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  • First post!!!!!!!! Carry on!
  • Pixikat - you will be just fine on week 2. I made it to the end of wk 2 but a knee problem I had in high school came back. I'm going to try again when I get to 240 lbs.
  • I didn't even notice the last thread was so full - thanks for starting a new one! Hopefully none of us will be here long enough to fill up this one!

    Ugh...I have the worst cramps...I just want to eat chocolate and potato chips today. I won't though, you girls are awesome, but I really need/want that scale to be under 250 tomorrow.
  • A new thread for a new day. We are going to do great today, right?
    oh yeah.. we shall do great.
    Let me sprinkle around a little

    Take care all..

    Kathy AKA Lemon face (drinking lemon water and it is soooo sour)
  • Punkrocksong you can do it. The 240's are knocking on your door. Maybe try eating a banana for the cramps. And it is sweet so maybe it will help with the cravings.

    And I am with ya'll about not being in the new thread too long.
  • It WAS full, my silly "last post" post listed it at 500 last night, now with 2 extra posts it says 494 ... weird...

    anyways good morning all!

    ainslie it is week 2 I was doing so starting week 3, maybe, depends on how long until I run next, most mornings it is 95 by the time i get up so i haven't been running and going to the gym instead. I HATE the treadmill so I do the elliptical instead before weights.

    Punkrock I am sure we will be long gone well before the thread is full, and if not it is just because we are so darn talkative that we filled it fast! I concur with Mara's banana suggestion I always heard the potassium is good for cramps. BUT NOT YOUR CHOCOLATE COVERED BANANA CHIPS! lol unless you stick to 1 packet! I also suggest some light stretching to get blood flowing better and a heating pad or hot bath.

    Thanks for the dust Only believe! We are all gonna do awesome! Lemon water huh? did sue give up her recipe in the other thread? I will have to go check next!!

    Today I am 253.4 so down .6 from yesterday but up .4 from the day before. Meh, it's all good as long as it keeps trending downwards! The gym is in the plans today, Tho I am even sore-er in my back than I was yesterday, I always forget how much I tighten those muscles when I run lol

  • Maybe try the banana ice cream? I like it with strawberries and a dash of vanilla extract.
  • Does anybody on here eat from smaller plates. You know the "salad" plates. I just started to cause I'm hoping it will make a difference in how I feel. That said I just eat lunch off it and am stuffed. No desire for seconds even though it was really good.

    I'm always trying to make low cal version s of my fav restaurant meals. I hit the nail on the head with my own amatriciana. I will definitely have tomorrow. Was going to make for my DH for supper but I only have enough mushrooms for one more so I decided to be greedy ..."it's mine, all mine" (in evil voice)
  • Ok, so I went to the gym and did my strength training, AND I went for my jog walk because it is still a tad cooler... not as much as I thought when I started I was soooo hot by part way through.

    I started week 3 on my 5k program, It was warm up then 5 1 min run 1 min walk drills, I made it through half of them before having to give up... I figure I will do the same thing as I did for week 2, struggle through them as best I can until they are easy... week 2 took 4 weeks worth of runs I wonder how long week 3 will take me! Ah well I will keep on carrying on!

