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Default frustration

I am in a stall and nothing moves except up! I got down to 194 then ate a bunch of sodium at a meal I couldn't really avoid. Now I am up to 198 and can't seem to drop the water weight. Frustrating that I can't get back down as quick as I want and even at 194 I would have only lost 3 pounds in 6 weeks.
You would think after almost 5 years I could accept that weight loss follows it's own path but my patience with myself seems to have worn out. I am so tired of being obese!!!
I don't want to quit but I sure am in a hard place today
Oh, and did someone mention bat wings?? I am sure mine are the biggest ever! Frustrating not to move down a size because of them, still need to wear a 2x even with all this loss.
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You have come so far!!! Look at that and be proud! A little sodium that caused some very stubborn water weight isn't a deal breaker, yes, it slowed it down... but it will go away. Stay on plan, drink some extra water (I drink a gallon a day.. if there seems to be some water weight on the scale I add another 32oz cup that day and the next if needed), and it will have no choice but to go away.

And yep.. I mentioned those dreaded bat wings. I wanted to cry when I first noticed them yesterday... but then I realized, they are like the world wide road map that is on my stomach from having 4 babies and gaining tons of weight... they are my badge of courage. If you have the worlds biggest bat wings (which I highly doubt ) then that just means you are the most courageous person on earth... which is possible I bet
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OMW to a brand new me!
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I feel you! But trust me, you cannot possibly have the biggest bat wings ever...because uh. Mine are trying to make me fly away as we speak!

I am in a stall at the moment as well. I made my hubby hide the scale for a week, and i amped up my water and gym time, and have made a very purposeful effort to stay right at my WW points, no eating the activities!

You will break through and it will be fantastic!

You got this!
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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I feel your pain, I'm up to and frustrated with the scale and myself!

You can do this, just take one day at a time.
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Weight loss is not as simple as calories in and calories out. The emotional aspects are significant and most people here can relate to what you're going through. I feel for you! I highly recommend putting the scale away. I have a lot of months where I only lose 3 pounds or even just 1 pound and I'm trying very hard. When loss is "slow" compared to what we see on t.v., it's hard not to feel frustrated but where will that lead us? I'm so glad you posted your frustration. I have had similar posts but I've also now decided to celebrate any small victory. Also, if I weigh once a month and see a 3 lb loss I'm happy, whereas if I weigh daily (which I used to do) and I see many "stalls" I'm beyond frustrated and want to quit. There are times when the scale is nice and then I weigh more often...just see how you feel and also, take some photos! I'll bet those show a lot more of what's going on.
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Ooh. I cannot wait until I weigh 198 pounds. How awesome would that be. I haven't weighed under 200 pounds in 20 years.
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Thanks everyone! Dropped some of the water and that feels better. Back to 195.8 this morning so hopefully will soon see 194 again. Glad there are people here who understand! I knew I could count on finding the support I needed.
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