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Becomming a Monster
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Default diet breaks

i been dieting now fore 16months and i found that diet breaks are so important just every 4 months have a couple of week off and eat anything and everything you want. i just coming to the end of one thats lasted a months i eaten fries chips pizza bbq's i had gallons and gallons of beer. and i put on 2lb. wow thats gonna be so hard to lose aint it. and now i feel so good full of energy full of life really worth while taking time out to refuel the tank.
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Sometimes have have to do that, if you depreive yourselves of the things you love than alot of times you are destined to fail, but if we splurge sometimes, it can be a good thing.
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That sounds wonderful, but for me I'd be afraid of kicking off a binge that I couldn't stop. The last time I did really good with any weight loss was 4 years ago, and it took me 4 years to get back on track and stay there. It sounds heavenly though!!
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I wish I could take weeks off, but I know I'd lose my good eating /exercise habits and gain at least ten pounds! Glad you can do it successfully, though!

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I take a break most Tuesday nights. If I took a whole week off, it would be a disaster for me. Some weeks the Tuesday night runs into Wednesday, then I know I can't do that again for a while. But that's just me. I have finally found a way to do this that works for me, and for me it's not so much a diet as a new lifestyle, it's not going to end when I see the magic numbers on the scale.
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I think what is important is to PLAN what you are going to do. If taking a break is in your plan, go for it. If NOT taking a break is in your plan... that's probably better. Wouldn't it be amazing if we actually knew what was best for ourselves? :-)

I'm just new (to the forum... very OLD at weight loss process), and I'm following the 1st 5 rules of Naturally slim (8x8oz of water/day, "Eat at 3", Eat slow, take 20 minutes per meal, and take a 5 minute break in the middle; plus the beginning rule, NO SWEETS. That's plenty for now!
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As a person that has experienced the free month I have to say getting my nuitrition and excercise back in order is hard. Nuitrition is harder than excercise. MUST DO BETTER!

Miss Chris
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I couldn't take a planned month off - too much time. I'd gain 10 not 2. Plus, at some point I have to learn that my changes are for life. Free days and free meals...yes. Free month - not for this girl.
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I've had a free year! not a good idea!

We pick up my step sons this weekend. I am glad I am working this year.. Jim is taking 2 weeks off and being with the kids. He is taking them up early to his Mom's for the 4th.. which means I have the house to myself for 2 nights!!! I am so excited!!!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Maybe when I have lost as much weight as Si, I will take a week off. Until then, no dice, except for the occasional weekend off.
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I try to eat what I really want every day. Even if it means having a teeny tiny bit of it. Otherwise I start experiencing my "entitlement" syndrome--I'm entitled to what I want and if I'm not getting what I want I totally go off the deep end. Appeasing the beast in me on a daily basis is very important.
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