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Default off topic question for mom's -kid's birthday parties


Just wondering what age your kids were when you started having birthday parties for your kids that weren't just family/close friends? Any suggestions?

I was hoping to hold off on the "kids" parties til Matthew is five next year, but my husband talked me into inviting some of his friends from pre-school this year. He and his mom lived with his grandparents when he was growing up, and he didn't have any birthday parties when he was growing up. So I gave in.... If they all come, it will be seven kids-mainly girls, Matthew is a little flirt!

We're doing it at our house-I have no desire to have a party at Chuckie Cheese or wherever (no offense meant to anyone who has had parties there)

I'm nervous to do this-I always get "weird" as my husband puts it when we have big get togethers. I get worried about the house being right, is everyone's having a good time, etc.

Should we plan a lot of games for the kids? You think they'll just play with Matthew's toys? Or am I being a naive idiot for even thinking that.? We have finished basement playroom with plenty of space for them to play. I have no clue! Help! My husband came up with this brainstorm to invite the kids AFTER I'd sent out the family/our close friend invitations, and it's too close to the date to even book any kind of "entertainment" for the kids.

I don't even have much time to come up with anything-the party is 7/12, and I'm a wreck. I work full time, my husband works at night, and I just don't have the energy to a Martha Stewart mom with planning.

Please help!


do I sound desperate enough? I didn't get this stressed over my own wedding!
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My advice is don't overkill. When my son was this age we had a big party with 7 or 8 kids. My husband made a pinjata(sp?) of Darth Maul and we had treat bags and all this stuff. We spent $200 or $300. We had SO much food and crap left over cause all the kids really want to do is be together and play.

Miss Chris
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there are tons of things you can do that are inexpensive. One thing I remember from when I was a kid that I enjoyed was pin the tail on the donkey. Also, my mom used to blow up balloons and put a few Goodies (licorice candy) inside them, and we'd sit on the balloons and try to pop them to get the candies out.
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Yes, I am nearing this time too. I have actually kept him from a few Birthday parties this year because at 3 - I am not ready to have kid parties yet.

I'd suggest goody bag. Nothing expensive. They sell party size play-dough. That & some other inexpensive stuff and your done. Put your names on the bags and give them out as the kids are leaving. Can it be outdoors? (Less cleaning!) You can grill hotdogs & have chips & juice boxes. Set up some games for them to play. I love the balloon idea.

Don't drive yourself crazy. Do be prepared for the additional adults as the parents might want to stay with their kids. Have fun with it! No STRESS!!!
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Don't worry!

Just think of it as a play group with cake!

Seriously - it's summer time - the kids just want to play. They are probably too young for games still.

But here is one simple idea - Maybe create a face for each child.. ie. a sunshine on a cheek, smile face on the hand. Just something a little special!

I have given Sara a party every year - I am BIG on birthdays. Sara's birthday is in the middle of deer season and at thanksgiving - I don't care - she gets a party! For her third birthday we took 4 kids to the bowling alley - what a blast!!

Just remember - it's a only a playdate but with cake!!

Generally 1-1.5 hours is long enough for kids that age!

Have fun,
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I have read that for young kids you should never have more guests than the child's age. Waaaay back in the dark ages when my kids were young, we only had family parties until they were in school. Once they started school they went to and had parties with their school kids. The balloon thing that Raelynn mentioned is something we always did, also we'd do things like having watermelon seed spitting contests. My kids were both boys, and consequently so were their friends up to about 6th grade and they really loved this. Also bean bag tossing. The boys seemed to love little contests. Also making things...paper airplanes, milk carton boats, etc. We gave out little prizes & made sure everyone got one for something. Like I said, this was back in the dark ages (pre-electronic games) so I don't know if kids today would go for that kind of stuff.
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