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Even the dollar store has pretty planners, and sometimes there are matching pens and folders and stuff so you can keep a stash of recipes and restaurant cheat cards with your planner.

I would have ZERO success if I quit logging. I very consistently lose or maintain when I log, and gain when I stop logging. As was mentioned, it's easy to forget that you grabbed a snack at the store or that you put milk in your coffee for a change. It also actually does help deter me from binging or from snacking while I'm waiting for dinner, if I know it's going to be a pain in the bum trying to log every little thing I ate. And I won't like the numbers I get.

Even if you fall into a good routine and decide you no longer feel the need to log, it's a good thing to do at least short term to make you really aware of what you've been eating. Making the numbers dance has helped me eat smaller portions of calorically dense foods, and more of the lighter items so I can be more sated on my calorie restriction.

One thing that some people do is to not their moods by each meal entry to get a grip on how their moods affect their food choices. I already know that answer (no real effect, I just like to eat) but I guess it helps some people.
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I must say that logging everything I eat has been a big help. Helps to look back at a time when you had a good run of losses to see what you got away from. Also helps when I have a day where I am hungry all day to look back and see that maybe I had not eaten enough the day before.
As for being honest, just do it! It will be worth it even if you have some days you have to face the truth that you ate way more than you needed.
I have just been logging on my word processor, but I like the idea of a pretty planner and pen:-)
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Logging everything helps a lot, both in keeping track of calorie counts and helping with meal planning. I log things with pen and a spiral notebook small enough to fit in my purse. When I come across a new recipe, I'll make a note on the bottom of the page saying if I liked it or if it's one to skip. That way, when I'm making my shopping list, I take my notebook out and flip through to see what meals I'd like to have again and plan my grocery list accordingly. It also helps to avoid two weeks of repeats, which I've been guilty of doing.

Jotting down a quick "how are you feeling" memo in the margins also makes me see when I reach for the higher calorie foods during stressful times/bad days/good days. Looking back on notes with "paid off car, celebrating!" or "crap day at work, OMG stressful!" or even "it's raining: feeling pretty blah" helps me to figure out any emotional triggers and how to deal with them in any other way besides food.

I've tried to keep track of calories online via myfitnesspal, but I'm horrible at remembering to transfer my food logs there.
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just do it :)
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When I started out, I simply wrote everything down in a notebook. I didn't track calories, carbs or what have you, I simply wrote down what I ate with an approximation of how much, like I'd say - 2 slices PB toast w/ 1 glass milk. Just very simple. I needed to see how much I was eating at that point, not necessarily the quality of it. I started my 'diet' by looking at what I was eating and cutting it in half, basically. For example, instead of two bowls of cereal, I'd eat one. Eventually I started incorporating healthier foods and switched my focus from quantity to quality, which is when I started using myfitnesspal. I love it as it lets me know exactly where I am, covering everything I need to know.
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No I would not be successful if I didn't track. Tracking forces me to pay attention to what I'm eating, mostly portion control since I still eat the same foods I did before starting this. If I stopped logging I'm sure I would do ok for a few days but soon I'd stop thinking about it and start eating like I use to.
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All I can say is thank you! You are all so helpful, and generous with your tips and your successes.

You are right - I need to track. I need to keep tabs on what I eat, when I eat, and my mood when I eat.

Thank you!!
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I found logging weird and annoying in the beginning but honestly it became second nature very quickly.
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