9 days to Memorial Day

  • What you say we use that as a mini goal day!? I know it is only 9 days and maybe not a lot can be lost by then, but I thought I would give it a go for a goal to work toward and just see what can be done. Anybody with me?
  • Hello Ritzy....

    I am in a Memorial day challenge and you are very welcome to join... Its in Atkins but you do not need to follow that plan to do with with me and Lulu NH... She had started it just alittle while back.

    I send you good vibes to make that scale move alot by Memorial Day!! (Down that is!!)
  • Hey Ritzy ! I am in with you . I love these short term mini goals . Let's see what a difference we can make . Good Luck !
  • Excellent, Dumplin! Glad to have your company. Excited to see where we will be in just NINE days!
  • Hey Ritzy! We must all be in sync, cuz I just started a 1 week salad challenge to end in time for memorial day weekend, and camping. I'll definitely stop in here and give updates/support/etc.

    I don't really have a 'goal', other than I wanna feel good next weekend! Plus I'll be putting on a bathing suit in front of my boyfriend's kids for the first time, haha, and you know how kids can be so I want to be confident. I also want to show them that a THICK woman can be beautiful and happy.
  • 100Mother: You go, girl! Sounds like motivation to me! Glad to have you along!

    You really hit on something when you said "a THICK woman can be beautiful and happy." I have recently pondered the difference in how people treat folks according to their size. When I lost in 07/08, you wouldn't believe the difference in people's disposition - they treated me like I was actually intelligent and normal, and I felt saddened by this because being overweight doesn't take our intelligence or creativity or need for fun and joy in our lives! We might not have made intelligent decisions in the past with our food choices, but show me one human being that has never made a poor decision before - whether it be food, money, substance abuse, etc. So...yeah, you are right, people do tend to categorize us when we are overweight, so YOU GO SHOW THEM we ARE normal!