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  • TheSecondHalf ~ So the only season you have is summer? I like how we get all 4 seasons here in Kansas. I will keep checking in, Thanks for answering my question
  • We have had some cold and even icy days this winter, but in between it's back into the 60s and 70s. We lived in the northeast for a while and really enjoyed the whole "four actual seasons" part but it was waaaaay too far from family

    I am really going to try to make it to a WW meeting on Friday? I think? Maybe Saturday? We will see. I hate missing meetings, I really enjoy going.
  • Ladies!!! And new ladies! Welcome!

    I've been lazy and lazy and lazy. I've been not weighing and wearing a lot of sweatpants and not going to the gym. Ugh.

    I haven't weighed myself in daaaaaaays, but when I did I was 288. I'm hoping I have similar results in the morning, but since I've once again given in to the siren call of cereal at night after work, I'm not holding out much hope. Stupid dairy ruins everything.

    I have been focusing on making more humane food choices, which has almost completely cut out a lot of the crap that I used to eat which is a side benefit. More humane is also more expensive, which means that I'm not buying things on a whim.

    In other news we got a puppy. The house just didn't feel right with only three dogs again, and we (I) just finally jumped in and rescued a little guy from the shelter. I'm including a photo, because I'm obnoxious like that.

    TheSecondHalf Do you think the meetings are what's making a difference? I tried WW online, but it just seemed kind of tedious and money spent for something I could get a free app for. Maybe meetings is the way to go.

    CeeJay If you feel the need to pass your butt kick along, I won't complain.

    Have an aca-awesome Wednesday, everyone.

  • First, your new puppy is beautiful, what's his name, CAN I HAVE HIM NOW??? LOOOOVE.

    I do well with the meetings for a few reasons, and it's easier to list them than to try to make a coherent paragraph:

    1. I start to think I can game the program or am smarter than the program. When I go to meetings, I get weekly reminders (other people who are losing, or have already met their goals) that if you stick with the system it works. Yes, there are probably a million ways that work just as well, but THIS one works if you follow the program. Total buy in. Surrender to the WW.

    2. When the weight loss slows down, those people at goal remind me that I WILL get there. They are proof that if you stick to the system and hang in, it will work. They have all had weeks where they didn't lose much or maybe even went up a pound but they stuck with it and hey, now they've lost 100 pounds.

    3. Tips and tricks. Products that are Point friendly. Clarification of something I might find confusing. Again, in a friendly, chatty meeting you can meet people with experience or you can hand your tracker to your leader or an experienced member and ask if they see anything obvious (like even though bananas are free, maybe having five a day is excessive?).

    4. Shame. Not really, but kind of. Once a week I have to get on the scale in front a person who is always happy for me when I lose and neutral when I don't - that's big for me. The women at the weigh in desk are 100% supportive, friendly, and discreet but I can't help but think somewhere in their brains, when I come in with a .5 loss, they are thinking, "come ON, girl, you have to TRY!"

    5. I personally like getting my five pound and goal stickers in meetings, in front of people.

    6. Just touching base for 45 minutes seems to help me stay focused. I can list all the reasons I like WW as a diet system, but just talking about the meetings - they are goofy, a bad leader can be boring or manic, sometimes you get to a meeting that isn't chatty for friendly (all business) and those aren't for me. When I can find MY meeting, it's a point of focus for the whole week. It's a reminder that it'll be next meeting before I know it and I want that next sticker or whatever.

    7. Some of the older ladies are hilarious. Show me an 82 year old who is hoping for one more summer in a bikini and that's who I want to sit with.

    I always ALWAYS do well with WW until I stop going to meetings. I have yet to make it to a meeting since signing up and I've lost the same six pounds three times. Every time I pick a day, something comes up (SIL had baby, roads iced twice, kid had to go to doctor, it's a conspiracy). It's very frustrating. I'm ready.
  • TheSecondHalf ~ Oh okay I understand what your saying. I hope your able to make the WW Meeting either tomorrow or Sat.

    2 more hours until I do my 1st walk of the day. Y*E*A*!!!
  • Dear 290ers:

    Have been away for awhile and doing so much overeating and stressing out about it. But am trying to get it together. As a first step I reset my stats and goals. I got on the scale today. That was hard to do cause I knew it would be bad. And it was. So far today I have ate healthy and on plan. Am determined to get through today.

    LovelyCourt- welcome and hope you are off to a good start.

    TheSecondHalf-waving hello to you.

    Terra1984-welcome to you also. Have been up at 300 too. Good for you for stopping now. Your walking schedule sounds great.

    mrskim- welcome to this group.

    ShelBl-your new puppy is so cute. What's his name. Bet he or she is bringing a lot of joy to your home.

    Have a great day everyone!
  • Hi CeeJay! We all go up and down and lose the plot for a while, the important thing is that you keep trying!

