Getting out of the 290s!

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  • Anyone getting close to the 280's? My thread's been kind of quiet the last few days. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
  • Technically speaking I am at 289. I just want to make sure it sticks before I jump the boat!
  • Congrats! I know how you feel. I weighed in at 289.4...but waited another week to jump...just to be sure!
  • I will jump in here.

    this morning I was 293.6
  • 292.4 getting closer to the 280's
  • Good thing I haven't jumped. I think I am going to have a gain this week.
  • Very excited! My scale showed 285 this morning--my lowest weight since joining the board April 20 (my starting weight was 296). Yay! I think, hope, that even with gain/loss fluctuations I should be able to stay under 290. I'm heading down to the Getting out of the 280s-270s thread. Wish me luck and join me there soon!
  • Way to go Eviebaby! Look for me soon!
  • 291.6 getting closer
  • 289.4 this morning. Going to wait a day or two before moving out.
  • 287.2. I guess I can move on down now.
  • Gosh noone left in the 290's ? ALL on the way down!... WOO HOO!!
  • Nope, I'm here! I am at 294. The scale is moving verrrrrrry slowly.
  • Me too. I've been a little quiet lately. Not much to say.........
    I ran out of time this morning to weigh in, too.
  • Whoosh! 291.2 this morning! I am hoping to see a new decade by next weigh in (Sunday). That might be hoping for too much though.