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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Default Does your mirror lie to you?

I think today is the first day I realized my mirror is a liar. A bold faced, stinky, liar liar pants on fire LIAR!

I have lost 40-something pounds, it is not physically possible for me to look fatter than I did before I lost the weight, yet today my mirror showed me a big fat blob that vaguely looked like me (but honestly looked more like a beached whale.)

I had this sudden intense urge to break my mirror into a million pieces, instead I got out my tape measure and reassured myself that I am indeed smaller.

But I wish that lying piece of sh*t mirror didn't mess with my mind so much
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I got this
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Sighs. I know. I've been there a couple of times and it sucks! It helps sometimes to have "before" and "current progress/after" pictures right on my mirrorstand to remind me that I do not look like that anymore.
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That son of a you know what lies to me too. I'm not sure what it is... just some days I look huge! Even though I've lost weight and wearing smaller sizes I feel I look bigger than I did before.
I have this dress that was WAY too small for me before and now I wear it and its getting loose but sometimes I think I look bigger in it. I have to tell myself "ok this dress didn't even fit you before, now its almost too big. How could you possibly be heavier??" Lies...

Thankfully, most days he tells me the truth though

Congrats on your loss!

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Trying for normal
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Curvycurly. I have a dress that I looked GOOD in when I weighed more and now I look frumpy in. (Shame, love that dress, comfy - too). So, do I look 'bigger' in that dress...Probably not. Do I look better in that dress? No.

But usually my mirror lies to me the other way. "You're the fairest of them all..." and then I catch a reflection of myself in store windows when I'm not looking straight on and I think "Ya darn liar...home mirror, you"
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Michelle :D
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Haha my mirror lies to me too - depending on her mood (its a her coz she is a b***h) somedays she is like "wow you look so good" then i see a photo or a reflection else where and i see that she was lying to me. or other days she says "no you fattie, you cant wear that, cant you see you are getting bigger than you were" then i want to cry. at least my measuring tape loves me!
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*Embrace Power*
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YES. I am all too familiar with that feeling and it drives me absolutely insane! One day I think I look smaller than I actually am and the next day I look like I am well over 300lbs. I don't blame the mirror as much as I blame my brain, thank you brain for being so hard on yourself.
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Personally, I just can't get over how fickle the darn things are. There are days I'll walk by and jump in surprise at who is that old, fat lady looking back at me. Other days, I'll look at my butt and be thrilled that the shelf is getting smaller. What do they have -- a mirror lottery on how you're going to feel at the end of the day?
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The mirror is, and always has been, a liar. It told me I looked smaller than I did when I was my biggest, and NOW it tells me I look bigger than I possibly could be. I don't understand the mirror, what does it have to gain by being such a rude and inconsiderate JERK!? I look at it, I tell it "NO, you can't be telling the truth!!!", but it insists. I should just avoid it, but it draws me to it.

Honestly, camera is just about as big of a jerk as mirror. They make a good pair actually. Maybe they should run away together and leave me alone.
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It IS a liar. *sigh* Dont let it get in your head. Though, its SO hard to do.
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Started IP: Nov. 2, 2012
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Yes Yes!! And I find dressing room mirrors to be the WORST liars of all the mirror family!
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Starting over sucks.
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Mine is a devious little so and so. Told me I looked fine at 450 pounds and now that I'm down more than 100, she makes me look awful whenever possible. I swear to god there are days that I look worse than I did before, and she's NEVER kind to me when I'm naked!

Seriously though, I think I figured out my biggest issue. I have a double gut (Like a "B" shaped belly) and the middle part is pulling in. So while I'm losing there, everything else looks bigger.
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Mozzy, I love your threads!! And yes, they all lie!!
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Living Intuitively
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My mirror and my camera lies. I took some pictures al natural when I first started...and then after I had lost 30 pounds. In clothes...I'm feeling SMOKING (kinda), and then when the clothes off....I feel like I look EXACTLY the same.
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Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way!! I've only lost 15 lbs so far, but every time I look in the mirror I feel like I look heavier than I did originally!! I know I have changed though because my jeans are looser, I've already dropped a cup size, and my shirts are definitely looser!

Mozzy, I've seen your ONEderland pictures and you look AMAZING!! I can only hope to eventually look like that!
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I can sometimes have the opposite problem. I think to myself I look smaller than I am, and I think I'm 'fine'... then I get on the scale and I'm all like "umm, how can someone who looks like me weigh this much??".

Well, I'm kidding myself. I need to lose major fat %. My ego will tell me ANYTHING it wants to hear!
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