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ShelBl 11-16-2013 04:01 PM

Hello ladies!

Ended the week exactly where I was last week's weigh day -_- But I'm telling myself that at least I'm not up any higher. Silver linings?

I'm looking at trying the Slow Carb program. Very limited carbs 6 days, 1 day to eat whatever you want. The theory is that the cheat day keeps you motivated, and that by limiting carbs and eliminating refined foods the body resets and they just stop being appealing. Anybody heard anything about it or tried it?

TheSecondHalf - That motivation has kept me in check in public situations more than once. I've constantly got this voice in my head telling me what the people around me must be thinking about the fat girl and what she's eating. Not great for the self esteem, but it has saved me from going back for seconds.

Any big plans for the weekend for anyone? Around here we'll be getting ready for hubby to start his new position on Monday, and start figuring out how the new schedules are going to work.

CeeJay 11-18-2013 03:41 PM

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been out of commission. I have been battling a terrible cold for the last 6 days and am still sick as a dog. Took today off work but have so many meetings lined up for Tuesday and Wednesday that I do not want to rebook so am determined I am out the door tomorrow morning. We will see.

The good news is I am still at 285. I know I need to put on a big push of really clean eating to get to my next goal- which is 281. I really do need to make a good plan for the week. I have been kind of winging it lately and that always leads to big trouble eventually.

Wondering how you ladies are doing? Hope everyone OK!

ShelBl 11-18-2013 07:20 PM

Hello ladies!

CeeJay!!! It's going around apparently :( Hope you feel well enough to deal with your meetings.

289 this morning. I've been making horrible choices, and I need to kick myself in the butt to get back on track. Boo.

TheSecondHalf 11-18-2013 07:47 PM

I don't even know what I weigh. I woke up with a terrible headache this morning so my priorities were 1. coffee 2. ibuprofen 3. don't drink Diet Coke.

Hope you feel better CeeJay!

ShelBl, hope things went well with your husband's new job. Working out the schedules can be daunting!

We didn't have any big plans this weekend. It's all Girl Scouts and birthday parties (I swear I think I got malaria at a birthday party on Saturday. The mosquito situation is out of control. This is what I get for living in what was a swamp not that long ago). I am really looking forward to my daughter being out of school next week. We would both like to sleep a little later!

Anyone planning for Thanksgiving???

ShelBl 11-20-2013 03:55 PM

Hello ladies! Happy Wednesday!

CeeJay, I hope you're feeling better!

TheSecondHalf, I would vote against malaria, but for it still being warm enough to have mosquitoes.

SassyAngies, are you still out there??

Still holding at 289. Ugh. I think we're going out for Thanksgiving and I'm working a half day then and a full day the next day, so food shouldn't be too much of an issue.

*She says, knowing full well that work is going to be evil and have goodies everywhere*

I have decided to lower my carbs and ramp down so I can do the Slow Carb system. I've been avoiding the obvious carby goodness that I usually eat without thinking much about, and starting to look at the carb count on the other things that I usually eat, like the protein shakes I made every morning because they were fairly low WW points.

Did you wonderful ladies know that 2T of Hershey's Syrup has TWENTY FOUR CARBS???

Banana has almost 20. Greek yogurt, PB2, protein powder, almond milk... my morning protein shakes were well over 50 grams of carbs all on their own.

It makes me realize that I've been totally oblivious to how many carbs I must have been consuming every day. I guess the proof will be in whether or not I start dropping weight.

skinnyki 11-20-2013 04:10 PM

Hi everyone I would like to join this group. I was looking for something like this I am determined to get out of the 290s!! Just looking for some help and motivation along the way. I started counting calories on Sept 13, 2013. Which I like alot bc most of the time im not hungry if I eat healthier. Just wanted to intriduce myself and say hi. I plan on reading all tge posts in here later so I can catch up. :)

TheSecondHalf 11-20-2013 08:52 PM

ShelBl, I will be interested to read about this slow carb situation as you go along. I try to avoid white rice, pasta, bread, etc but I can't quite give up my lattes (at least they're 2%, no sweetener and every other day I get black coffee, no nuthin').

Skinnyki, welcome!

I am trying to make a deal with myself - a countdown to Christmas kind of thing. Anyone interested? It's right around the corner! I would like to commit to no fast food (we don't usually eat it but every now and then I get that horrible salad from Wendy's with the CHILI YES CHILI on it, or a bean burrito from Taco Bell - which is, I'm guessing 80% lard?) and exercising five days a week - bike, walk, DVD, whatever for half an hour. Even if I don't lose weight, I'd like to give myself those two things. Anyone else have two No Excuses things you'd like to give up or take on for the next month?

