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Default Do you really believe you'll reach goal

I hope this thread doesn't sound too negative. But anymore, I can't help but wonder if I will ever really reach goal or anywhere near it. I have all kinds of starts where I am "going to do this!" and then I'll lose some and then I peeter out...gain it all back and go back to my normal unhealthy routine. I've been doing this for over 10 years now. This lovely routine of mine. I am better. My highest was 3 years ago and I have not been near it since. If fact I haven't been over 300 since, but I am awfully close.

If I am REALLY honest with myself, I am not so sure I will really ever make it to goal. Do you believe you will. What makes you so sure??
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i believe i will. i've lost 38 pounds in 8 months - that's slow. BUT. i've got a hang of it. i don't fall off the wagon as much anymore. i'm in control. i'm not giving up.

mark my words -- by this time next year (convention time!!) i will be at goal. =)
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I have to believe it. If I don't believe it, I may as well just throw in the towel. I believe it because I AM NOT going to be fat like this for the rest of my life.

And Sandi, I think that the fact that you've stayed under 300 lbs. for as long as you have is promising. If you didn't want it, you wouldn't be concerned with the number. If you really didn't want it, you'd be well over 300 lbs. by now.
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Hmmm.... very good thread Sandi!

I don't know if I'll ever be 150. I know that's my "goal" but sometimes I think that's crazy.

I've started thinking that the way of the mini-goal might be the answer. Like 200 sure does look attainable compared to 150 and 230 by the 4th of July sure does look appealing. I almost feel like mini chunks might help me to not give up hope all together. Does that make any sense?
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if only she'd lose weight
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Originally posted by Goddess Jessica
I don't know if I'll ever be 150. I know that's my "goal" but sometimes I think that's crazy.
Amen, sista!

I think I'm going to have to revamp my goal to 180. I'll have to see how I look/feel at that weight; do a kind of re-evaluation of my eating habits, exercise routine, emotions, how I deal w/tough times, etc. Of course, @ 180, I will have lost 150#, a whole person! so that's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

I know how you feel, Sandi, check my journal from Sunday for more info. I feel like I've come pretty far, but have miles to go before I sleep. *sigh*
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i thought about this more as i biked to school. i kinda threw a fast answer up there before.

yes, i believe i'll make it. but part of me doesn't because i can't envision myself as not fat. it seems like it's a part of who i am. i know i'm going to be one of those people who has a hard time seeing herself for the "thin" person she is when i get there.

but i WILL get there, and i won't let myself gain it back.
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Well, I have met my first goal - that was to live a healthier lifestyle regarding food choices, water and exercise.

And I've never stated a final weight loss goal because I don't know what the heck that would be anymore. I just figure it I get there, I'll know it.

With that said, I have lost 40 pounds. It's been almost a year. But other than the water weight ups and downs, I haven't gone backward. Yes, I've had days when I've eaten things that don't reflect a dieting lifestyle. And it's meant I have not lost as much as I might have. But I've felt from the beginning that one reason I've failed in the past is that I was too stringent and therefore ended up bingeing out and giving up. So this time I went for the overall and have improved my general health a good bit. Not enough yet but I'm keeping that as my goal and not focussing on number of pounds, etc. The second year will be harder because I'll have to cut back more to keep losing but easier in that I've made so many good lifestyle changes that I don't miss some of the bad habits anymore.

Don't give up. You've made changes. You've kept weight off. Just be nice to yourself and thing of all the good things you've done (and all the good you've done for all of us on the thread). Once in a while have those things you love and miss, in moderation. You'll make it.
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I'm gonna be the spoilsport here and say no I don't think I will. Everytime I get going well on the weightloss journey something mentally spooks me and I gain it all back plus more very quickly...maybe it's the fact that food is my comfort (and no I don't mean fruits and veggies). I'm really honestly afraid to do this. When I originally started this board in Sept 2000 (had a different name) I weighed 308 it'll be 3 years here in a few months and I've only managed to gain weight even though I probably tried 10 diets. I'm sabotaging myself.
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Yes, I do believe I will make it to goal. I've done this for what seems like a million times, but for some reason, this time is different. Like others, I'm not totally sure I will make the number goal I've set for myself, but I also have other criteria that I want to meet, and if I do that, I will know that I have made it to what I consider my weight/health goal.

The more important question for me is will I be able to maintain my goal. But that's so far in the future that I'm not going to dwell on it, but trust that I will learn what I need to learn to maintain as I continue along this journey.
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I agree with Sheila, for some reason this time is different. I do think that I'll reach goal. I'm over half way there and haven't cheated even once, so something just clicked for me this time. The goal weight that I've picked of 140 isn't super thin for my 5'3" body, so I think that it's a goal that's attainable and maintainable. I think that if I picked 110, or something like that, then I'd be setting myself up for failure, but I think that 140 is a realistic goal.
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I have been having major doubts that I can make goal .. life has been crazy since I started working..

I really don't know if I can get back on track at this point.
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This thread actually just gave me a swift kick in the ***. I WILL get down to 300 pounds that is my goal....not setting a specific date...not aiming any farther.....that's it for now.
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i'm going to be very honest here. if i had not had the surgery, there's no way on this planet that i'd be anywhere near goal. or even thinking about it.

and even so, i now have officially 35 pounds to go [and then another 20-30 pounds of skin to come of at plastic surgery], and i'll weigh about 180. and each and every one of my doctors, even the tiny little size 4 PCP, agrees that this'll be a good weight for me.

now, i'm working very hard at this. and i'm not sure i'll make it. i know i'[ll come close, but will it actually happen??? i'm not convinced.
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God, I hope so. I just think about how horrible the last 2 years have been... and I'm like "Yeah, I'm not going to live the next 70 this unhappy." Also, I feel like I have to if I want to be ALIVE in 50-60-70 years! -Apryl
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Default Absolutely

I have absolutely no doubt that this time is the time for me. This is the first time that everything has "clicked", the first time I'm not rushing at breakneak speed and half-starving myself in a desperate attempt to get as much weight off as possible, the first time I'm not jumping on the scale every day, etc.

This time it's about learning to love the food I eat, and learning to listen to my body and trust myself. I rarely think about "dieting" or food anymore, because I'm building a healthy relationship with food. I'm exercising every day because I enjoy it, not because some diet dictionary says that I must.

It took a few years, but it did finally "click".

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