    I spent ALL DAY yesterday in the car! My new niece was born last week (yay!) but my brother and his wife live about three hours away so we drove over, saw the baby for a few hours, came home, got stuck behind an accident, got almost (so close!) home and the drawbridge was out so we had to get back on the interstate and go around and I was just SO. TIRED. We ended up eating fast food THREE times! That's insane! And also a little gross. You can make ok choices with fast food (McD's has that egg white Egg McMuffin now, salads, grilled chicken) but is so hard to eat salad in the car At least I wasn't driving.

    I know people say junk food doesn't make you break out but I have a new and painful blemish on my chin that begs to differ. Ouch.

    The weather here is beautiful so we are going to the park this afternoon. We are getting closer and closer to summer weather and I am just losing the same five pounds over and over. This will not do!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!
  • CeeJay ~ Yeah Im glad I've decided to start losing weight now, I didnt want to be in my 30's and still be at 300 or higher. Thanks for commenting on my walk schedule.

    ShelBl ~ You have a cute dog.

    TheSecondHalf ~ The weather is beautiful here too. Its been nice and warm. I hope winter is over for the year but we'll see if the warm weather last until the end of the month or if we get another winter storm which I hope we dont because we're gotten two winter storms already this winter.

    I know I usually take Sunday's off but I feel like walking at least one time today so thats what Im gonna do before my brother, his girlfriend and their baby get here and before my mom gets home from work. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.
  • Hello 290 Ladies:

    I am on a good path right now- have put together 4 days now of healthy eating. Phew. Was beginning to think I was never going to be able to get back on plan. And go figure, I already feel so much better!

    TheSecondHalf- congratulations to you on your new niece. How wonderful.

    Terra1984- glad you are getting some nice walking weather. It hit -5 C here today with sun and that felt fantastic.
  • Aaaaaand pretty sure we all have flu. Awesome.
  • CeeJay ~ Yeah but sadly its suppose to get cold again this coming week but it was nice while it lasted.

    Im gonna take today off from walking like I usually do. Its a bummer that its gonna turn cold again this coming week, I just hope no snow or ice comes with it. I woke up at 10 am this morning to start my day. Right now Im drinking a nasty Coca-Cola to wake up, I really wish I had my regular Cherry Coke Zero but oh well, I'll have more at 2 pm when my mom gets home, She's going to Dillions on her way home from work today but anyway since its Sunday Im not gonna walk today but I'll start walking again tomorrow. I did walk last night though so that was good. I just plan to relax today though. My plans for this week is Tuesday I have an appointment to go too and when we're gonna go to Walmart and we're also gonna go to the tag office and Wal-Greens as well, Not in any order though. At 2 or 3 pm We're gonna go to a sit down restaurant just like every week and then we'll come home for the day. Wed. My boyfriend's parents are coming to our city for an appointment and then my boyfriend and I are gonna go out to dinner with them. Thursday Im gonna go to my peer support meeting and thats all my plans for this week. I hope everyone has an awesome day.
  • Hey there 290-ers, I've been away for a few weeks for a questionable reason, which is that I only weigh myself once a month, on the 22nd. Why only once a month? Because I'm extremely sensitive to stress—both body and mind—so even the good stress of losing weight is hard on me.

    But I like you guys, and this thread is good for me, and I should work on being accountable even when I'm between monthly weigh-ins, so I'm going to try to be here more often.

    Anyway, when I weighed myself yesterday, I was at 284, which puts me 7 pounds down since last month. So I'm pleased with that!

    Terra— Between your appointment and Wal-Greens and your boyfriend's parents coming, I can completely understand why you're taking it easy on the walking: you have a lot on your plate. I hope you have an awesome week!

    TheSecondHalf— Super news about your new niece! Nieces are great, both when they're kids and you can do fun stuff with them, and when they grow up and they become friends. I say that because I'm happy these days that my 34-yr-old niece (my favorite of all my nieces & nephews) has just moved into a place only 1/2 mile from my house. I'm lookin' forward to lots of good times with her.

    CeeJay— I know it was a few days ago when you posted about it, but let me say congratulations on getting back on a good path with more healthy eating!

    ShelBl— Your puppy is darling! How're things working out with the new guy and the other dogs?

    Everyone have a FABULOUS week!
  • Happy Day!!!

    My eating plan is working for me- thankful for that. Have been working today on feeling happy and motivated. Winter is dragging on forever. We have been in a hardcore deep freeze pretty much non-stop since the end of November and I have had about enough of it. Did a bit of reading, a bit of fiddling around with my music collection, sat in a hot bath, made a healthy dinner, went for a walk, called my brother, and generally took it easy today.

    TheSecondHalf- hope you and your family are feeling better soon.

    Terra1984-hope you are having a relaxing day too. Looks like you have a busy week coming up.

    Fiona W-glad to hear from you! You are doing great- 284 has got to feel wonderful! I have been and out of the 290s many times and will be really happy to hit 284 where you are. I have not seen the 270's in a long long time. You are so close!

    Take care everyone!
  • Fiona ~ Yeah I definitely have a busy week but before it starts tomorrow I'll be sure to walk twice today.

    CeeJay ~ Yeah I had an relaxing day yesterday
  • Everyone still sick here, but no one woke up with a fever this morning so that's good, right?