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HELLO ALL BA hope you got the news that you wanted for your new apartment. SANDI pics are hard to appreciate but I remember when video cameras first came out and the pictures were (as I remember seeing myself) as one large slow-moving blur. I had a nice weekend off (get every other). Spent time with one of my sisters Barb and her two youngest girls(13&15) the white's I am avoiding are flour and sugar. LATER SANDYLYNN 260/255/150 1st goal 250 for 7/4/03
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Well we haven't gotten a "YES" yet, but she did call last night and say she wants us to fill out an application, which to me is at least a step in the right direction.

yesterday I completely sabotaged myself, I am not quite sure why. I think its because I feel like I keep putting others (especailly my husband) before myself, and eventually I get tired of it, so I reward myself with foods I like.

It's a bad idea, but something that's really hard for me to overcome.


Other than that things are ok!! hope everyone else is doing well!
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Beth Anne,

That definitely sounds like a step in the right direction!! Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping things work out for you.

I know exactly what you mean, I do the same thing. The food has always been my reward at the end of the day for taking care of everyone else. I've finally reached the point where I realize that I'm really rewarding myself by NOT eating and by taking better care of myself.

It's so very hard to break our bad habits, but I know that you can do it and that you will get through all that's going on right now.
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I know i'm not on as often as i should be and forgive me. It has been a weird time for me. It doesn't seem like I get anything done! I have been lurking and trying to keep up (but that is very hard!)

I came on to brag a bit. I had a very positive day today. I got my but off the coutch and got my lawn mowed (half by hand the rest by rider) and then (not feeling well because of TOM) I decided to try to build my business (no names, i'm not advertising!) and decided to go out side my comfort zone and it payed off. I am so proud of myself. It has been a long time since I have been this proud of myself. I called everyone I knew to tell them, lol.

I just had to tell all my friends on here! With the way things were going, for me to have this happen, makes me think that everything else will work out. I still miss my husband and will untill he comes home. But I think things are finely looking up for me. Now I just have to work on my food. I have been going to Curves 3 days a week and I think that is doing good for me. I haven't lost any weight, but I am loosing inches. I'm just trying to focus on only one thing at a time. I just haven't seemed to focus on any more. If I do well with food, the workout slacks off, at this time, I think that I need the workout more. I have been watching what I eat and drink, but not worring myslef over it.

Well I know I haven't posted in a LONG time, but I hope everyone understands. I am going to try to get on more often. I do miss you all and love the support I get when I do post.

I'll check in again soon,
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Congrats on your accomplishment!! Good for you. Don't ever feel bad for not posting as much as you'd like. We know everyone comes as much as they can. I like to think of it as the little cup of pennies at the gas station. You take one when you need one...leave some as often as you can - that way there is enough for everyone and we've made someone's day (maybe a total stranger) better along the way!!

Curves! Love it! - Haven't been going as much as I'd like due to a foot problem, but I'll be back!
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if only she'd lose weight
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Welcome back, Bella!!

My vacation was cancelled due to lack of money & the fact that I didn't think my car would be able to make it all the way there & all the way back. Bah. So I didn't leave for Superior, went to my mom's for dinner instead, started to plan my week off. Thought since I hadn't been to Door County in about 15 years that I might do that, or at least go as far as Sturgeon Bay or Green Bay. Then the back pain started.

Long story short, and after a trip to the hospital lab, I have a kidney infection. I've been on antibiotics since Sunday AM & am starting to feel a little better. Fever is down, so that's good. Raging monster headache though, so the dr's office called & told me to drink more. I feel like a fish or a seal. *oar, oar* *claps fins*

So thank God I didn't go up north, I would've had no way to get treatment.
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I hope you are feeling better aimee. I know how bad kidney pain can be. You need the backpack a little kid had at the fishing derby this weekend. Its like a large canteen with a hose like straw but it hold massive amounts of water. LOL
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Bella! Welcome back! Congrats on "going beyong your comfort zone." That's so hard to do sometimes. Way to go!

Sandi - I loved your analogy with the gas station pennies. HEE!

SPF - Awww Sweetie! I hate kidney infections! My mother gets them a lot. I hope your feeling better. I swear those antibiotics are a miracle.

I had a bad day yesterday and ate like 12 cookies, 2 bowls of ice cream and a ton of bread. AGGGGHHHH! It was hard not to start today eating the same. But I resisted the urge to have a 2-liter of coke for breakfast and had some oatmeal instead. It's funny, when I'm cranky, I couldn't care less about eating right. When I'm "stable" I'm the picture of perfect nutrition. Oh well.
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I just started a new one.

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