheese or chocolate covered anything. You'll be a potluck hero!
  • Hello lovelies!

    Work party was a success, if you count the fact that I had lots of veg and protein and only a few halves of the roasted little fingerling potatoes that I love so, so very much.

    And also if you don't count the many glasses of red wine. Open bar and a company that's screwing us. We all did our best to punish them with that combo.

    Also crepes. With strawberries in sauce and white chocolate and Bavarian cream and chocolate and apple compote and... yeah. I only had one though, with the cream and chocolate.

    I haven't weighed myself since. I think after tonight's gorging myself on nachos and Friday, I'm going to be a sad panda for tomorrow morning's weigh in. I also haven't updated my ticker in forever... I should do that.

    Home going next week. Lots of eating things in my future. I was hoping to be further ahead by now

    CeeJay, you'll do great!! Don't let those carbs tell you what to do. They're not the boss of you.

    That's not a thing aaaaand you're not the boss of me... so. Can you see my toner through my jeans?

    Just a little something for TSH
  • Hi all
    I just found out that I been eating fortified mashed potatoes at my job! I cant believe noone told me and now wonder its been a struggle to keep this weight off I decided to not eay fast food and eat at work bc there portion s are normal size and its more nutritious now I find this out! My job fortifies everything with gravy and sauces. I dont need those thing anyway but dang thwy could of warned somebody. Oh well I know now and very happy bc I will NOT be eating those things at work anymore.

    Tyring hard ti get out if the 290s been in right on the edge for two weeks now it is time to get it off. Implementing aqua zumba on Mon Thur and Saturdays we will see how that helps. I was also thinking abt my next reward goal. I mean. This always help motivate me bc I love spending monwy on myself. My next goal is to be 269 by Valentines Day that is down 23 lbs in 10 weeks. Im sure I can do that! When I do I am rewarding myself a coach purse and wallwt I cant wait just writing 269 feels good. Well enough rambling yall have a good day!
  • You have a fat heart ShelBl, and that's what matters. Crapes would've made me break my "don't be the fat girl eating seconds at the party" rule. Also, you guys have every right to drink them out of business.

    skinnyki, I have never heard of fortified mashed potatoes? Does that just mean stuff is added to them?

    Once again, Girl Scouts ate my weekend and I am SO TIRED. Omg, little girls have so much energy. If I weighed this morning, I've forgotten. I have never regretted the lack of Diet Coke as much as I did this morning.
  • Hi Ladies

    TheSecondHalf- LOL re potluck hero. I am bringing a salad! So glad to hear you are still off the diet coke. You did great giving that up.

    ShelBl- hurray for a success at the work party. Hope you and your coworkers drank up a big bill for your company. I did use your "carbs aren't the boss of me" line in my head today to turn my back on pumpkin cake and chocolates in the coffee room.

    skinnyki-your plan to do aqua zumba sounds great. Good grief can Valentines Day only be 10 weeks? Best of luck with your goal!

    Today I did better than yesterday! Not perfect but I am not giving up! I could just whine all day about trying to resist all this food this month. But I just need to dig deeper and think about how good it will feel to be lighter at the end of the month instead of heavier.

    Take Care!