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Default pregnant fat and very scared

i am 6 weeks along in the ( I am 25 5'6 and in the 230's) and very scared of what my doctor will tell me

i am ashamed to go to the gyn because i know i will be critiszed and scolded on my weight

im not justifying my size or anything but she acts like im the 500lbs lady i dont understand ,

i am afraid of complications with my pregnancy because of my weight
can i loose my baby because im too fat ?

i am terrified of eatting but im hungry LIKE A MONSTER ! idk what to do my first appt is in two weeks and im very nervous

(Im a first time mom with no diabetes or current health conditions )

i guess i just need a little reassurance .... would any of you ( if you where plus sized pre pregnancy ) share your pregnancy experiances PLEASE

**as a side note im aware this is my own fault i came off of my birth control in may thinking i would take a long time to get pregnant , i didnt know id be pregnant by mid june ! id been told it was difficult for overweight womwn to concive so i figured i had time to lose weight **
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First off, breathe! Congratulations!!

Sh!t happens. You will not need to gain a lot of weight and maybe focus on healthy/clean eating with an occasional indulgence here and there? But of course that totally depends on your morning sickness, tolerance and everything else. I wouldn't really stress about it.

If your doc ends up being a d!ck, you can get a different one, at least I would!

Congratulations again!

PS- I've never been pregnant so can't share any experiences but there have been a few posts similar to yours.

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Congrats on your pregnancy!
I was around your stats with my second pregnancy and had ZERO complications! It's entirely possible to have a healthy pregnancy at your weight. If you're hungry, eat. Take prenatal vitamins, rest and relax. Good luck!
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First of all,
I haven't been pregnant either but I saw your post and my heart went out to you.
Your doctor should be your go to person for all these questions, your champion in essence so if you're not getting that, then its time to fire her.
Believe it or not despite your weight, the healthiest thing for your pregnancy is probably going to be in maintenance mode. If you want to work out, do some pregnancy friendly exercises. And most of all, RELAX!!!!!!
Stress is not your friend in this journey!
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Try and calm down a bit, finding out your pregnant for the first time (especially when your not expecting it right at that moment) is a lot to handle.

Lots of women have perfectly safe and healthy pregnancies when they are overweight. I was around your age with my first one, 5 foot 2 and in the 180's or so. There are some pregnancy complications that are more likely to occur when you are overweight, such as Gestational Diabetes and high blood pressure.

All of these things are checked for and monitored. I developed GD with my first pregnancy and it was only a matter of watching how many carbs I was eating to keep it under control. I also developed border-line high blood pressure.

But being thinner doesn't mean you aren't likely to develop issues either. I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant with my second and because I had a healthier life style and less weight I didn't develop GD or high blood pressure, I have had a problem with anemia though.

Our body goes through a crazy 9 months and it can be a lot of strain, fortunately we live in times where 90% is easily manageable. Like the previous poster said, if your not comfortable with your doctor, get a new one.

It's normal to have those intense cravings, whats worse is that usually its for really high calorie food. Just try and be reasonable about what you are eating, getting in as much nutrients as you can. Keep in mind you aren't really eating for two, you only need a few extra hundred calories a day. Don't forget the occasional indulgence.

Everyone's bodies react different to pregnancy, some will put on 30 lbs easily. Your body will do what's right for you as long as your eating the right stuff. When you are overweight they recommend less of an overall weight gain during your 9 months (usually 15 lbs or so). I don't put on much while I'm pregnant and this time I'm only up 5 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Congrats on your pregnancy, in 9 months it'll all be worth it!
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I was 215 pounds at 5'8" when I became pregnant. I saw a new OB-GYN and didn't get one single lecture about my weight (whew!); in fact, she seemed concerned when I asked a lot of questions about how much more I should be eating and what I should be gaining and told me not to get overly worried about it. My centering class nurses (whom I see regularly as a part of my prenatal care) have not once lectured me about my weight either. I'm currently at the halfway point of 20 weeks and everything's going fine so far.