    ETA: oh yeah ainslie I dont usually eat from smaller plates, but only cause we don't have them lol I probably would if we had them. Low cal versions of restaurant meals are a good idea! Your lunch sounds yummy! you should post some of them in the recipe section
  • Hi everyone- I'm one of the lurkers who never quite knows how to join in the convos on here, but I do read frequently for motivation. And right now I need a big kick in the pants because I'm being a bit cowardly and self conscious- basically I've found out there is a zumba class down the road from where I live, that runs three times a week at times that are really convenient to me. I used to do zumba videos in front of my tv (recently I've let the exercise slide a bit more than I'd like...) but I'd like to go to a class to really get the full experience. My only issue is that I looked on the website, and all of the shots of people doing the class...well, the people are so slim and healthy looking! I hate being the fattest person in the room and constantly worry about what people must be thinking about me if they see me exercising. My excuse for not going so far has been that when I lose just a little more weight, I'll go then. But I don't want to make excuses. So I'm curious how any of you here get past that worry of others judging you. I know I just need to suck it up, but it's turning out to be harder than I thought! Any advice?
  • Ferris - I know what you mean. Personally I ask myself do I know these people? Are they friends? No. Then why should I care what they think? It took a while but now that thinking is part of me. It's actually quite liberating.
  • Ferris...I have some of the same issues - but I think I'm starting to get small enough that I could rock a pair of yoga pants! Look what you've done so far! One of my guilty pleasures since I started this is reading weight loss memoirs and every single of these writers who have lost hundreds of pounds say the same thing - everyone else is way more caught up in what they are doing than what anyone else is. Everyone else is so worried about their rear looks that they couldn't care less how yours looks. It's easier said than done, granted, but I've noticed that I'm much less self-conscious working out including my mismatched ensemble and bright orange Nike's. I doubt the neighbors are talking about my matted down hair and sweat soaked shirt when I come back from a run...and if they are - well aren't their lives just sad.

    pixikat - we are a talkative bunch, aren't we!!! I was a good girl today...peanut butter toast with grapefruit for breakfast, chopped salad with yogurt dressing for lunch, and turkey burger (no bun) and cottage cheese for dinner...boring but I stayed on plan. That scale had better say 249 tomorrow!

    Ainslie - I use salad plates and smaller bowls all the time...sometimes it helps trick me into thinking I'm eating more than I am - sometimes it doesn't...especially when I look over and my husband has one full size plate for his meat and another one for potatoes and veggies. I hate him a little sometimes.

    I took a hot bath when I got home and felt better - I've noticed since I've started losing weight that it more regular and much shorter...but I still get those mind blowing cramps every month. My Mom said it's just another genetic gift she gave me...I wish there was a return policy with some of them.

    OH OH OH - it's my puppy's birthday! She is one year old today...she got ice cream and we went to the dog park and she's sleeping in her house now. I made her a little hat, but she ripped it up before I could get a picture. I's really obvious I don't have any kids.
  • Ferris I agree with the others, people are really much more self centered in general then our evil little voices try to tell us. Also, when taking pics people tend to try to show the best picture, which sadly tends to mean the skinny pretty people, you may be pleasantly surprised when you go.

    Punkrock awesome job staying on plan!!!! I know you were craving earlier. Have you ever used or considered using birth control to help the cramps? I have alway had debilitating cramps the first day of my cycle but when on depo or the pill I don't have any at all. The pill made me a raging bi**h though so I stick with depo, and no, it hasn't made me gain weight or inhibit my weight loss at all, the majority of the 180 lbs i have lost over the years *and regained * have been while on depo. Just something to consider if you aren't TTC anytime soon

    I did good today, oatmeal for breakfast, then went to the gym, home for an hr and went for my walk, then I was at home for a bit before going with DH to see his sister who is in town for business. We went out to eat but I did good, a grilled chicken sandwhich with cajun spices no dressing on a lettuce wrapp instead of a bun with a side salad instead of fries. I did steal 4 of DH's fries though. I even think I may have stayed under my cals by a small amount since I skipped lunch since I wasnt hungry until about an hour before we were supposed to pick up his sister for dinner so I drank a cup of coffee to tide me over lol

    Ok, i'm off to bed, hopefully I will see a loss tomorrow, but it may bump up due to eating out Im drinking a lemon water right now in hopes to prevent it lol
  • Well kids, the verdict is in - 246.4. So even with my bloated water retaining self I made it under 250. I hope everyone joins Sue and I in the 240's soon!!!
  • and a BIG PUNKROCKSONG! WOW That is just such an awesome loss!! I am soooooo thrilled and happy for you! YEAHHHHHHHH and Hip Hip Horayyyy!!!!!!

    Ok... More need to come on down !!!

    Love you guys!! and lose girls Lose!!!!!! LOLOL