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  • Hey guys, thanks to a lovely cold I'm back here again, hopefully with the return of my ability to breath my apetite doesn't go crazy and ruin this. I'm not updating my ticker until I've been confidently in the 290's for a full week again. This AM though I was 295... and I didn't eat or drink anything that should change that really pretty similar salt content and nutrition content to what I ate yesterday. Ifnot slightly better. (had more snacks later in the evening saturday night).
  • 294 (293.4 actually) this morning. Don't know if I'm alone here if everyone else has moved on... but posting just... to keep track.
  • 290's representin. 294 this Am still not bad, it was up afew points from the day before but I ate a LOT last night so I'll call it even and be glad it wasn't up even more.

    Have some major cooking to do tonight need to stir up some protein. Finally feeling on the mend healthwise maybe I can leave the 290's in may. Just maybe...
  • 298 still. Whew!
  • mb hang in here with me! We can do it!
  • Hanging out in the lower half of the 290's still despite copious amounts of food yesterday. I did burn more than I ate but I was still nervous it was so many calories...
  • Still hanging out in the 290's but up 0.4 from yesterdays weigh in. I thought I "watched it" better yesterday than the day before but was still rather high in calories. :-\ Still trying to figure out a new balance, I am supposedly burning more than I'm intaking but the deficits are in the 300 yo 500 calorie range if thats the new trend I won't lose even 1 lb per week let alone the 2lb per week that I aspire to :-(
  • Hi all! I have een trying to read up in the Diabetes forum so I forgot to check here for a few days.

    I don't even know what I weigh. I have been reading books on diabetes and half way trying to count Points. I'm a hot mess.

    But I'm here!
  • TSH I am right in there with you! WE can do this!
  • Down a lb. Whohoo for being 297!
  • Hi everyone,

    Unfortunately have had a very bad run with food lately. Not trying and pretending to myself that I did not care. I weighed myself this morning- way back up to 297. I need to move on. Today was a good day and I have a plan for tomorrow.

    Guess I just need to keep on trying. What other choice is there?
  • Take it one day at at time
  • 295 down 4 lbs
  • ^^ Welcome and Congrats!
  • Hi everyone,

    Second day of healthy, sane eating and no sugar. Grateful.

    yoyo- yay for 4 pounds gone!

    TheSatinPumpkin-thanks for the encouragement.

    Have a great week!!!