I'm sure you'll be fine too! I know it can be overwhelming and even scary, but lots of plus size women go through pregnancy just fine. If anything, you should change your doctor if you're uncomfortable with them.
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I had two average, normal, healthy pregnancies....for my first one I got pregnant weighing around 230 and gained up to 270 and for my second one I weighed about 210 and gained to about 250...both pregnancies were absolutely normal....I worked at my job through both pregnancies also, which was a sedentary job with my first son and an active job with my second son....both boys turned out healthy and just fine
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Definitely breathe! Many, many women have healthy pregnancies when they are obese. I was 37 and 280 when I finally became pregnant. My doctor didn't want me to lose any weight, but didn't want me to gain very much. I gained about 15 pounds overall. I ended up having a c-section, but not for lack of trying. She just wasn't wanting to come out the normal way. *sigh*

DO try to eat healthily and exercise as much as possible. Not only is it good for you and your baby, but it will help you with the labor. Even a walk every day will help your body get ready for labor.

Your doctor SHOULD focus more on your pregnancy and helping you make healthy choices for your pregnancy, and not on where you started, weight-wise. It's not anything she or you can do anything about, so it's useless to dwell upon it. If she begins to scold, stop her. "Excuse me, but I am well aware of my current weight. Instead of dwelling on what we can't change, what do you suggest for making this as healthy a pregnancy as possible."
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I was about 250 and no one said a single word to me about my weight, no one. Just be as healthy as you can be through out breast feeding for the sake of your baby. Don't worry about dieting but don't hit the junkfood either as inflammation crosses the placenta blah blah blah so eat good
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Hey congratulations!
When I found out I was pregnant, I was 39 and 297 lbs. My doctor recommended that I gain no weight during my pregnancy, and I didn't, until the last week (and she was a week overdue) when I was up about 6 lbs. The first time I was weighed after giving birth, I was 274 and I have not gone above that weight since. I focused on eating healthy, lots of vegetables and whole grains, not much sweets, although I did have some. I found it easier to stick to a healthy diet because it wasn't just for me. I was assisted greatly (I joke) by 20+ weeks of all day "morning" sickness, which I wouldn't wish on anyone. I developed a severe aversion to white potatoes in any form (daughter, now 4.5 still won't eat white potatoes, even fries.) I didn't crave anything but a gin and tonic (and never did have one and its been almost 5 years, lol).
For exercise, I walked and did easy yoga.
I didn't have any complications and delivered naturally, at around 1 am on the day I was scheduled for induction. Other than getting to the hospital too late for an epidural, I have to say all things considered, it was pretty easy.
So, I guess the takeaways from my long-winded response are 1) don't assume that because you are overweight you will have problems 2) everyone is different, do what feels right for you 3) exercise and learn how to relax through breathing - it will come in handy during both pregnancy and delivery. And later, when you have a strong-minded toddler...pre-teen...teenager
Best of luck to you!
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thank you all for your support !

i see my doctor on wensday im a little less nervous hearing about all the positive experiances here (although im still preparing for the worst in terms of doctors attitude just in case )

the way my previous obgyn acted it was heinous for me to even ask questions about getting pregnant in the future she looked horrified and told me i was to overweight to think of it as a possibility in the near future but this is a new doctor so i have my fingers crossed

thank you so so so much for putting my mind at ease a little bit
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good luck! You definately found a bad egg doc there! Even my fertility doc didn't say much about it
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And if this doctor isn't supportive, do NOT be afraid to try other doctors until you find one that is going to be positive and helpful rather than judgmental. I had a relatively healthy pregnancy at a high weight, with my only complication being toward the end when I was retaining water like crazy so went on bed rest for 3 weeks just as an extra precaution (and to get me away from my job where they kept making me cover for other people, something that involved a lot of walking which I wasn't up to at that point). I would just focus on eating healthfully for both baby and you, and in moving while pregnant as long as it's safe (light exercise, I'm not talking about marathon training hahaha) and try not to worry TOO much. Our bodies are pretty amazing, even when we are carrying excess weight.
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