Still no Diet Coke! Woot!

ShelBl 11-21-2013 12:00 AM

Welcome skinnyki!!! :)

TheSecondHalf I'll keep you updated. I'm hoping that it's going to be all it's cracked up to be. Yay for no Diet Coke still!!!

ATM, I'm resisting the urge to go get the biggest pan of brownies I can find, and a tub of ice cream, and just sit in the corner and eat myself sick and cry. We just found out this afternoon that our company has decided to consolidate to Chicago and close our office, so as of April 1 we are all out of a job unless we want to relocate.

Not having a job is bad enough, but I really love the people I work with and I love what I do so it's an even bigger blow. We're going to look at moving, but it's not a terribly realistic possibility if I'm being honest with myself.

What a week to decide to cut out carbs :(

TheSecondHalf 11-23-2013 09:58 PM

ShelBl, I am so sorry. I can't imagine. How stressful!

Nothing much new to report here. My daughter is out all next week and I am really looking forward to sleeping past 7 am.

CeeJay 11-24-2013 11:16 AM

Hi everyone,

So disappointed I saw 290 this morning. Combo of eating way, way too much food including lots of sugar and fat the past few days. And hopefully just a wonky scale also. Life is so busy and I am getting caught up in a rush mentality which makes it very hard to pay attention to planning meals. I need to remember that eating healthy needs to take priority over everything else. I am committed to 7 days completely on plan this week. Today I am going to get life and food organized!

TheSecondHalf- I like your idea about making some NO EXCUSES commitments for December. I definitely need a plan to get through December. For me, I think that keeping up with exercising and having a written plan is what I need to concentrate on. BTW- great job ditching the Diet Coke.

skinnyki- welcome to our group!

ShelBl- so sorry about your news. That must be a terrible blow to you given what you said about having great relationships with your co-workers and loving your job. I am sure it is overwhelming to deal with this. A wise man in the Beck forum once told me "Food does not cure stress"- something to remember when things are hard, like they are for you right now.

Hope everyone has a good day.

pluckypear 11-24-2013 11:57 AM


I found this thread today and would like to join. I did not really think of looking in the 100 lb club as I am so far from that. :) But glad I did.

I have been struggling to get out of the 290's for some time. At my last WI was out of the 290's at last but am ever fearful that will not be the case when I WI tomorrow. I seem to bounce right back.

Glad to be here.

ShelBl 11-24-2013 01:03 PM

Welcome pluckypear! Glad to have you with us :)

I haven't weighed in days, ladies. When I got home Wednesday after the news and the difficult shift that followed, I made 1am pancakes.

I've noticed that I go great guns with the limited carbs during the day, and fall apart at night -_- Ugh.

Gearing up for Thanksgiving and the desire to eat myself silly. Stupid holiday season :( Anybody have any big goals between now and January?

CeeJay 11-25-2013 08:36 PM

Welcome to pluckypear and hello to everyone else.

Epic fail today. Trying to figure out why. Ate a healthy planned breakfast, had lunch and dinner planned and brought a healthy snack to work. I was pretty resolved that I need to avoid overeating today and just stick to the plan. Went into the coffee room first thing in the morning and there was this cake sitting on the table. I resisted until after lunch and then had a large piece. Self sabotage extraordinaire.

Can we please fast forward to January 2?

Tomorrow needs to be better. That or I can guarantee 300 pounds by Christmas.

Hope everyone else is doing better today!

ShelBl 11-25-2013 10:21 PM

Cake is of the devil.

That is all.

TheSecondHalf 11-27-2013 10:26 AM

What has two thumbs and forgot to submit reply? THIS GIRL.

ShelBl, I'd thank you not to speak so unkindly about my bestie, Cake. Cake isn't allowed in my house anymore, but I still love her

CeeJay, its one piece of cake. Don't beat yourself up.

I had a similar thought about hitting 300 pounds before I turn 41. I am SO CLOSE. I am probably 15 pounds heavier than I was last year at this time (???!!!).

Hello and welcome, Pluckypear!

I have so much cooking to do. I'm going to continue sitting around in my pajamas as if I don't. That should take care of it, right?


Have a wonderful holiday! And remember, the holidays are holiDAYS, not holiWEEKS. We don't have to let them claim the whole month. Here's to not breaking the 300 mark in December! And maybe even wedging myself back into the 280s.

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